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Episode 2: Devil in the Details.

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Posted 24 October 2002 - 06:26 AM

Episode 2: Devil in the Details.

"She's..." she paused nervously," she's me Mr Talon. I want you to kill me."

"I don't know what possessed me," Talon thought to himself as he strode the well worn road towards Amn. "I should have killed her on the spot."

Talon flipped Tooth in the air casually as he walked, like it was an impulse. Mostly for show, to intimidate would-be attackers, the glow of the enchanted dagger gave him more than enough light for his keen senses to take in even the darkest surrounds.

"I don't ask alot of questions of my clients," Talon had told Madelaine Marquise, as she nervously awaited his response to her strange request, "But this time I gotta know."
"Why?" She preempted his question, "I wish I could tell you, that's part of my problem."
"Make some sense or get outta my face. I still have drinking to do."
"Please be patient with me," She bit her lip hard like she was forcing herself to speak, "It's taking alot of my strength to get this far."
"Some kind of curse?" Talon raised an eyebrow, becoming more curious.
"I'm forbidden to discuss the details. The core of the issue is that I must die within a tenday. I would tell you more if I could but I must remain silent about it for now."
"Fair enough, We need to talk pay. My standard deal is fifteen thousand, five upfront, but since you'll be dead we should make alternative payment plans."
"This," She produced a small slip of paper from a pocket, "is a claim check for my estate. Liquid assets alone are near twenty thousand"
Talon grinned, bringing Tooth and Claw up and placing them on the table. "You want it here, or in the alley?"
"I have two more conditions before we seal the deal."
Talon sighed audiably, his patience clearly waning. "What now?"
"Well it has to be done in Athkatla, and it has to look like a random attack in public." she bit her lip hard, a small drop of blood sliding down her chin, "It's the only way it will work."
"And of course you can't tell me anymore. Fine see you in Athkatla"
"One last thing, this more of a personal request not a condition of the contract"
"Try and make it quick, I'd prefer not to feel much pain," she had genuine fear in her eyes.
"I was going to do that anyway." Despite himself, Talon actually smiled at her.

So now Talon was travelling the road to Amn. Stopping only at his former home in Beregost for August Rencour's merchant credentials, good for discrete entrance into the City of Coin.

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