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A Wizard and A Warrior: Introduction

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Posted 21 July 2003 - 09:04 AM

The tale of Edwin Odesseiron and Kane Theaza as they travel through Amn after Irenicus, battling monsters, getting into trouble and trying to deal with their very complicated relationship...

It only started with the one story, written after a discussion with a friend about odd Baldur’s Gate romance pairings. An eleven-part story about Edwin Odesseiron’s struggles to deal with his love for a man he thought he could never have and, when I wrote it, I never intended to continue it any further. It was an experiment for me, the first time I’d written a story that involved a romance pairing with two men for the Baldur’s Gate fandom and I was unsure of how it would be received…but to my surprise, people really liked it. When the first story finished, they wanted more and since I enjoyed writing it so much, I couldn’t refuse.

Before you start reading, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind. This story is largely focused on a rather complicated relationship between two men and it also contains frequent and fairly adult, although not too explicit, sex scenes. It is also rather dark in places, dealing with subjects such as rape and abuse. The chapters have individual warnings where I feel it is necessary, but if you aren’t comfortable with any of that, then this story isn’t for you. :roll: Also this story is set in a completely different reality from my novel Searching for the Truth and Kane and Imoen’s relationship in this story is very different to how it was portrayed there. I’m using the fact that this is alternative reality based, not to mention that Kane is a much nicer guy all round here, to explore slightly different options. After all, no one wants to stick to the same old storyline all the time, right? :D

The story starts after Sarevok’s death, although the events leading up to it are completely different to how they were in the game. This is because although Kane did spend some time in Candlekeep as a youth, he left several years before the whole Sarevok thing started. It then goes into Shadows of Amn and I hope to continue it through ToB and beyond.

There are currently five stories in the series and the order they should be read in is as follows:

1) Friends or Lovers?
2) Whatever the Future Holds.
3) The Nether Scroll Disaster.
4) The Dead Three.
5) The Darkness Within.

I also occassionally write short stories set in this reality, usually written for various quizzes. Currently these are:

The First Meeting- A look at Kane and Edwin's first meeting in Nashkel.

The Beginning of the End- Kane and Sarevok face off in the undercity.

A Foolish Dream- A short story set in this reality about Imoen in Spellhold.

All I want- After the fall of Saradush, Edwin thinks about his future with Kane.


I probably would never have gotten this far without my main beta reader and the people who have commented on this, made suggestions and given me encouragement. A big thank you has to go to Laufey for her help and for allowing me to use her version of Edwin’s family background, in particular Edwin’s teacher Vadrak Dekaras, and also to Dark-Mage for his constant support and encouragement.

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