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Posted 01 March 2009 - 07:34 PM

The roof of the Iron Throne building was small. Too small to contain everyone who was standing in the temple minutes ago.
"Sarevok," said Xan weakly. He was holding Stai in his hands, and a light-blue card was throbbing in the sorceress's palm. "Where is he?"
"And Tamoko, and Angelo, and Semaj, and Winski," Dermin nodded. "It seems the Bhaalspawn asked his new ally to give him a chance elsewhere. Tethyr, perhaps?"
"We must head to the basement, Dermin," Jaheira said quietly. "Now that the reign of the Iron Throne is over, the prisoners will need our aid. And we must send the messengers to the Dukes."
"And we must away to the Zhentil Keep," Xzar sighed. "Too bad. And I so hoped to kill someone!"
"I'll kill ye, wizard, be glad," Montaron grumbled. "Come." He nodded to Branwen: "Are ye comin' or what?"
To everyone's surprise, Branwen smiled, nodded and followed them.
"We must go, too," Xan rose and offered Stai his hand. "I only hope that Stai's master is not truly doomed."
"He is not," Stai smiled weakly. "I know. Goodbye, Ala."
"Goodbye," Ala called. "And thank you. I wanted to ask you about my mother, but..."
Stai shook her head.
A card in Stai's hand flashed. Xan stepped very close to the sorceress, there was another flash, and they were gone.
"Must be love," Imoen sighed dreamily. "Jaheira... can I go with you? Tend to the wounded and everything? That elf, Kivan, was nice."
"Do you want to stay with the Harpers?" Dermin asked seriously.
"I do," Imoen nodded. "If only you take Ala, too..."
"There is no need," Ala said sharply.
"No need?" Dynaheir asked. The woman looked much healthier now, but there was a glint in her eyes Ala did not like. "Thou wishest to travel to Rasheman?"
"No, Dynaheir," Ala smiled. "I think--if Edwin returned for YOU to help me... then maybe I'll travel to Thay for him. Just so his standing among the Red Wizards isn't completely ruined."
"You will travel with me to Thay?" Edwin asked. He sounded surprised and pleased at the same time.
"I will," Ala nodded. "It is a pity that we will never see other Bhaalspawn, though. And Stai, and her mysterious mentor. And Cyric, and Solar... Who won? Who will win?"
"We may never know," said Edwin and took her hand. "You know, you do not look any different now that you are a Bhaalspawn no longer. I wonder what my master will say if I bring home my own rogue?"
"With special skills?" Ala grinned. "Well... good bye, everyone."
She already turned to go, when a huge hand caught her.
"Little Ala will not go now!" Minsc's voice boomed. "We must celebrate! Boo says Ala and Imoen are free of evil, and the city is free of Sarevok and evil mages, so it is time to wash our boots in good wine and dance on the tables, so the earth shakes under our feet!"
"Minsc..." Dynaheir sighed. "Thou art incorrigible..."
"We must s-say goodbyes," Khalid nodded. "Me and Jaheira will be sorry to see you go."
"But we wish you well," Jaheira added. "Gorion's murderer is alive, and it galls me, but the Sword Coast is now free of his taint. I will drink to this tonight."
"And to the end of this crazy crusade," Edwin muttered. "(I cannot believe we are heading to Thay. What shall I do with her there? Then again, I missed a good chess partner. Those monkeys could never appreciate my skills. And Tharchion's treasury looks so inviting...)"
"Best of luck to you, young lady," Dermin inclined his head. "You are a Bhaalspawn no longer. Use your life well."
"Celebrations all around!" Imoen laughed. "Sis, you won't desert me so easily!"
"Then..." Ala smiled. "Then let's drink to new adventures!"

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