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Chapter Six

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Chapter Six

Vegeta stood outside the Seven Vales pondering what had just happened.

After they had defeated Kalah and ended whatever magic he had cast over the circus Vegeta had left and began the walk back to the Den of the Seven Veils, Minsc had stayed with the child to insure that he found his mother however Jaheira had followed Vegeta.

Just before he entered the inn she had stepped in front of him and barred his path. “I don’t like the way you handled that situation” she said in a disapproving voice.

Vegeta looked at her for a moment, “I handled it as I saw fit” he replied.

“That’s the problem Vegeta, your own pride and arrogance clouds your judgement”

Vegeta’s eyes narrowed at this, “how dare you accuse me of being arrogant, I fight for what I believe in as do you.”

“But what do you believe in Vegeta” she said in a mush softer voice then what he had expected.

“That the only thing that matters is power and I need to improve as much as I can if I’m going to save Imoen and fight Irenicus”

“So the only thing that matters to you is power, what about your friends?”

Vegeta stood shocked he hadn’t expected this.

“Do me and Minsc mean that little to you, is your own advancements more important then us.”

Jaheira had the advantage and she was determined to press it.

“Well which is more important to you.”

“You of cource…and Minsc” he replied hoping that she hadn’t noticed the slight pause.

“Well maybe you might want to show it more, listen to our advice and opinions once in a while and please try not to offend potential party members in the future.”

With that she smiled and chuckled slightly “I swear travelling with you is never dull Vegeta” with that she walked into the inn ahead of him.

Vegeta now stood transfixed, “Why is she being so calm, she never used to be” he asked himself, “maybe Khalids death had effected her worse then I thought” he replied to his own question before he also turned and entered the inn.


The three companions were sat at a table in the inn that evening, Vegeta’s thoughts were still on the conversation with Jaheira earlier that evening.

He looked across the table at her, unexpectedly she met his gaze and he quickly thought of something to say.

“What do you think we should do now Jaheira?” he asked.

Jaheira was shocked; this was the first time that she could remember Vegeta ever asking another’s opinion.

“Well I think we should continue to look for clues” she said uncertainly “maybe in the slums or perhaps even the government district, I hear that the cowled wizards office is there.”

Vegeta merely nodded after which he looked back down at his drink.

A few moments later however he said “what about you Minsc, what do you think we should do now?”

Minsc went into deep thought for a moment before saying “Minsc and boo think that we should go see the cowled wizards and find out where they took Imoen” he said but quickly added “and kick the butts of those wizards if they refuse to tell us.”

Vegeta laughed, “now there’s an idea Jaheira, why don’t I just go and stand out in the open and cast a few magic spells, maybe they will take me to the same place as they took Imoen.”

Minsc and even Jaheira laughed at this.

“Well I’m going to bed” Vegeta said his voice still filled with amusement.


Vegeta awoke the next morning to the sound of angry voices coming from outside his room.

He quickly dressed in his black robes before opening the door to find out who it was.

When he opened the door he found Jaheira and Minsc in the middle of an argument with what appeared to be either a band of adventures or a band of mercenaries.

“Why don’t you run back to the forest where you belong tree hugger” the Dwarf who Vegeta assumed to be the leader spat at Jaheira.

The dwarf and his three companions laughed.

Before either Jaheira or Minsc could respond Vegeta had stepped forward “for someone so small you have got a pretty big mouth, why don’t you shut it before I get angry after all id hate to have to step on you small man.”

The dwarf and his companions were silenced by this remark, Jaheira and Minsc looked at him in surprise, neither had know that he was there.

The dwarf shouted, “None insult Mencar Pebblecrusher and live to tell the tale”

“At em men”, with that the dwarf and his companions attacked.

Vegeta quickly moved to the side as Mencar’s war hammer came rushing towards him.

Vegeta began to cast his mirror image spell but had to stop as the Dwarf aimed another blow at him.

Instead of trying to cast another spell Vegeta went on the offensive using his magical quarterstaff.

For a few moments their weapons crashed against each other’s in a furry of blows until Vegeta managed to use his staff to trip Mencar.

This gave him the chance he had been waiting for, he quickly chanted a hold person prayer that hit Mencar just as he was standing, and when the spell struck him he froze.

Vegeta took this opportunity to access the rest of the battle, Minsc was fighting someone that was using a two handed sword that looked familiar. They both seemed evenly matched.

Jaheira and the dryad she had summoned were battling the mage, forcing him to use his spells on them instead aiding any of his friends. Vegeta watched as a lighting bolt from the mage hit an invisible barrier around Jaheira, “she must of cast magic resistance on herself he thought”

Vegeta’s eyes widened as he suddenly remembered something, “where is the fourth guy?” he asked himself.

He turned just in time, the blade that was aimed at his head missed cutting into his shoulder instead.

Vegeta quickly began to cast and moments later a skeleton appeared by his side, he directed the skeleton to attack the still frozen Mencar.

“You’ll pay for that,” Vegeta hissed at his new foe that merely laughed in response.

As his new opponent was forming his next attack strategy Vegeta began to cast once again.

Brennan Risling launched another offensive with his magical short sword in attempt to stop him but he was to late.

Vegeta’s body turned a stone grey colour as his stone skin spell took effect.

Moments later he had begun casting again, a lighting bolt erupted from his fingers striking his opponent in the chest propelling him back into the wall behind him.

Vegeta heard movement behind him and turned just in time to see the war hammer of Mencar strike him removing one of his stone skins but doing no damage.

Within a few moments Vegeta had sent two Melf’s acid arrow spells at the dwarf but in return had lost all of his stone skins.

Vegeta dodged another of Mencar’s blows and struck Mencar in the face with the end of his staff.

He began casting sending five magic missiles directly at Mencar once again knocking him to the ground.

One he had stood back up he was now faced with five duplicates of Vegeta each wielding a staff and each wearing the same smug expression.

Vegeta ran forwards chanting once more just as he reached Mencar a blade of flames erupted from his hands; he swung the blade striking Mencar in the chest leaving a deep gash in his full plate armour.

Vegeta’s second attack penetrated his armour cutting through into his unprotected skin underneath. Mencar fell to the floor, dead.

Vegeta looked to see how the rest of his companions were doing, he noticed the man who had attacked him with the short sword sneaking towards the stars.

A few seconds later he was laid dead on the floor an arrow made of flame stuck in his back.

He felt warmth spread through his shoulder and turned to see Jaheira with one of her hands on it, a magical blue glow spread over her hand.

“That was a pretty deep cut Vegeta” she said, “you should be more careful”

He winked and smiled at her “maybe I let myself get injured just so you would have to heal me”

She turned towards Minsc and walked away but Vegeta still heard her mutter “males” under her breath but with amusement in her voice.


They walked through the government district, after the fight with Mencar and his lackeys they had searched the bodies finding a few potions one or two magical weapons and a bit of gold.

Vegeta was angry to discover that one of those men was using the sword that Khalid once wielded. It was a two handed sword with a strong magical aura but it also had a curse, it would cause the wielder to lose control of his actions meaning there was a chance that he would attack his party members.

However Khalid had found a magical ring that protected him from this effect, with these two items combined Khalid became a deadly opponent in melee combat. Minsc had put this sword in a scabbard across his back encase the day came when it would be needed by a true hero once again.

After they had left the Den of the Seven Veils they had decided to travel to the slums to look for more clues but upon their arrival they was met by a hooded figure.

After a short discussing where they discovered he knew of a group that could help them rescue Imoen they agreed to follow him back to his home.

The figure told them that a powerful group could help them but this help wasn’t going to come free or cheap at that matter.

It would cost them 20,000 to buy the aid of this group.

Vegeta had agreed and had left in search of work.

Before they headed to the Copper Coronet in search of work Vegeta wanted to explore the city a bit first so that the party could get their bearings.

“I think we have seen enough now,” Vegeta said.

Before anyone could reply however a small boy ran into him “watch it you little…..” he began but upon seeing the expressing on Jaeira’s face suddenly said “do be careful child, you wouldn’t want to run into someone that would cause you harm”

The boy looked up at Vegeta and said “mister mister have you heard, their burning a drow in front of the prison”

Vegeta looked at Jaheira “no it cant be” he said to himself before running in the direction of the prison.

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