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Running the Shadows: Chapter Five, Out of the Fire . . .

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Posted 25 October 2005 - 02:26 AM

Running the Shadows: Chapter Five: Out of the Fire . . .

“Don't move!” A male voice yelled. She whirled in the direction of the voice, and found herself looking right down the barrel of a shotgun. Oh, shit . . .

“I – It's alright!” Aerie said, quickly. The young cadet glanced at them both, then lowered the gun.

“Sorry.” He said with a nod. “I've had a few hostiles try to force the door.” He closed the door behind them. Aerie drifted off to look at one of the supply boxes stacked against the far wall.

Annika frowned. His reaction wasn't quite right for someone faced either with holographic enemies, or their own soldiers in a training exercise. “They're not using holograms, are they?”

He grimaced. “No. And it's live fire.”

Aerie looked up at that. “B- but --”

He shook his head. “No. I mean, there are people out there who are truthfully trying to kill us. This is no live-fire training.”

Annika frowned again. “It wouldn't surprise that Control's set up live-fire training – are you --”

“I'm quite sure.” He turned his back on her and knelt down, flipping open another supply box. “They came within an inch of killing me, and they were aiming to do just that.” He spoke over his shoulder, rummaging inside the box, pulling out weapons, and equipment, setting them on the floor beside him.

It still didn't fit. Then again, there were a lot of things here that didn't fit, this was simply one more. Control had demonstrated rather spectacularly that it was willing to change the rules.

“Here. Catch.” He tossed Annika a light assault rifle, and then started packing a backpack full of various equipment. “I was thinking of moving out of here before you came.”

Annika slung the rifle over her shoulder; knelt down and started filling a second backpack. “Hey, Aerie, grab what'cha need, huh?”

The young elf nodded, and grabbed a third pack from a hook on the wall. It was quiet for a moment, as the small team gathered what supplies they thought they would need.

Then, as Annika stood up and shouldered her pack, she grinned. Now that she was outfitted and armed, she no longer had to skitter away like a rat in a maze. Now she could go out there and fight – and maybe just figure out exactly what was going on.

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