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Twist Of Fate 6: Paths of Bhaalspawn

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Jaheira wanted a bath, but more than that she had wanted out of the inn. When he helped her up, she had pushed him away to make her way to the door without help. Imoen had caught the druid before she walked into the wall and led her out of the inn. He looked over the carnage and the dark part of him that he kept hidden smiled at the pure destruction. The girl was not a discriminating killer, he saw all kinds of people here but it seemed that the men and elves had been tortured before death. So Gorion’s killer was a man hater and couldn’t stand the sight of anything elven. He noticed that most of the dead elves were missing the pointed tips of their ears.

The man shuddered at the parts that were cut off. There was something disturbed in the girl. What reason had she had to do this? Did she revel in the kill, she knew the chant of Bhaal, she had said it right before she had almost killed him. Did she see each death as tribute to their father?. As he walked around he could see that the bodies were arranged to be the tears, a giant skull painted in blood, Jaheira had been in one of the eyes, he looked and found a bag in the other. He squatted down next to it and opened it carefully. Inside was a note and a pair of brown-green eyes. He left the eyes and picked up the note.

Dearest Brother:

It has been so long since she’s seen you. You left her to a life of misery while you had happiness. Father is not happy at all, he cannot wait until you are dead. I can wait, I will destroy everything you care about, especially that little bitch of yours. Do you lie to her about our father? Do you lie to her about your real sister? Yes I mean Annalesca. Did you ever care about her? She loved you more than life, she was always waiting for you to rescue her. You never even sought out the truth about her. Find her if you can, I know where she is. But you may have to kill me to find her again...

He read the note and reread it several times over. Anna was alive? Gorion’s last words were about saving a girl and that he should have known. Now that he thought about it there was a black cloaked figure who had been watching him and Imoen in the library. Could that have been Anna? He paled, if it had been Anna, she would have heard his remark about favorite sister. The red haired woman must know her, she must have attacked them because of him. Gorion’s death was his fault. It was like a sudden burden on his heart, his little Anna in misery, thinking that he never loved her. He knew that the redhead must have convinced her to allow her to kill both of them. Anna must have found companionship in this other woman. Anna could never kill, he knew this, she was far too kind, at least she had been. Looking over the room again, he could tell that the actions of their mother still affected her, any sign of elven bloodline had been wiped out but he could still tell what they had been. He sighed to himself, she must be a murderess if she was friends with the redhead, how much she had changed. He had to get her away from that woman, maybe then he could steer her back on the right path and not that of their father.


She stiffened at the man’s voice, as he held the dagger to her throat. It was heavily accented, so she knew he was not from the Sword Coast. Where had she heard similar accents? She thought for a moment and placed it. He was from Thay, they had sent four wizards already to negotiate with her, she had sent each one back in pieces, each with a varying note. Thay must be desperate if they really wanted her on their side. Of course she made it sound like Charon was the Bhaalspawn and not her. He could be revived, she couldn’t. It was for the best really.

She wondered what Thay had sent her this time. She wondered if it was an assassin, but no, she could feel soft fabric of robes around her bare legs. It must be a mage, a cocky male mage, she could tell just by the way he was holding her tightly against his body. Another thought crossed her mind, how did he get in here? She and Winiski had secured the temple with all sorts of wards and traps. No one had been able to get in or out without being guided but this man had done the impossible.

“How did you get in here?” She asked, her curiosity showing.

“It was easy. I followed you through the house. Quite a family experience I witnessed.” It was like a slap in the face to have someone witness what Reiltar put her through, especially someone who she did not know. No, it was just as humiliating as when Charon or Winiski had witnessed her “lessons”. She couldn’t bear the fact that someone else now know about them, she could feel tears pricking at the back of her eyes. She told herself she would not cry but tears started to slide down her cheeks. She pulled down on the arm that had the dagger, sinking her nails in deep, and slammed him into the wall behind them. She then elbowed him in the sternum, and still he retained his grip on her. She tried elbowing him again but he caught her arm and twisted it behind her, throwing her off balance. He kept her arm twisted up high on her back, making her go to tiptoe. He dropped the dagger and pulled his forearm across her throat, choking her slowly. The more she tried to get out of it, the more pressure was place on her. “Do you yield, my little Bhaalspawn?” His tone was mocking but he loosened his arm around her throat.

“Never!” She raked her nails down her own face, drawing blood, then touched his arm, transferring the wounds with a little kick to it to him. He released her, pushing her away from him as he covered his own face.

“What have you done? You have ruined the magnificence that is Edwin Odesseiron! (You will pay for that. Oh how you will pay!)” It was her turn to hold him captive as she grabbed the dropped dagger and knocked him off his feet with one punch to his wounded face. He fell against the wall and slide down to the floor, where she took advantage of his position and straddled his legs, placing the dagger under his chin.

“Edwin Odesseiron? Did you really think that a Bhaalspawn would yield? I am not as weak as I appear.”

“I can see that now. (And much more.)” His eyes where not on her face, looking down she realized that he was focused on her exposed thighs. She just laughed, all men were the same. Show them a woman’s body and their thoughts went one way. She used the dagger to raise his eyes up to hers.

“I’m up here, Edwin Odesseiron. Now tell me what I should do to you? I’m rather out of ideas of what to do with wizards of Thay.” She giggled.

“Fix what you did to me and I will show you the pleasures that Thay can offer over Rashemen.” He said in a seductive tone, she had to shake her head just to clear it.

“Do you think me a fool? I know there are no ‘pleasures’ to be had in life except for the thrill of killing, and a little torture thrown in.”

“I do believe your experiences with your step-father has taught you that. He is not a real man, why do you suffer under him when you have power?”

“Because I cannot reveal who or what I am yet.” She let the dagger lower somewhat as they conversed.

“Who tells you that you must hide from the world? Bring it under your heel, Thay will help you accomplish this. Rashemen wants what’s good,”He said the word with a sneer, “for the world.”

“And what does Thay want exactly?”

“They believe that if they can help a Bhaalspawn ascend to their father’s place, that said Bhaalspawn will grace Thay with their favor.”

“So what if said Bhaalspawn decides to take on Thay? After all I’ve only met weaklings sent here to impress me. Either Thay thinks that I am stupid or naive.”

“There have been mistakes made. We see that our prior representatives handled you... inappropriately.”

“Oh and how would you handle it? Sticking a dagger at my throat and trying to get me to yield?” She laughed. “What you saw in the house is the weakling Anna, the simple minded, simpering, little girl, down here I am Annalesca, daughter of Bhaal, the mistress of pain and death.”

“I can see that now. A mistake on my part and know that Edwin Odesseiron very rarely makes mistakes.”

“And tell me did you think me so frail that I would break so easily?”

“From the performance you put on in the house, what else was I to expect?” She raised her fist to hit him again and strangely found herself reluctant to hit him again.

“Why do I not want to hit you?” She asked unable to raise the dagger back to his chin.

“A simple Friend spell, very fast to cast, and works when they met your eyes, much like you’re doing now.” Damn, how could she have not felt or heard him cast it? Had she been that absorbed in cleansing herself that it might have cost her life?

“You’re indeed clever, much smarter than the last wizard.”

“Thay decided to send their best wizard. (And their best seducer.)”

“I see. And what do you think you can do that the others couldn’t?” He smiled at her as his hands traveled up her exposed thighs, over her ribs, barely brushing her breasts, over her arms to take the dagger out of her hands. He let it drop to the floor.

“If you will allow me the honor, “He smiled seductively, “I will show you exactly what I can do.” His long fingers traced invisible patterns onto her arms, his nails were well trimmed and clean. As she looked at him, she realized how well groomed he was, the nail marks on his face ruined the beauty of it, but it was still there. “Of course, if you would be so kind as to heal this humble mage’s face...” She leaned forward, wanting suddenly to please him, she took his face gently in her hands, he never stopped tracing on her arms, had she been paying attention, she would have realized that it was put of a spell but her mind was clouded with emotion she had never felt. His hands glowed dimly but she was concentrating on his face. She drew near enough that her lips touched the first wound, she licked the wound, lapping up the little blood, as she licked the wound closed and reformed itself back to it’s former perfection. She licked each of the nail marks, the blood exciting her, he had closed his eyes, allowing her to kiss his eye lids.

When she started to move away his hands came up and took her face in his hands and guided her lips to his. His lips were soft and warm, it was at first just a meeting of lips but it stirred something deep inside of her. His thumb pressed at the corner of her lips, forcing her mouth open a little. When his tongue touched hers, she fought the instinct to bite down as she always did with Reiltar. The wizard massaged her jaw, relaxing her as he licked the inside of her mouth, exploring, prodding and throughly taking control over her. His nimble fingers found the buttons on her tunic and made quick work of them, she felt the cool air of the temple on her bare skin. Then his hands where on her shoulders, moving slowly downward. Her skin burned where he touched, it didn’t hurt, it just felt different. He started at her shoulders, making his way down to her small breasts, she always thought them small but as his hands cupped them she didn’t mind.


Sarevok exited the inn, the flames licking at his heels. It was the only thing he could think of that would cover up the signs of Bhaal. Of course his father had plenty to say about that.


“I will never hurt Annalesca.” He hissed at his father.


“Tell me where to find her!”


“Follow who, what?”

-I BELIEVE I AM STARTING TO PITY YOU, SAREVOK.- His father talked no more. With the inn burning behind him, he walked over to the well. It was far enough away from the inn, that the women wouldn’t notice the fire until it was far too late. As he turned the corner, he was greeted by a sight, a sight he had never thought about seeing before and one that would haunt him.

It was Jaheira, she was standing at the well with a pink cloth in her hand, dipping it in the bucket, wiping away blood. What was most notable was the fact that she was naked. Imoen was behind her, washing blood off her back, she didn’t see him standing there with his mouth slightly parted. His face flamed red under his bronze skin as his sister peeked over the druid’s shoulder to look at him. He quickly turned away, he shouldn’t be having any thoughts in his head about her, while Khalid’s state of life was unknown. He walked away and sat down on a mossy patch of earth, he relaxed his body and opened his mind.

He could feel Bhaalspawn, he could hunt and track them, he knew how little or much of the taint they carried. He also knew that each time one of the Children died some of the power was spread to the rest of them and the rest he didn’t know what happened to it. He remembered at such a young age Anna had a large portion of the taint in her soul, almost as great as his. Without the right influence he might have turned into a raging psychotic, trying to take over the world in the name of Bhaal, making his own why to godhood. He snorted at the thought. He would never have turned out that way. Bhaal held no sway over him... Well there were occasional times when he wanted to act on darker impulses, but he had never. As he opened his senses, he could feel the evil of Bhaal surrounding him, this place was tainted now by his sisters. Dimly he could feel Imoen’s small taint, he could feel a larger gathering of power to the north and the south. He tried centering on Anna’s unique power but something was blocking him. Or someone he realized as his father just chuckled in his head. It looked like Bhaal wasn’t going to make this easy for him.

He was interrupted as a hand came down on his shoulder, looking up he saw the blindfolded Jaheira. She was clothed in semi-tight pink clothing that could only belong to Imoen. No one else ever had that much pink, even the blindfold was pink.

“Do you feel any better Jaheira?” He asked.

“Yes, of course. I feel wonderful, Sarevok, I’m blind and most assuredly dressed in pink.” He smiled to himself, she was feeling better if she was talking like that. “Do not smiled like that.” She said as she swatted the back of his head or at least tried to as she missed, catching him on the ear instead.

“Jaheira, my friend would I smile at a time like this?” He stood and hugged her. “But seriously, how are you holding up?” The druid stood stiff in his arms but he held her until she relaxed.

“I can still see that demon child. I have never feel anything so unbalanced, so disturbing as that child.”

“Was it a red head or a black haired girl?” -Please don’t let it have been Anna.- He prayed.

“She had long red hair, but there was a black haired girl there too.”

“Did they give any clue as to where they were heading?”

“She said, ‘Follow your path.’” Jaheira stepped back from him. “She then healed everything but my eyes, she said that she would leave my eyes as a reminder to you for not seeing her. What did she mean?”

“The black haired girl, she is my sister Anna.” She turned away from him, her skin paled.

“Sarevok, one of the reasons why Gorion was bringing you here was to have you sit down and discuss what we had only found out a year ago.”

“What did you find?” Bhaal was laughing. This could not be good.

“Your sister never died. She was taken in by a family and raised as their daughter. It appears that she was greatly abused.” Jaheira said bluntly as she turned back to him.

“You and Khalid knew about this and you didn’t tell me?” He fairly shouted.

“Who is Khalid?” The druid asked in return.

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