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In Topic: Are We Really Doing This?! (BG3 Announcement Trailer)

24 September 2019 - 05:28 PM



Hey, Alpha!  How have you been doin'?



Hah. That's a long, boring story which no one is interested in hearing. :D


But it's good to see you. I really should check in more often here. Keep forgetting to, what with all the craziness in my casino penthouse suite, people impinging on my gunrunning business, and just the general hard work that comes with being the CEO of a multinational conglomerate.


... oh, wait, we're not talking about life in GTA Online? My mistake. ;-)


D'Oh  I guess I should be checking this site more often, too!   Sorry for the delayed response.  Glad to hear from ya. 

Can't say my real life has been all that unusually exciting the past few years, either.   I am doing some writing professionally now, which I'm enjoying.   No fiction, alas, but the exciting and dangerous world of tri-fold brochure design and the like.


Of course, I usually tell people I'm employed by "The Section", and that the only details I can share of my work there is that I'm a wanted man in Estonia, Guatemala, and Sea World. :-)

In Topic: Are We Really Doing This?! (BG3 Announcement Trailer)

03 August 2019 - 06:28 AM

I know this place has seen better days. I know hardly anyone posts here, anymore.


But I was talking about THIS




on Reddit, and felt the urge to spread the news here just in case any of the old guard were still checking in from time to time.




Holy crap, folks. :)

Hey, Alpha!  How have you been doin'?

In Topic: Fan reactions to new expansion

24 April 2016 - 08:54 PM

Hey Clovis!


re: Safana. Even if you see her as somewhat of a slut... what the hell is wrong with that anyway? Why can't we have a character like that? If Amber Scott is making a claim that no woman in a game should ever be portrayed being slutty, what she's doing is essentially slut-shaming... hmm, SJW double-think at work, I see.


For the Safana trope that is done well in a game, just see Isabela from Dragon Age2. Basically Safana with a cool personality, and handled just right by a game developer that is very progressive and inclusive, without this like you said, hamfisted implementation.


Hi Theodur! :)

That's a really good point about Safana.    I got the impression that Ms. Scott would only be happy if all the female characters were Shar-Teel types.   But then what do I know, being a useless male dungheap. :D

Thanks for the Dragon Age 2 recommendation, btw.   I've been meaning to check that one out for a long time, but just never got around to it.

In Topic: Fan reactions to new expansion

20 April 2016 - 04:59 AM

Hi everybody! I'm not dead, either! :)


I've been holding off on buying the game because of all the bugs that have been reported.   I might buy it if they get it properly patched.


As for the SJW stuff...I can only comment from what I've read and have watched on youtube and the like.   Based on just that, my take is that it seems a little hamfisted in its implementation.  The inclusion of deep and/or sensitive issues in a game can be a great thing, done properly.   I've always been impressed by the way BG2 handled Valygar's atheism.   The dialogues between Keldorn's concern for Valygar's lack of religious faith and Valygar's contentment with following no god were superb.   Both characters' views were well-represented, and there was a mutual respect, if not agreement, on the issue.  It just doesn't sound like that's the sort of good writing we've got in Dragonspear.


I confess, though, that I am probably a bit biased because I am annoyed by the central tenant of programmer Amber Scott's justification for the inclusion of the new material: that the original BG is sexist.   I question if Scott even played the original game.   The BG1 characters lacked the depth and development of BG2/ToB, no question.   But even at that, Jaheira was much more than a "nagging housewife", for pity's sake.  As for Safana - she's basically a film noir femme fatale that uses her charm and wits to get people to do her dirty work.   A bit of a cliche, perhaps.   But hardly the "mere sex object" that Scott decries.

In Topic: Enhanced Edition Mods and what I've been doing lately.

26 May 2015 - 06:10 AM

Hi, Courtelier :-)


Good to see you're doing okay.   I've not written much fiction of late, either.   I work two jobs now, one of them being part-time (hopefully soon to be full-time) freelance writing.  I just don't have much time for writing the fun stuff anymore.  Not when I have exciting things like tri-fold brochures and bulk mailing copy to write. ;-)


I've also been playing Star Trek Online.  Off-and-on, anyway.  My computer is kinda old, so I don't always get the full experience, especially on ground missions.   I do love mixing it up in space now and then.   Primarily, I either fly a Mirror Assault Cruiser named Mournblade (named after the brother sword to Stormbringer from Moorcock's Elric books), or if I'm playing my Klingon (Ferasan) character Prince Thrakhath (named after the Wing Commander games), I'm skulking around in my Hegh'ta Bird of Prey named Sivar (again, a WC reference).    Mournblade is fitted with an all-plasma loadout, with Romulan plasma beam arrays and both the Romulan and Omega Force advanced plasma torpedo launchers.    The Sivar has MK XIV Disruptors, a Borg Cutting Beam, and the antiproton torpedo launcher from the Crystalline Entity special mission contest.

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