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6. Llar inlul rodorbdrinnen

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Posted 05 January 2003 - 07:08 PM

Writer's comment : Well, this is a short story, from an silly idea I had. It takes place during Viconia's youth, and could be seen as a short sequel to 'Brother and Sister'. I hope you will forgive my shameless altering/usage of a classic story, in here!

Hope you like it!

Llar inlul rodorbdrinnen

"Viconia?" Vierna asked gently. "Time to go to sleep..."

The elderly Drow walked from her small living room to her laboratory where she made her healing potions and salves. She held her small house just outside the DeVir main-fortress, but just inside the walls of the compound, near the DeVir commoner quarter. It was her job to make all kind of healing concoctions for her house, as well as to raise and take care of the children of the noble family, since she was in the rare position of being Matron Ginafae's most trusted confidente...

She found little Viconia sitting in front of a small flask sitting on a heated plate, giggling while she watched the bubbles drifting to the surface. Vierna smiled when she heard Viconia trying to count the bubbles, but never getting further than ten...

"Hey," Vierna cooed gently. "It's far too late for five-year old little girls to still be up and about..."

"Awwww," Viconia pouted as she looked up to her aged wean-mother. "It's too early!"

"You can't tell me that watching those bubbles rise is fun!" Vierna laughed.

"It's more fun than Devora's lessons," Viconia said.

Ah, her sister, Vierna mused sadly. Apparently the girl's overzealous sister had toned down from the physical abuse of the girl ever since she nearly crippled Viconia five months ago, Vierna mused sadly, but Devora still wasn't quite a great person to be around.

"Will Valas stop by to play with me tomorrow?" Viconia asked hopefully. He had promised to show her some new spells he had recently learned.

"I'm not certain, little one," Vierna said. "The masters have been keeping Valas very busy, you see. Matron Ginafae wants him to become a good mage in a really short time..."

"Ma..., ermmm, Matron Ginafae... I don't even know what she looks like," Viconia pouted. "I have to keep my head down, but when I tried to peek once, ma..., ermm, Matron Ginafae had Devora whip me! And when I called her 'mama' once she got really, really angry and had me taken away!"

Vierna ran her hand through Viconia's white hair and gave her a look of sympathy. "Best not to think of that, Viconia," Vierna added, but considered the little girl might need a little extra cheering up. "Come on... Let's get you to bed. How about I tell you a story today!"

"No! Not a story!" Viconia said sharply.

"Ey?" Vierna asked in surprise.

"Stories are boring!" Viconia said. "They're always about Lolth and bee-tray-all and people who die! Valas tells me stories sometimes that are funny, though. They come out of magebooks," Viconia added in a whispered voice, "forbidden mage-books"

Vierna nodded. "Well, what I had in mind is a different kind of story. One from the surfacelands!"

"The surface?" Viconia gasped. "Have you been there?"

"Let's not get into that now," Vierna said while she picked up the small girl and carried her to a small bed in a tiny room next to her own. "How about the story of the 'three little pigs'?"

"What's a pig?" Viconia asked.

'Ay, hit a snag there,' Vierna mused, while she tucked in little Viconia. 'Perhaps I should translate in terms she could understand better.'

"Okay," Vierna said and sat down next to Viconia's bed. "Here's the story of the three little spiders. Once upon a time, three little spiders, brothers all, were travelling the caverns of the Underdark looking for a place to live..."

"Were they homeless?" Viconia asked in a sad voice.

"Yes, but no fear!" Vierna smiled. "They soon found a large cavern, big enough for a thousand spiders to live in! So, wasting no time, the three spiders started to make their homes. 'I'll make my house of simple webbing', the first spider said. 'Nothing beats the quality of a good web!' the first spider insisted. So the second spider said, 'Well, maybe you're right about that, but it's not very stong, so we'd best be prepared. I'm going to spin moss and lichen in my web to make it stronger! The third little spider had an even better idea, 'Well, you do what you like, but I'll be spinning rocks and stalagmites through my web to make it even more stronger than both of your webs together!' Of course, the other two brothers ridiculed him for that, seeing that making his web would take a veeeerrrrry long time. But he ignored his two brothers and went on his merry way to spin his web. Just as the first spider had finished his web and was deciding where to place his furniture, a Big Bad Deep Dragon wandered into the cavern."

"Oh, no!" Viconia yelled. She knew very well that Deep Dragons loved nothing more than to eat spiders.

"So the Big Bad Deep Dragon walked over to the first spider's web and told him : Hello there! I am from the local neighborhood comittee and I have brought you welcome-gifts! If you want to take them, you'll have to climb out of your web..."

"Don't believe him, little spider!" Viconia yelled. "He wants to eat you!"

"And the little spider, already suspicious of the scary reptile said, 'not by the pincers on my chinny-chin-chin!'. The Big Bad Deep Dragon got really angry now and told he spider : 'Get out here NOW! Or I'll huff and puff and blow your web down!'. So the spider replied : 'You're welcome to try, but my web is very strong!'. So the Big Bad Deep Dragon took a deep breath and blasted a gust of air from his maw, blowing the web and the spider halfway through the cavern!"

"No! Run! Run!" Viconia yelled and hid her head under her pillow.

"So, as quickly as his eight legs could carry him, the little spider ran to his brother's web, the one which held all the moss. Encouraged by his brother, the little spider just managed to climb into the web before the Big Bad Deep Dragon could swallow him whole. The Big Bad Deep Dragon was furious and once again said : 'Get out here NOW! Or I'll huff and puff and blow your web down!' And again, the second spider and his trembling brother said : 'You're welcome to try, but the moss and lichen have made my web very strong!'. But the Big Bad Deep Dragon took another deep breath and blasted the second web down too!"

"Run!" Viconia said again.

"So the two brothers ran towards the third spider's web. The third spider had just finished building the third web and, with the rocks in place, it was a fortress to be reckoned with. Again the Big Bad Deep Dragon arrived at the scene just as the two trembling spiders had climbed into the web, and again he said : 'Get out here NOW! Or I'll huff and puff and blow your web down!' And again the Big Bad Deep Dragon blew... But this time, the webbing held. So the Big Bad Deep Dragon blew again... and again... and again... But every single time, the web held."

"Yay!" Viconia said.

"So when the three little spiders were mocking him from the web, the Big Bad Deep Dragon got a very wicked idea. He noticed a hole in the webbing between two stalactites and pretended to move away. 'Well, you sure beat me... the Big Bad Deep Dragon said and suddenly snapped around to poke his head through the hole in the web..."

Viconia held her hands before her eyes.

"... only to find the three spiders sitting next to the hole, shooting webs at his maw. The Big Bad Deep Dragon left as quick as possible, suffering the embarrassment of having his maw webbed shut. He left the cavern, never to return and never ate a spider again. The three little spiders all make webs with rocks woven into them and lived out their lives in happiness..."

"Awww," Viconia said. "That was nice..."

"Glad you think, so..." Vierna said.

"But," Viconia asked, "why did the third spider help his brothers? Devora says everyone is looking out for themselves and themselves only."

"Devora says more dumb things, Viconia," Vierna said. "Always question what she says, but keep quiet about it lest she beats you again..."

"I...I will," Viconia said. "But I can talk to you and Valas about that stuff, yes?"

"Always," Vierna said. "Now go to sleep, it's late."

"Okay," Viconia said. "Vierna?" she asked while Vierna slowly slipped out of the room.


"When I get as old as you are, will my hair grow yellow too?"

Vierna chuckled. "Sure... I happens to all Drow eventually," she said, omitting to say 'If they survive that long'

"How old are you, anyway?"

"That's a bold question," Vierna chuckled. "About a millenia... Give or take a century or two... Are you going to sleep now?"


After slipping out the room, Vierna walked over to the table and supported herself on the table. During the telling of the story, she felt another spell of dizzyness coming on... These spells were becoming more frequent now, and it seemed to her that the end was catching up to her. She reflected on her long life, her awakening from the tenents of the Spider Queen, her first steps on the surfacelands, her introduction to the followers of Eilistraee, her return to the Underdark to help others escape from under Lolth's yoke, and eventually, when she had grown older, to raise the children of house DeVir. She knew the green brightness of Arvandor would soon welcome her, and that Viconia would be the last child she would raise. 'I just hope Eilistraee won't take me, before that time. That poor little girl had already known too much disappointments in her life already.'

She sighed and shook her heard while she walked to her laboratory to keep an eye on her potions. She had seen all the sweet innocent children she had raised with love into cruel demons, a fact which pierced her very heart. She kept hope, however. Vierna would forever hope that Viconia and Valas, the last of the children she had raised, would not turn out to be like the others and become slaves of Lolth as well...

Somehow, she just knew they would be different from all the others...

Incidentally, Llar inlul rodorbdrinnen means 'three little spiders'...:)
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