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Past lives part III a Highlander fanfic..

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Posted 10 October 2003 - 12:53 AM

Gerard continued his story..

"It had been 6 months since Wendy came to work for me, and I was edging toward admitting I had fallen in love. Wendy had consented to a few dinners, and a movie in the 6 months we had known each other, and I had grown to admire her inner strength. She still had no idea that I was an immortal, and she did not like violence of any kind."

"She does seem to be a strong woman." Death agreed.

"Yes she got you to come for me, didn't she." Gerard said, "So, it was Janurary 23rd 1936, and I was in the back room of the book store doing inventory, when I heard loud voices in the front of the store. I moved toward the front of the store, where I saw 4 thugs trying to extort protection money from Wendy. It appeared that she did not move fast enough for the leader of the thugs, who reached across the counter and slapped her hard. A trickle of blooed started running down her face from her nose, and I did something I had not done in probably 100 years."

"What was that?" Death asked.

"I lost my temper." Gerard responded. Death winced.

"I moved to grab the first thug in range and snapped his neck with a quick jerk, and he dropped bonelessly to the floor, just then Wendy turned and saw me and she screamed in fear, I guess from what she saw in my face. The next thug ran at me, and I dropped him with a palm strike to the nose, after blocking an ineffectual uppercut." Gerard continued, "Then the leader moved, as if to run, and I headed toward him, knowing I was going to kill him and there was no force on earth that would stop me. But in my blind rage, I did not notice that thug number four had pulled out a .45 Colt and he pulled the trigger."

Death said, "So he shot you? That should not have stopped you?"

"It did, because the bullet severed my spinal cord below my shoulders, then it mushroomed after exiting my back. It had enough momentum to, to.." Gerard stopped, and his throat seemed to close up. "David had been like the son I could never have, he had come into the room when he heard the shouting and was standing behind me by about two feet, the bullet went through me, tumbled, and blew the top half of his head off."

Death just sat next to Gerard and hugged him gently, as a mother hugs a troubled son.

"I dropped to the floor, and the leader shoved a switchblade in my chest. Wendy ran around the counter and cradled her son in her lap, as he died. I died about 20 seconds later from massive blood loss." Gerard paused, and his voice seemed to crack.

"Then I revived, much to Wendy's shock and horror." Gerard stated. "she blamed me rightly for David's death, if I had not let my anger get control, he might still be alive today. She, who had always been the sweetest woman I had ever known , was so upset by this she cursed at me, spat in my face and slapped me. She then told me to get out of her life forever. I gave her $10,000 dollars from one of my many bank accounts and I left to 'persuade' the local mafia not to look for her. Before I left, I promised not to see her again unless she sent for me. I have not ever seen her again from that day to this, some 67 years later."

"Wow Gerard that is one nasty mess, even I don't really know why she wants to see you again after all this time, but I suppose we should go find out. Are you ready for this?"

"Yes, I am." Gerard replied, as he lifted himself off of the couch where he had been sitting. Death then led Gerard back to the door he had come in, and opened it. They stepped out from a janitor's closet in the Dallas General Hospital.

"This way, she is in room 114, in the oncology wing." Death said.

"What is she dying of?" Gerard asked.

"Melanoma." Death stated, "I am taking her tonight, after you are done meeting her."

Gerard swallows and gathered his duster around him, and the two friends headed for the elevator. Arriving at her room, Gerard was surprised to find a young woman waiting there, asleep in a chair. She snapped awake when Gerard walked in to the room. He looked for Death but she was gone.

"Who are you?" asked the woman.

"An old friend of this woman, we have not seen each other in a long time." Gerard replied. "And you are?"

"My name is Patricia, I am her great granddaughter." At this statement, the seemingly frail old woman in the bed opened her eyes. They searched the room, and settled on Gerard.

"My God, what she told me is true, you are the same!!??" She rasped, grasping Gerard's hand, and sitting up.

"Hello Mon Cherie, I am here, as requested. You know I never break, break a promise." Gerard said solemnly.

"Well, I bet you are wondering why I asked her to bring you." Wendy said, still amazed that here was this man she had known 67 years ago, and he hadn't aged a day.

"Yes I thought you hated me, and I had resigned myself to never seeing you again." Gerard said.

"Well, I forgave you about 10 years ago, and started searching for you, but I thought maybe you had died." Wendy said. "Well, I wanted to tell you I forgive you for what you did, you were trying to protect me, and it was not your fault. I want you to make it up to me, by promising to protect my great grand daughter, she is a homicide detective and I worry about her." While this conversation is going on, Patricia is looking more and more puzzled.

Just then Death reappeared. "Sorry about that, gunshot victim in the emergency ward." Gerard stepped back as Wendy collapsed back onto the bed, and Patricia gasped, and started to cry. Gerard held her until her sobs stopped, as the intensive care unit moved in to try to revive Wendy.

Next Gerard tells an abridged version of his life, and we find out why Patricia needs protecting..:)[/b]

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