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Finch, a new NPC for Tutu, is here!

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Posted 06 March 2005 - 02:31 AM

When the Iron Tutu competition rolled around, I knew that I lacked the familiarity with BG1 that would hold up against the time constraints of the event, but I had the will to do something Tutuesque to celebrate the theme of the weekend. That weekend turned into a month, resulting in this little endeavor.

The Finch NPC mod Version 1 is made for BG1Tutu and includes:

- One neutral good, gnome cleric of Deneir. Finch comes with a bookbag, perfect for keeping those precious scrolls and volumes safe, and she wears glasses that allow her a burst of inspiration in identifying items. Also, she doesn't take the glasses off her head, because then she wouldn't be able to see, and that would be very bad for a would-be hero librarian.

- There is one NPC-related quest, because people like quests

- One custom portrait and a new soundset of dubious entertainment value. Some soundset lines change due to game events. Over 60 voiced lines!

- Content comprised of 2-4 banters with each of the Bioware NPCs, a few dozen interjections, and some PC-initialized talks!

Finch Bloomwhiffler is quick to enthuse about stories she has read, libraries she has visited and tomes that she has had the honor to copy, but for all her knowledge, Finch has never truly experienced a life of adventure outside the pages of a book until you encounter her. (You can meet Finch during the Prologue at Candlekeep before you depart with Gorion, and she is joinable in Beregost.) Finch wavers between trepidation and enthusiasm at each new turn, keeping her quill ever at the ready.

She is a hero, and she is a librarian! Check her out!

You can download Finch here.

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