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The First Meeting (BG-based)

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Posted 21 September 2003 - 04:51 PM

A look at Kane and Edwin's first meeting.

The First Meeting

Though it was raining heavily, the people of Nashkell were going about their business as usual, though they took care to keep out of the way of the two adventurers who were coming from the direction of the mines. No one knew exactly what their business was in town and no one dared to ask, especially since they knew who one of them was. Kane Theaza, a Bhaalspawn, was known up and down the Sword Coast as a murderer and a man not to be messed with. Those who did usually didn’t live very long. And the companions he had arrived with, a dwarf and a female drow, didn’t look very approachable either.

The drow wasn’t with them, but the dwarf and the hum were in an incredibly bad mood and were glaring at everyone who dared to come too close. They were cold, wet and tired and so Kane wasn’t best pleased when a tall, red robed wizard stepped in front of him.

“What do you want?” he asked, more than a little aggressively. “If you have something to say then say it and if not, then move. I don’t have time for this.

“I have heard of you,” the wizard smirked faintly, taking little notice of Kane’s threat. “Kane Theaza, Child of Bhaal. The stories say that you are a powerful man, able to take care of yourself and not…adverse to getting your hands dirty on occasion.”

“They speak the truth,” the Bhaalspawn fixed him with an unblinking stare. “They also say that I am a dangerous man to cross. I fear nothing and no one and I will take almost any job as long as there is something in it for me and my party. But first, your name. And be quick, I am wet and tired and not in the mood to be patient.”

“I,” the wizard announced proudly, “am Edwin Odesseiron, Red Wizard of Thay. And a powerful one, I might add.” Kagain gave an unbelieving snort.

“A Red Wizard, huh?” Kane studied him for a moment, his eyes taking in every detail, looking for both strengths and weaknesses. The bright red robes, made of very expensive material and held together with gold thread, drew a fair bit of attention to him and gave the warrior the impression that Edwin wanted to be noticed. Around his neck he wore an amulet and carried a staff and a dagger for weapons, both high quality. Although he was wet, he was also finely groomed and didn’t have the rough, untidy look that most travellers developed over time. Kane could guess, quite reasonably, that the wizard was fairly new to adventuring and certainly unused to the rougher side of it. Definitely a man who liked his luxuries. “You’re a long way from home.”

“Here wizard,” Kagain’s eyes were fixed on the amulet. “That looks like it cost a fair bit of gold. Ye want to watch yourself walking around like that, ye will soon be catching the eye of thieves and such.”

“Like you, you mean?” Edwin sneered. “Take your eyes off my amulet, dwarf! It is a memento of Thay, a symbol of the Red Wizards. No one touches this, they will have to kill me first!”

“That a challenge?” Kagain growled. “Ye want to watch yeself around me, spellslinger. I might be takin’ you up on that.”

“Enough!” Kane said sharply. “Kagain, go to the tavern and check that Viconia hasn’t gotten herself into any trouble with the locals. I’ll be back there in a minute.”

“I am glad to see that at least one of you seems competent enough,” Edwin muttered as Kagain walked away, pausing only to glare at the wizard again over his shoulder. “Now, to business. Are you and your group available for hire? You are correct in saying that I am a long way from home. I have come to this area on a mission, to find and kill a witch named Dynaheir. She has a bodyguard and I feel…”

“That it wouldn’t hurt for you to have some warriors on your side too,” the warrior finished. “I see your point, no matter how powerful you are, you should never underestimate your enemy. Even the best can be beaten if they think too highly of themselves.”

“Yes,” Edwin agreed reluctantly, annoyed that Kane had interrupted him, but deciding that it would be best to say nothing. “So,” he said after a moment. “Would you be interested, Bhaalspawn?”

“It’s an…interesting proposition,” Kane said thoughtfully. “The kind of thing my party and I enjoy. There is just one small problem…you see, we’re currently in the services of another. We’re just passing through here, checking on a few things and we’re leaving to go back to Baldur’s Gate tomorrow. Although…” he broke off and narrowed his eyes thoughtfully. “We do need a wizard in the party, to help us with a few jobs. Perhaps we could come to some sort of arrangement…”

“I don’t think so,” the wizard said at once. “I have got my mission to do and I intend to get that over with as soon as possible. I will just wait here, perhaps another adventuring group will come along in time.”

“I doubt it,” Kane gave a short laugh. “With all the bandit raids and the decline in the quality of iron recently, you will find very few mercenaries for hire in these parts. And even if you did, the chances are they wouldn’t go in for murder, especially the murder of one who could be innocent for all they know. Now I, I don’t care about that, it matters not to us whether she is innocent or not, as long as we receive some payment. And what could be better payment than your services as a wizard? It is your choice, Edwin; I’ll certainly lose no sleep if you refuse. But we need a temporary mage and you need someone to help you deal with this witch…we’d both be gaining something. What says you?”

Edwin fell silent for a moment and a thoughtful expression crossed his face. As eager as he was to get the task over with and get back to his homeland, he could not deny that the warrior most probably spoke the truth. “Very well,” he said finally. “With the way things are, it doesn’t seem as though I have much choice. I shall help you with your tasks if you then help me dispose of this witch.”

“Then it’s a deal,” Kane nodded and smirked faintly. “Come then,” he commanded. “Let us go and tell Viconia and Kagain that we have a new travelling companion. Oh and Edwin?”


“Better start getting used to the rough side of adventuring,” the warrior advised, more than a little amusement in his voice. “You’re going to see a lot of it, travelling with my party. But I’m sure it won’t take you long to become just like one of us.”

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