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Any interest in a Romance Expansion mod?

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#1 Guest_Ipsissimus_*

Posted 15 April 2010 - 05:56 AM

Far more detailed information to be found here and here.

The goal of this project is to expand Aerie's, Anomen's, Jaheira's, and Viconia's romances, increasing roleplaying options and content in general. Planned content includes numerous class- and race-specific options, Underdark material, and "paths" through the romances. Good, not-so-good, and downright evil paths are currently planned. Also in planning are different flirts than offered by PPG's Flirtpack, as well as a great deal of player-initiated material. So some lovetalks will be triggered by player-initiated dialogue.

At the moment, most of this is just in the planning stage, and any ideas are more than welcome. So if you have anything you'd like to see/contribute/suggest, please do ;)

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