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Author's Note and Warnings (please read before proceeding!)

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#1 Guest_Flarn_*

Posted 19 May 2005 - 09:26 PM

This is probably going to be among the most adult of the things I've written so far. Needless to say I will try not to get too graphic, (if there are any seriously sexual details that end up being written, they will, as before, be available by PM request for mature members only) but a lot of disturbing topics will be covered due to the dark nature of the main character, who is depressive, emotionally unbalanced and somewhat suicidal. It will have its lighter moments, I hope, since she does have good friends who are trying to help her in spite of herself.

Among the disturbing topics encountered so far (warning, some may find them triggering):

- sexual interference with minors
- incest(ish)
- corporal punishment of children vs. child abuse
- sexual coercion
- fear of rape
- contraception
- a child attempting murder

None of this should be any more graphic than what you would encounter in American prime time television, but that stuff is scary enough as it is.

Also, any poetry or lyrics that appear in the story, unless otherwise noted. were written by me.

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