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Posted 18 February 2007 - 04:50 AM

Eek! I realized I never bothered to add any of the parts written so far to this forum, so if anyone wanted to read them they would have to go dig them up from the dark recesses of the Serials board. Not that there would be any reason to do so. Nope, no sirree... *shifty eyes*

This is a story that jumped into my head after playing the BG1 NPC Banter mod and seeing the way they breathed life into a somewhat empty character (but then, weren't a lot of BG1 characters like that to varying degrees) that was none the less full of possibilities: Kivan.

I think what really got me was the fact that there seemed to be no way to get Kivan to actually enjoy his life with his love gone. After all, elves have a very concrete afterlife (must be nice!) and he knows that when he dies, he will end up with his beloved wife. So heck, why even bother with this life? Why not just do what needs doing and then off yourself?

This story is my quest to reform Kivan and give him a new outlook on life, while at the same time remaining true to his love for Deheriana, if such a thing is even possible. And I'll be enlisting the help of some of our, well, my, favourite NPCs to help along the way.

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