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Posted 31 July 2003 - 05:34 PM


Vegeta stood at the edge of his party’s camp, the sun was setting and night was almost upon them.

They had left Baldurs Gate that morning, only a week had passed since the defeat of Serevok and already rumours were spreading that Vegeta shared the same blood as Serevok and that he may be an even bigger threat.

“Pathetic fools” Vegeta thought to himself “they are right to fear me”

He took a quick glance around the camp to see what the other members of the party were up to.

Imoen, his childhood friend who was like a sister to him laid by the lake reading her spell book obviously selecting which spells to memorise before retiring to bed.

Sat a short distance from Imoen was Dynaheir, a Rasheman witch who had taken Imoen as her apprentice. Dynaheir had made the offer to Imoen after Vegeta had refused Imoen’s pleas for what must have been the hundredth time.

Watching over Dynaheir was Minsc the mighty Rasherman Warrior who travels with his witch, Dynaheir, and protects her with his life.

In the centre of the camp, near the camp fire sat Khalid and Jaheira, they had originally joined Vegeta’s party as his guardians on his dead foster fathers request but they soon became his trusted advisors and more importantly his good friends.

Vegeta turned his back on the camp; thinking about Gorion’s request for Khalid and Jaheira to become his guardians had awakened powerful emotions within Vegeta that he preferred to keep buried deep inside.

As much as he missed Gorion he saw sadness and other such emotions as a weakness, the only thing he cared about was power and as far as he was concerned everything else was just an illusion for the weak.

A smile played across his face at this thought, his companions and friends meant a great deal to him, as he never had many of them but by his own reasoning that mad him weak.

He laughed at this thought and turned around as he heard someone approaching.

“Hey you” Imoen said with amusement in her voice “what you laughing at” she asked with a grin spreading across her face.

“Nothing much” Vegeta said with his own amusement building “Just the thought of you having first watch tonight” he said as he walked to his tent.

“Hey, that’s not fair” Imoen shouted back however a smile still appeared on her face.

“Night” she shouted across the camp to him.

“Night” he replied before entering his tent to sleep.


Vegeta awoke as he heard Imoen’s cry for help.

He immerged from his tent to discover the camp filled with humanoid shapes clocked in black, he ordered his party into their combat positions but before he could finish his sentence he was hit in the shoulder by an arrow.

The world around him grew darker as he felt the ground rushing up to meet him; the last thing he remembered was the sound of more arrows being fired and of steel striking steel.

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