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BG1 Gavin v4 and BG2 Gavin v7 released

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#1 Guest_Ipsissimus_*

Posted 25 April 2010 - 06:30 AM

Gavin for Baldur's Gate TuTu or Trilogy has been updated to version four, with some bugfixes and typo corrections.

And Gavin for BG2 has finally been released. This mod does not require ToB.

Gavin is a human neutral good cleric of Lathander, joinable at the Temple outside of Beregost in BG1 and at the temple of Ilmater in the Slums in BG2. He's also among the too-small group of non-angsty mod characters with relatively normal backstories, as he was born to a sailmaker and a midwife in Ulgoth's Beard. More information can be found here for BG1 and here for BG2.

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