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Loss of a Legend (AU): Quiz 210

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Posted 04 September 2009 - 09:53 PM

Loss of a Legend

Ciryon raised the blaster, sighting along it she fired off another shot. The damn rakghouls kept coming; swarming the small band of explorers. She heard Carth swear; two more shots from him downed another one.

Coming down to the undercity was probably not the smartest move they could have done. But somewhere down in this convoluted mess of sewers, pipes, corroded supports, and abandoned ty, Bastila's escape pod had crash-landed.

Another pack was snarling and howling in the distance; a sound that made Ciryon's skin crawl. It was as though she could feel the risk these creatures had, the danger of getting bitten, the change that would happen just under her skin.

More rapid blaster fire spattered against the hide of the pack leader as they charged the small group. Mission let out a squeak; and Carth's constant stream of fire let up as he took a moment to swap power packs. There were more of them, now; getting far closer then she'd like.

“You ok, Mission?”

“Yeah!” Ciryon could hear the familiar sound of a vibroblade keening through the air as Mission pulled her blade and activated her stealth field.


“Ready.” His blaster fire was starting to slacken, he was picking his targets more carefully, using Mission's strikes as a distraction.

Still more of the creatures were swarming out of the sewer pipes, creating a swarming wall of blue-grey fur that was heading for the group.

They were getting too close. Ciryon sheathed her blaster, and pulled both vibroblades. Force protect me. She stepped into the whirling mass of fur, her blades flashing and whirling. It was all instinct. Block. Defend. Ignore the pain. Mission was a darting shadow, her blades flashing in the dark. Carth's shots rang out loud in the dark, downing creature after creature. Block, high third circle. Strike position, second circle. There was blood dripping down her arm, her armour was torn and gashed.

Die. She slashed out again. The hoard of creatures was starting to scatter. Ciryon slammed her vibroblade through the creature's head, her arms were shaking. Her skin was itching.

It took her a moment to realize that the blaster fire had stopped, her targets were all dead. Her skin was still itching. . . .

Oh, shit. She felt her knees buckle. Her hand tensed on the vibroblade. It bit me. Already, her am was going cold. She could feel it -moving-, changing her under her skin. No.

“Ciryon!” That was Carth. Who? I should know that name. “Ciryon, listen to me!”

Her hair was turning white before her face. Her body was shaking and burning. Force's sake, “NO!”

It didn't seem the force was listening.

The blade in her hand moved; there was something she had to kill. . . .

She didn't hear the blaster shot that killed her; nor the cries of the man who fired it.

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