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Adventuring for Dummies: An Introduction

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Posted 31 December 2002 - 02:54 AM

Adventuring for Dummies is an adventure that takes six misfits through Icewind Dale. The year is 1281 DR, the Year of the Cold Soul, and a mysterious evil troubles Easthaven, Kuldahar, and the surrounding area.

Magdelena Ironleaf: A chaotic good halfling thief.
Cataline: A lawful evil half-elven mage and cleric.
Jaruah: A true neutral elven warrior.
Killian Ironleaf: A neutral good halfling warrior.
Sir Elijah: A lawful good human paladin of Tyr.
Borg the Bloody: A chaotic neutral dwarven warrior.

These are the heroes --- Adventuring for Dummies is their story.

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