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Running The Shadows: Prologue

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Posted 23 July 2004 - 04:31 PM

Running the Shadows: Prologue

Annika -- she knew her name, but little else that went with it, stared at the woman who stood before her. She had brown hair that hung in many braids around a stern face. She wore a military uniform, though without the blue-and red insignia of the guard. That frightened her. What would anyone want with her?

“Hello child,” The woman said with a smile. “My name is Jaheira, child. You are . . .”

“A -- Annika.” No one ever had asked for her name before. No one had ever bothered before. She wiggled her bare toes, wondering what this woman wanted.

“Annika.” The woman smiled, and Annika decided she was far prettier when she smiled. “I am looking for someone to help me with something.” Jaheria said, the smile fading.

“Help?” Oh, no. She suspected what sort of help that meant. A pleasure-slave for the local barracks, most likely, though other ideas came to mind, too. “No, -- no, that’s alright.”

“Don’t be foolish.” The words were said with a touch of humour. “I meant nothing of that sort. I was asking --”

“They wanna teach us.” Said a voice. A young girl stepped out from behind Jaheira. Brown haired and brown eyed, she had a grin on her face. “It’s gonna be great! They’re gonna to teach us how to fight, and work with computers and --”

“Yes.” Jaheira cut the young girl off. “We seek new soldiers, and expect we can find them in younger people.”

Annika frowned. It didn’t sound too bad, but she would bet her shirt that there was some hidden catch. There was always some hidden catch. No one would ask a random street-child to become a soldier. It was simply too good to be true. And yet it made a certain amount of sense. With the war going on this long, they would need more recruits. What better way to get them then offering positions to those who had nothing to lose? Yet . . .

She stared at the other girl. It was obvious that she was taken on the idea. That decided Annika. If this was only what it appeared, then it would be wonderful. Becoming a soldier didn’t seem so bad, compared to her future if she stayed on the streets. And if this was something more then it appeared, well, she had gotten out of trouble before, and she would take this other girl with her. “Why not?” She said aloud. “What’ve I got to lose, huh?” She thrust out her grimy hand to the other girl. “I’m Annika.”

“Imoen. My name’s Imoen.”

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