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The Beginning of the End (BG-based)

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Posted 21 September 2003 - 04:56 PM

Kane and Sarevok face off in the Undercity.

The Beginning of the End

The temple, in the lost city deep under Baldur’s Gate, was old and dusty, with rats and spiders scuttling from the shadows. But Kane Theaza noticed none of this. His eyes were drawn to the strange symbol on the floor, the hooded stone figures on each side of the long, thin hallway and finally the altar and the man who stood upon it.

“Sarevok,” he hissed. “I have come.”

“You are indeed family,” Sarevok said, a hint of amusement in his voice. “I am not surprised to see you here, Kane, I knew all along that you wouldn’t let me go through with my plans. But your efforts matter little now. I will prevail and a new era will be born unto the Realms!”

“You are not taking our father’s place!” Kane swore, drawing his two swords from their scabbards with a faint hiss of steel. “That place is mine and when the time comes, I will be the one to take it. Not you.”

“Father’s place belongs to the one who dares to take it,” Sarevok shot back. “I dare you to try and stop me.”

“I never wished to fight you,” Kane’s voice betrayed no emotion as his brother drew his large broadsword. “Brother. But from the moment I knew of your true plans, I foresaw this meeting. It is the way it must be. Come, let us battle.”

Sarevok came for him at once and Kane was quickly forced to block. The mage and Tazok came forward to attack, but Kane cared for nothing except the Bhaalspawn before him. He knew Kagain, Edwin and Viconia were more than capable of dealing with them. Again and again his blades met Sarevok’s, but the fighter got in the first hit. A heavy slash across Kane’s chest tore through his leather armour and drew blood. However, Kane was soon back on his guard, determined that his brother would not score a second hit. As he fought, he couldn’t help but wonder why things had to come to this.

It was lucky that Sarevok had hired him, just a few days after arriving back at Baldur’s Gate after his long trip to the north. Willing to do everything Sarevok asked of him to prove his loyalty, he had purposely gained the Bhaalspawn’s confidence and was therefore able to watch most of his moves. Despite all that though, he hadn’t realised that his brother planned to take their father’s place until the last minute. Which was why they were down here now in this forgotten temple. Fighting a battle that only one of them could win.

He hadn’t cared that Sarevok was wrecking havoc on the Sword Coast; it hadn’t bothered him that innocent people were being hurt; the iron shortage hadn’t affected him. The war with Amn, the murder of the Iron Throne leaders, it had puzzled him, but he hadn’t cared too much about Sarevok’s motives then either. But when he had learnt what Sarevok’s true plans were…then he cared. Since he had been a boy and first learnt of his heritage, he had wanted to become the next God of Murder. And nothing and no one was going to stand in his way.

Sarevok scored a second hit, cutting his opponent’s shoulder. Kane winced and fell back. He was aching all over and the blood felt sticky against his skin. Behind him, Edwin gave a cry of pain, but Kane hardly heard it. He was too focused on his own battle.

Fight! The familiar voice in his head commanded him. Show him who is the best. Prove that you are worthy of being my son!

“Yes father,” Kane muttered under his breath. “I will do as you say, I’ll not let you down.” He deflected Sarevok’s blow, pushing the larger fighter away and fell back for a second, considering his best option. Even though he was much faster than Sarevok, his brother’s huge armour made him very difficult to hit. As Sarevok came in once again, Kane defended himself, slipping on hand inside his tunic and reaching for one of his daggers. It was time to play sneaky.

Sarevok chuckled, raising his broadsword for what he assumed would be the final attack. But the chuckle died as the dagger hit him in the throat, the deadly poison doing its work the second it hit the flesh. Sarevok pulled the dagger out and tossed it aside, attempting to block as Kane hit him twice more, then moved back a little. He knew that it was too late; he was already beginning to feel numb inside.

“Once a thief, always a thief,” the warrior smirked. “Now who is the best, Sarevok?”

“You really did it!” he hissed, in stunned amazement. “You killed me!”

Those were his final words. Toppling off balance, he crashed down on his back, the sound echoing through the halls. He gave a gurgle as blood trickled from the side of his mouth, then his eyes closed and he became still. As the four adventurers watched, his body began to crumble into dust until there was nothing left.

Kane’s swords clattered to the floor and the warrior dropped to his knees, his strength gone. His armour was torn in several places and his shirt was soaked with blood from the wounds Sarevok had managed to inflict upon him, but he was still alive. He had won.

“Are you all right?” Edwin’s hand found his shoulder and patted it reassuringly. From somewhere on his other side, he heard Viconia chanting a spell and a moment later he felt the comforting healing wave washing over him, healing his injuries a little. “It’s over now, Sarevok is dead.”

“No,” Kane shook his head, finally able to summon the energy to look up at his three companions. He was relieved to see that none of them seemed to be badly hurt. “Perhaps it is over for the people of the Sword Coast, but I care nothing for them, I didn’t do this to help them. For me, it is far from over.”

Sarevok had been right, there were many Bhaalspawn and a lot of them wanted to take Bhaal’s place. At the end, the strongest would prevail, and Kane had no doubt that it would be him. Bhaal favoured him above all others and with his father on his side, he could not fail.

It had been his first battle against one of his own and yet the warrior knew that it would not be the last. Although his companions could not understand, he knew that his time was just beginning…

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