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Chapter Five

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Chapter Five

Vegeta, Jaheira and Minsc stood on a large stone bridge.

After they had entered the circus tent Jaheira had noticed that the entrance had disappeared behind them.

They had walked forward a few feet and had discovered a large stone bridge, a dome structured rested on the other side.

As they had started to walk across the bridge a genie appeared before them.

“Aha! I see a wayfarer has come to amuse Kalah! You must answer a riddle, naturally, ere I will allow you to pass this bridge. Are you ready to hear it?” it had said in his deep mystic voice.

Vegeta stepped forward “I'd prefer to know who this Kalah is before I play any of your games.” He responded.

“Kalah does not reveal himself to those who are not worthy. Are you ready to begin?”

“Very well, I am ready.”

“Excellent! A princess is as old as the prince will be when the princess is twice as old as the prince was when the princess' age was half the sum of their present age. What are the ages of the prince and princess?”

Vegeta laughed, he thought for a moment.

“The prince is 30 and the princess is 40.”

“Ah, you are correct. The mighty Kalah respects those with a most agile and quick mind. Proceed across with my blessing.”

With that the genie disappeared.

“Fool its not like you could of actually stopped us” Vegeta laughed. This earned him a disapproving look from Jaheira.

Vegeta caught this look but merely said, “Shall we continue then, I’m anxious to meet this Kalah”

Vegeta lead the way into the domed structure.


Vegeta stood in front of the elf female named Aerie.

They had discovered an ogre who had claimed to really be an elf that had been trapped in that form by some powerful magic.

On her request they had killed the two monsters that had adopted the disguise of commoners and had retrieved the key to the chains that had trapped her in that form.

Vegeta had then agreed to allow Aerie to help them rescue her uncle Quayle, Vegeta was sure that he had heard this name before.

Also they had discovered a large spider that claimed to be a women imprisoned in that form.

She had told them how a Gnome illusionist had gotten on stage to do his part of the show but it didn’t seem to be going right for him, the Gnome then cast some spell which had changed everything to what they saw before them.

They had also learned that this was the mother of the boy who had originally told them about the circus; Minsc was very pleased to hear this and had informed the women of her son’s safety.

They had just entered the adjoining room and had been attacked by a small group of shadows and werewolves.

Vegeta had secretly decided that he was going to challenge this so called god kalah himself so thought it best that he kept all his spells for this confrontation.

He had attacked the closest shadow to him with his magical quarterstaff and had easily killed it.

He looked around for another enemy but found none.

Jaheria and Minsc backed by the magic of Aerie had easily dispatched the rest of the monsters.

After this short battle they approached the stairs that they assumed lead to Kalah but only to be stopped by another genie.

“Congratulations, Vegeta, Kalah is most amused by your progress. You may yet live as long as you continue to provide such entertainment. Are you ready to proceed?”

“I am” Vegeta responded.

“You do show some courage. Go then!” the genie replied before disappearing.

Before they entered the next room to face Kalah, Vegeta turned to the rest of his companions.

“Jaheria, I want you to assume the role of leader for this fight, you Minsc and the kid are to concentrate on any monsters Kalah may have in there but you are not to attack Kalah himself he is mine, understand”

“I….I…am not a……” Aerie was about to object before she was silenced by one of Jaheira’s glares.

Jaheira thought about what Vegeta had just said, she was going to object but for some reason found that she couldn’t.

“Ok” she said nodding her head “but be careful”.

Vegeta merely smiled at her before entering the room to do battle with the master of this place.


Vegeta and his party stood in a circular room, stood opposite from them was an ogre mage who they had assumed to be Kalah.

They could hear faint movement coming from the shadows, Vegeta assumed this is wear the rest of Kalah;s creatures were waiting.

“Ah, my beast, you have led them here nicely...” Kalah had said after his gaze fell upon Aerie.

“What? I'm not-“ she stammered in reply but was cut off.

“You're not what? You're not my beast? Oh, but you are, all of you are, don't you see?”

“Wha--What have you done to my Uncle Quayle?” Aerie had shouted back, surprising everyone else in the party including boo who let out a small terrified squeak.

“Little Aerie, is that you? I have no eyes, no eyes!” said a barely hear able voice from somewhere near Kalah.

Vegeta looked around and saw a small puddle of liquid, he recognised it as a custard jelly or some other such creature.

“Be careful, Vegeta some of these beasts are real and some are illusions. There's no way to tell until they hit you. Aerie turned to Vegeta and said but Vegeta merely laughed at her.

“That is your problem not mine” he replied.

Vegeta walked forwards “So you’re the great Kalah” he asked with his amusement showing in his voice “Attack me your greatness and show me your power”

With that Vegeta ran towards Kalah, and began casting a mirror image spell.

Kalah launched a wave of magic missiles at him but before they struck four duplicates of Vegeta appeared around him that absorbed the magic missile attack.

Vegeta laughed “weaklings like you always rely on the same spell”.

Before Kalah had chance to respond Vegeta was chanting, moments later a small green blob flew from his hands and struck Kalah.

Kalah skin turned a pale green indicating that Vegeta’s poison prayer had taken effect.

Vegeta suspect another wave of magic missiles so decided to go on the defensive one again, he began casting and once again only just finished his spell before Kalah’s magic missiles struck him.

However this time he had cast minor spell deflection, a spell that would reflect a certain amount of low level spells back at the original caster.

Vegeta watched with satisfaction as Kalah’s magic missiles rebounded off his defences and struck Kalah.

Whilst he was still recovering, Vegeta decided to send a Melf’s acid arrow towards Kalah.

Vegeta had cast this spell before Kalah had even begun his; it appeared that the effects of Vegeta’s poison prayer were preventing him from casting.

When Vegeta’s acid arrow struck Kalah he stumbled and hit the wall behind him, sliding to the floor.

Vegeta watched as the effects of his poison prayer and Melf’s acid arrow spell combined and weakened Kalah even further.

Vegeta laughed, he knew this fight was over, “let me show you how to actually use magic missiles you weakling” he taunted before he began to cast again.

Seconds later five balls of light sped towards Kalah killing him, with that the entire area began to change.

Soon Vegeta found himself stood in a small circus room, there were a few people stood around that he didn’t recognise.

On the floor in front of him lied a gnome, “No! (Cough) This isn't what was supposed to happen! This isn't what was promised to me!”

Vegeta walked forward to better hear what he was saying.

“I have...planned this for...too long only to have my plans shattered by some inbred, northern adventurers! I...I just wanted to be respected...”

“ (cough) You've...you've killed me... destroyed Kalah with your misplaced morals and beastly greed for adventure...”

At this statement Vegeta laughed, “my misplaced morals and greed destroyed you, that’s funny I thought it was my power and superior magic skill that destroyed you”
“You are done talking, gnome. You'll be dead in moments.” He finished turning his back on the Gnome.

Vegeta walked away but still caught the gnomes last words before death took him “You don't understand, do you? You take my life, but worse, you take my dignity. I just wanted...I wanted to be the king instead of...instead of...”

Aerie walk towards the dead gnome “What...what a pitiful little man. Everyone did laugh at him...but they didn't deserve to die. I...I just can't hate him, despite all he's done.”

“Well that’s your problem not mine kid” Vegeta responded “if your going to kill innocents you must be able to at least justify it with a valid reason first”

“He was nothing but a weak pathetic fool, he claimed to be a god but he couldn’t even put up a half way descent fight”

“Jus….jus because your stronger then someone that doesn’t give you the ri..right…to”

“The right to do what?” Vegeta asked before she could finish what she was saying.

Aerie glared at him for a moment before turning and walking towards another gnome who Vegeta guessed must be her uncle.

This gnome looked at Vegeta a moment before saying, “take whatever you wish from the body of Kalah and then leave me circus”

Vegeta laughed, he bent down and took a few scrolls; a girdle and a ring that he sensed had magical properties. He also found some gold and a gem.

He stood back up and left the circus closely followed by Jaheira and Mincs.

They both watched Vegeta as he headed in the direction of the Den of the Seven Vales.

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