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Running the Shadows: Chapter Six, Rock Bottom:

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Posted 17 December 2005 - 08:56 PM

Running the Shadows: Chapter Six, Rock Bottom:

Annika paused at the alley, pointing out the devices. Neither Aerie nor Anomen – the newest member of their team, knew exactly what those things were, but considering this seemed to be live-fire training, no one really wanted to find out. “W-we could try the catwalks . . .” Aerie said softly. No one liked that idea either.

“That would appear to be the simplest solution.” Anomen said, staring up at the battered, hundred-and-something year old catwalks, that spanned the street. Whatever metal they had been mad of was badly corroded, and Annika wasn't sure they would take the weight.

“W'won't they know that?” Aerie asked, holding her rifle at the ready. “I-I mean they would expect us to take the easiest path, especially because we don't know what those -things- actually are.”

Annika smiled grimly. “Yeah.” And then she grinned. “Actually, I've got a plan. Aerie, that invisibility trick you pulled, three questions: One: does it make you invisible to thermals? Two: can you do it to me? And Three: how long does it last?”

Aerie blinked. “Uhm . . . yes, I think, yes, and upwards of 24 hours, provided you don't attack something.”

“Well, I'm not planning to start shooting at the moment, so that sounds wonderful.” Annika wore a crooked grin on her face.

“What are you doing?” Anomen asked, frowning.

“I want to see exactly what those things are. Something really doesn't fit here, and I want all the information I can get.”

“Supposing the guards – or those devices – have proximity sensors?” Anomen was scowling.

Annika shrugged. “Well,” she turned to look at Aerie, “I think this trick will work against most sensors, right?” Aerie nodded. “Good. Then let's get to it, shall we?”

The other two cadets nodded; though Anomen was obviously reluctant. “Do you have another idea?” Annika raised a brow at him.

“No. I just don't like this one. There are too many unknowns.”

Sigh. “You noticed. I think Control's actively frelling with the rules on this one. That's why I want you two here, -- if the shit does hit the fan, you'll be able to cover me,” shrug, “or run like hell, if need be.”

Aerie nodded. “ Ok Annika . . . here we go . . .”

It felt like someone had cracked a bottle on her head – save for the fact that it didn't actually hurt. It felt like being encased in a layer of gelatinous liquid, and she couldn't help but gasp. “This feels so weird.”

A soft giggle from Aerie. “I know.”

“I'll keep comm silence, so there'll be no transmissions to pick up. And I don't intend to go that close.”

“Rodger that.” Anomen's voice echoed before the distinctive sound of a deactivating comm came over her headset. And now to see what's really going on.

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