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Chapter Four

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Chapter Four

They had finally managed to get free from the dungeon of Irenicus but any joy they felt at this was short lived.

As they stood basking in the bright sun they heard a scream of rage coming from some one nearby which was closely followed by a massive explosive that collapsed the passageway behind them.

Vegeta and his companions looked for the source of the explosion and they quickly found it.

Jon Irenicus was currently locked in a battle with four shadow thieves.

“Fools, you dare attack me here, do you eve know whom you face?” they heard the sadistic voice of Irenicus say as the shadow thieves moved around looking for the perfect attack opportunity.

“You will suffer, you will all suffer,” he shouted as the thieves attacked.

Vegeta watched in complete amazing and frustration as Irenicus destroyed the thieves with his power magic, it was like watching wheat fall before the farmer’s scythe.

“This isn’t possible” Vegeta thought to himself as his amazement and frustration turned to anger, “there is no way he can be this powerful”, his thoughts screamed inside his head.

Irenicus turned his attention to Vegeta, “Ahhhh godchild I see you have escaped.”

At this point Imoen walked forwards “Were leaving, we don’t want anything from you.”

Irenicus laughed, “Do you think I would let you leave, I’m so close to unlocking your potential.”

“Vegeta you are a hypocrite, you spend your entire laugh preaching about power but you turn away when I offer it to you” Irenicus laughed.

“You cant even fight your own battles instead you hide behind this pathetic child.”

“You are nothing but a weak powerless coward.”

Ireniucs smirked when he saw the effects his taunts were having on Vegeta.

“You dare underestimate me, I’ll show you true power!! I’ll make you eat your words!!” Vegeta shouted back, his anger getting the better of him.

Just as Vegeta was about to begin his attack a wave of magic missiles struck Irenicus, “Were leaving, you cant stop us” Imoen cried at him.

Vegeta readied himself but before he could launch his own offensive the air was filled with the fizz of magical energy, a small group of human males dressed in grey robes had appeared out of thin air.

They had Irenicus completely surrounded, “This is an unsanctioned use of magical energy, and all involved will be held.”

Vegeta stood unable to do anything as Irenicus slaughtered these mages but more appeared, eventually Irenicus agreed to leave with the mages but only if they took Imoen as well.

As one of the wizards grabbed hold of Imoen and started to disappear Vegeta ran and dived at him, just as he was about to collide with them they vanished.

Vegeta fell through the air and landed hard on the ground.

He lied there for a moment, completely consumed with anger, he had failed to save Khalid, he stood by and watched others as they fought Irenicus and he failed to prevent Imoen being taken by these unknown Wizards.

“Dam you,” he said to himself “I’ll find you and I’ll make you pay.

Vegeta forcefully pulled himself to his feet and screamed “YOU HEAR ME IRENICUS, ILL MAKE YOU PAY.”


Vegeta, Jaheira and Minsc were sat around a table in the Den of the Seven Vales inn in the Waukeen’s Promenade district.

It appeared that Yoshimo had been correct and they were in the city of Athkatla.

After the mages that were later identified as the Cowled Wizards had departed with Irenicus and Imoen Jaheria and Minsc had been arguing about the next course of action, Minsc had been all set for giving chase immediately whilst Jaheria thought they should get their bearings and gather information first.

She was just about to ask Vegeta what he thought when they both heard his sudden rage filled scream. Jaheria had asked Minsc to escort him here while she asked the locals and eyewitnesses for information.

Vegeta was now sat with his tankard of ale grasped in one hand; his over hand resting on the table, his eyes were cast downwards.

Minsc was fussing over boo and Jaheria was watching Vegeta.

She was concerned not only for him but also for the next poor fool that picked a fight with him, he had a lot of anger and she was certain he was looking for someone to vent it out on.

They had been sat in the Den of the Seven Vales all morning and they all had almost recovered from their flight from Irenicus’ dungeon.

“Minsc go and see if they have any rooms available for tonight” Jaheira asked.

Minsc took one look at Vegeta and nodded his agreement; he stood and left the table.

“Ve….Vegeta, we need to talk” Jaheira said uncertainly, the last thing she wanted was Vegeta to blow ago with all these people around.

Vegeta looked up at Jaheira and sighed, “I’m sorry Jaheira, I really messed thing up didn’t I,” he said looking back down.

“No you didn’t there was nothing you could of done to prevent any of this” Jaheira said.

“You can’t blame yourself.”

Vegeta looked at her a moment before draining the rest of his tankard.
“The innkeeper said that they have enough rooms for us tonight” They both heard Minsc say.

Vegeta stood up “right then, until then we will go and sell some of the loot we found down in that hell hole and well we are at it we will try to figure out where they took Imoen.”

“Ok” both Jaheira and Minsc agreed together.


Vegeta and his party emerged from the adventures mart store.

The store was run by a retired adventure that had a great deal of magical armour, weapons and other trinkets on other.

They had sold all the loot they had found down in the dungeon and had bought some new equipment.

Vegeta had bought a magical sling and some magical ammunition for it, he didn’t like fighting with weapons and instead relayed on his magic but he decided that if he was going to become strong enough to challenge
Irenicus the next time they met then he would have to improve and hone every one of his skills.

With his sling combined with his magical quarterstaff he would be a deadly opponent whether he fought with weapons or magic.

Jaheira bought a magical Scimitar to replace the none-magical one she found down in the dungeon of Irenicus, she had also bought some magical ammunition for her own sling.

Minsc was wielding the magical two handed sword that once belong to Serevok so didn’t need to buy a new weapon; he also had a composite longbow with some magical arrows. So he decided that he didn’t need any new weapons or item right now.

As they were walking back towards the Den of the Seven Veils a small boy approached them.

“You is adventures right?” the small boy asked.

“That we are” Minsc said proudly.
Jaheira knelt down beside the child “What is wrong young on”

“Well” the boy said as he started to cry “My momma didn’t come out of the circus and I went to asked the guard in front of the tent where she was but he just said that no one was allowed to enter the circus and that I should move alone”

Jaheira began to wipe the boys eyes as Minsc turned to Vegeta who had been stood to one side during this whole exchange.

“Vegeta we have to help this boy, all that is good cries out for it, even boo although he is small so it can’t cry out as loudly as others.”

Vegeta looked down at the boy and them back at Minsc “we don’t even know what has happened in the circus, as much as I enjoy putting my life on the line for strangers I would prefer if we got the full story first.

At this Jaheira stood up and smiled at Vegeta “Its nice to see your back to normal” she said.

Vegeta laughed “ok I get the message lets go speak to this guard then”

Jaheira smiled and watched as Vegeta and Minsc accompanied by the small boy started towards the circus.


“So” Jaheira said to the guard “no one has emerged from that tent for a whole day now” she asked the guard.

“That’s correct citizen, what little information we have received from in there suggests that some powerful magic was used to transform the entire circus”

“Iv been told to guard the entrance until the Cowled Wizard arrive to deal with the matter” he responded.

“If magic changed that place then that’s means there’s a wizard of some sort in there” Vegeta said with a smirk spreading across his face.

“Which means I’m going in to find him” he continued.

“Didn’t you just hear me, I said no one is allowed to enter the tent” the guard responded.

Vegeta glared at the guard “we are quite capable of looking after ourselves.”

“Now stand aside whilst I deal with this matter,” he commanded.

“Ok” the guard said “but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Another thing, can you watch this child while we are in there” Jaheira asked.

“I suppose so” the guard responded not looking too pleased about the idea.

“Right then let’s go” Vegeta said as he and his two companions entered the tent.

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