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06 December 2019 - 01:48 PM

Good to see you back, Laufey!  Please don't push yourself.


Ah, still the old Nevaziah, luckily he forgot Eddie again. Would they meet him sometime later? After all,  some people always in the wrong place at the wrong time.


So this time we have mindflayer too, would they see a familiar face, or rather hear a familiar sound? XD

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11 September 2019 - 02:32 PM

Quote: “Ducky wants to give a kiss for good luck!” The beaming lich held the yellow duck up towards her mouth, and she gave its orange beak a small peck. I hope Eddie doesn’t get jealous. I hope I don’t die. I hope I don’t get us all killed.

Ano: If it is hard to you, please imagine my feelings back then.

Eddie:  A syringe, filled with holy water, slowly, slowly...

Rini: You two are not helping!



Adrenaline coursed through her body, and she felt so impossibly strong she couldn’t quite hold back a giggle. Warm blood was streaming across her hands and her arms, and still she held firm, until the impaled man stopped struggling and slid limply off her sword.

“Ugh…” Zaerini said, trying her best not to gag as the borrowed power faded away and her suddenly watery legs deposited her onto the corpse of her fallen opponent. Every single muscle in her body seemed to be screaming and howling in protest, it even hurt to breathe, and her head was spinning. “How’s that…for entertaining?” She asked Nevaziah. Then the walls twisted into a spinning kaleidoscope of blurry shapes and she promptly fainted.

Alas, easy come , easy go. At least Rini earned a rest, right?

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08 September 2019 - 03:24 AM


I cannot believe I’m about to say this. Well, it has to be done.


“Go for the eyes!” Dekaras shouted. “It can’t control them properly if it can’t see.”

“So…’Go for the eyes’, is it?” Zaerini said, her eyes glittering with mischief as the party had settled down to let Viconia finish healing whatever injuries had to be dealt with before moving on. “Stealing Minsc’s favourite tactic now, are we? Please tell me you won’t be going berserk any time soon or shave your head.”


Maybe Dek would give it a try someday, only for good reasons, of course. XD


“Minsc approves of all he understands, and Boo of the rest!” The large ranger chuckled, giving Dekaras a hearty slap on the back until he had to cough. “We can be the best of berserker buddies!”

Welcome home, Rashemi! Pity you couldn't backstab with two-handed sword.


“But the password could be anything,” Imoen said. “I mean, anybody remotely smart wouldn’t make it something a stranger could guess.”

“Ah, Imoen,” Dekaras replied with a faint smile of his own. “You have come a long way, and yet there are apparently still things I can teach you about being a rogue. For one thing, that when it comes to security measures, a surprising number of people are remarkably lax and also not nearly as original as they believe themselves to be. Now, I make no promises, but there is a fair chance I can get this thing open. Viconia, are there any numbers listed? If so, you want to try ‘123456’ for a start. That is always a popular option.”

Sadly true, stronger password means easier to forget.

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25 November 2018 - 12:38 AM


I am deep within my lair, my traps and my minions all around me. I am safe enough.



That was her own voice, trying to be calm and steady, but the other voices, oh the other voices chittering in her head, they were anything but calm. They were taunting her, laughing at her, and her heart was pounding so loudly.



Fool! Do not give in to weakness, that way lies destruction. You are safe.



She should be safe. All reason and logic told her this. So why, why, oh why was her blood rushing so quickly through her veins, and why was the smallest voice in her head, the voice of the little girl she once had been, crying out that the inevitable monsters had come?


Hide deep in the lair, in the meantime it's hard to escape.



However, by the time they reached the second village it became clear that Drow wouldn’t be the only foes they had to contend with. The villagers here were also very dead, piled into a tidy pile of corpses on the village green. Men, women and worst of all children, with blank and glassy eyes, and faces that seemed very pale even for corpses. Rini hadn’t really wanted to look, but she’d made herself do it anyway. Sure enough, as she gingerly pushed the long dark hair of a dead woman aside, there were the telltale marks on the throat. “Vampires,” She said. “This just keeps getting better and better.” She’d turned around to see Edwin go a nasty pale green, and hurried over to grab him by the elbow, even as Dekaras propped him up by his other shoulder.

“A…momentary lapse,” The wizard said, his jaw tight. “Something unfortunate I ate, no doubt. (If that oaf of a berserker makes us ‘Rasheman Surprise’ again, I swear I will set his bedroll on fire.)”

“Of course,” Rini said, even as she leaned in closer to whisper into his ear. “It’ll be all right, Dread Wizard. Any vampire that so much as bears a tooth at you, I will show it what kind of fangs I can grow.”

“We will be prepared for them,” Dekaras agreed with a chilling finality that Rini didn’t think would have sounded out of place on the lips of Irenicus himself. “I look forward to testing some of my new equipment properly.”

“Right, yes, of course,” Edwin said, nodding a little too quickly. “All will be…well.”


Last time Eddie was unguarded, but he was stronger after that, and with Rini and Dek, he should say 'Run for your lives/ afterlives, we are mercy!'



“A lone elven woodcutter,” Rini said. “In a lonely cabin in the woods. Closer to Sendai than any of the three villages that got entirely wiped out.”

“So it would certainly seem at first sight,” Dekaras said. “Then again, I do have an eye for enchantments, and I would say it’s a very rare woodcutter who uses highly enchanted axes for his work, and wears enchanted armor to boot.”

“And we found a graveyard too,” Imoen piped up. “Only, the graves were all phonies. One of them even moved in the wind.”

“The presumed woodcutter had company,” Dekaras said. “To all appearances a group of human teenagers. Well, I say ‘human’, but the one smoking Black Lotus probably counts as ‘vegetable’ by now.”

“Ha, and you wouldn’t believe what we saw two of them doing in the bushes,” Imoen giggled. “You want to tell them, or can I?”

The assassin cleared his throat, and even in the darkness Rini thought she could see that his face had gone a bit pink. “Never mind that,” He said. “It involved combining compatible body parts in multiple ways, let’s leave it at that.”

“You always say I should take note of my surroundings, I was just studying, that’s all!”

“Yes, fine, Imoen. Believe me when I tell you that I will not be giving you a quiz on this topic.”


This reminds me of Icky, Dek tried very hard to explain 'where people come from' to seven years old Eddie,and didn't success. But come on, now we are all grown-ups, no need to shy and expose weakness, hehe. Immy enjoys herself though.



“You know,” Sarevok said, “It strikes me as odd that an elf would have a fully human nephew. Wouldn’t he have to be a half-elf?”

The woodcutter’s smile turned slightly stiff. “Er…adoption?” He said.


They should be more prepared , but since they even forgot to set the post outside, we couldn't ask more.

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24 October 2018 - 03:51 AM

Throne Of Cards 72

The number should be 76, not 72...

“A pity. As I understand it, unicorns can be made docile by a person as yet inexperienced in the ways of the flesh, and I was thinking…”

“Woah!” Imoen squeaked, both hands held up defensively. “Can you please not go there? I mean, it’s not as if I’m…and if I were, which I’m totally not saying I am, it probably wouldn’t even work anyway and I’d end up skewered! Not that it would, since I’m not…ergh, can we just change the subject?”

“It is nothing to be ashamed of, Imoen,” The priestess said, with a slight smile. “Peculiar, in the eyes of a Drow, but you surfacers do have so many odd notions about it. Should you require instruction, I could offer you some useful suggestions.”

“I don’t!” Imoen suspected her cheeks were bright red by now. They definitely felt about to catch on fire. “Thanks! But. You know. I’ll..um…manage.” Did she mean she would…I’m afraid to ask, I’ll make a total butt of myself either way.


Really, Vic's teaching maybe too much for now, but Immy could learn one or two from Rini at least.



“Hm, mortals always are in such a hurry, are you not? I suppose it is understandable.” The lich sat down in a comfy-looking red armchair nestled against the back wall of the cave, and eyed them both expectantly. “Well, business before pleasure it is then. I expect this is about Marlowe, though I’m surprised he actually found somebody willing to come here on his behalf.” He gave a small cackle. “Don’t tell me, you are a wandering knight and his trusty squire out to defeat the evil lich and save the day. Am I right?”

“No,” Sarevok said, his jaws so tightly clenched it hurt. A pitched battle between the two of them and a powerful lich would not be ideal, but by the gods, it was getting more tempting by the second. “I am no knight.”

“And if he were, I still wouldn’t be dressing him in the morning,” Dekaras added. “But our occupations are immaterial. Marlowe did send us here, yes, as you are already aware.”


“Good luck then!” The lich shouted after the both of them as they left the Cave of the Dead. “Are you sure you’re not a knight and squire? This is all very charitable and…”




“And you two…convinced some complete bastard who’d let a lich take his daughter’s soul to give himself up for her? How did you pull that off?”

“Diplomacy,” Sarevok said with a smug smile on his face. “The firm hand of diplomacy, oh ignorant younger sibling.”

“Diplomacy,” Dekaras agreed with a brief nod. “Keenly wielded diplomacy.”

“Wasn’t the girl upset though?” Imoen asked. “I mean, I know he was a complete…you know what, but he was the only father she had.”

“Not exactly,” The assassin said. “Her soul was bound to the gem, yes, but her body could still hear every word spoken in that room. She knew what he’d done and…while it was hard on her, she was still free of him. Also, we made some provisions for her, until she can find her own way in life. We had the gold to spare, after all.”

“Good,” Rini agreed. She grinned quickly at the two of them. “Positively heroic. And I guess getting in that cave could be useful somehow later on?”



From now on, we can call Dek and Sare the dark knights...


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