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Classic Adventures .52 released

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#1 Guest_Ipsissimus_*

Posted 10 February 2010 - 08:44 PM

...also known as "the mod for those completely fed up with the Bhaalspawn." Classic Adventures is a compilation of several old Pen and Paper modules (the full list can be seen here and here).

It features twenty-nine (!) joinable NPCs, five of which are romanceable--although only two romances are currently playable, and only one of them is complete. The joinable characters vary widely, from the Selunite paladin Lord Rilithar Mistmoor to the kobold fighter Meepo to the fallen cavalier Althon Merchantius. Most of them are good-aligned and human, but other races and alignments are represented. Interestingly enough, many characters have past histories, leading to rich NPC/NPC interaction. The full list is here.

Just thought I'd add this--Meepo seems to use Cespenar's soundset, or something very close to. It's quite funny.

At present, the mod is not complete. It is playable up to the city of Selgaunt (but it still should be played), and more content will come in future releases.

Download it here, or learn more at the website and forums.

My only complaint is that a merchant selling basic supplies and weapons seems to be missing--or I'm just oblivious. Good thing I have no qualms about using the cheat console, then. Also, the download is huge--it's 1.7 gb even as a .rar file. Annoying, but necessary.

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