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Posted 19 February 2007 - 05:04 AM

First of all, I don't know why this silly forum is posting my parts from last to first. I can't fix it, so please accept my apologies.

Despite the title, this is not a take off on 'When Harry Met Sally', I just decided that I would drop the poetic title in favour of the descriptive one that would tell people who were interested in K&J know that their favourite characters could be found here. This story is not based on the BG biographies that actually made it into BG1 but instead on some alternate biographies that were sent out as previews before the game actually went on the shelves. The example for Khalid, found here, is as follows, and was the bio that inspired this story:

Khalid is a half elf born and raised in the nation of Calimshan, the son of a wealthy merchant and his exotic elvish concubine. Khalid was barely acknowledged by his father as a son; his two half brothers received much more attention and were groomed as heirs to the business. Henceforth, Khalid threw himself into the martial pursuits and even convinced his father to pay a practicing sorcerer to accept him as a student. Unbeknownst to anyone Khalid's father was having troubles with his business and had in fact run up a considerable debt with a noble in Amn. The noble eventually decided to make an example of him and hired the Shadow Thieves to execute the entire family. His new love Jaheira made possible a narrow escape -- and soon after, they were married.

This is a pretty grown up story, there will be some sexual situations, though no graphic sex (you have to PM me for that) and some pretty scary violence, but I feel it was necessary to explain certain behaviours of the characters when they finally get to the Baldur's Gate storyline proper.

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