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Bhodi and the Bhaalspawn 47

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#1 Arcalian

Posted 14 November 2006 - 02:04 AM

Sarevok nearly died again in that fight. His skin was scalded, and the Deathbringer tatoo on his forehead was lost when the skin peeled off. He cursed in frustration and rage.

"Will it affect your skill as a warrior?" Giovanni asked, genuniely concerned.

Sarevok laughed heartily. "Nay, brother. It is merely a warning of my skill to others who know how to read the signs. But I wish now that Saradush had not fallen; they almost certanly had appropriate tatoo artists.

Xzar scratched at the masked tatoo of his own face. "There are contacts in these lands," he assured the warrior.

Sarevok nodded. "Appreciated, Zhentarim."

"I'd have thought you'd sneer at Xzar," Giovanni said.

Sarevok smiled grimly. "Before I died, I would have."


The imprisoned monk handed his magical rope to Giovanni and collapsed. He had spoken of many interesting things, a geased Dragon not least.

"You see those marks?" Viconia asked. "I have seen similar injuries on victims left by the Handmaidens. His manner of death makes ressurection impossible--and his final moments most unpleasant."

"A pitty the manner of this man's death prevents us from bringing him back to life," Sarevok mused. "My interrogations would have brought us much information."

"I wish it could be so, Sarevok," Giovanni agreed wistfully. "For my part, I wonder what Balthazaar was up to here. Was he trying to threaten? Negotiate? What?" Xzar nodded in agreement.

"We'll never know now," Bhodi shrugged. "Let's move on, shall we?"


"Too many eyes," Xzar whimpered. "Too many eyes!"

"Creepy," agreed Imoen.

More than two dozen slaughtered eyeballs lay around them. Animated mostly from beholders, but also Gorons and several other unidentified creatures as well.

"Whoever conjured these must be more insane than Xzar--" Edwin began.

"You there! Intruder type! Why are you hurting my children?!?" The speaker was a mage with a wild, wooly beard that spread halfway down his chest. This was good, because it covered much of a salmon-pink robe that was too bright for any of them save Imoen to look at, and even she was rather nonplussed.

"Oh," Edwin finished, depressed.

"Your children you say?" Bhodi advanced slowly, eyes wide as she tried to mesmerise the madman. "Perhaps you could give us what we wanted--a scroll of Geas Reversal--and then....."

The mage blasted her with lightning and then vanished in a flash of teleporation.

"Bhodi!" Imoen rushed to her side, Giovanni not behind.

Bhodi sat up, chest still smoking.

"The wounds will heal," she said, scowling. "But that's another perfectly good costume ruined. This place truly begins to annoy me."

"Just run naked, my dear," Giovanni suggested boorishly.

Bhodi pouted. "At this rate, I may just have to!"
The road to the abyss may be paved with good intentions, but it is those with bad intentions that race down that road as fast as they can.

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