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Chapter Eight

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Chapter Eight

Vegeta stood on a hill overlooking the de’Arnise keep.

Something didn’t seem right to him, where was the attacking enemy. He turned to Nalia “What were you under attack by?” he demanded from her.

“We….well it was dark and I couldn’t really see” she stuttered.

“Tell me now” he demanded.

“Vegeta please stay calm this girl has obviously been through a great…” Jaheira was saying but was cut off by Nalia.

“Trolls, we were attacked by trolls” she said in a quiet voice.

Vegeta stared blankly for a few seconds before saying “so just a few trolls then shouldn’t be to hard.”

“There wasn’t just a few trolls there was also these giant snake like creatures”

“Oh so there’s trolls and Yuan-ti?” Vegeta asked in a suspiciously calm voice. Then suddenly shouted “ARE YYOU COMPLETELY OUT OF YOUR MIND.”

At that tears started to gather in Nalia’s eyes “I’m sorry” she said “the last people I had hired left me because I told them about the trolls.”

“I just want to save my father” by this time tears were pouring down her face.

“We can’t just abandon Nalia and her father” Jaheira said looking at Nalia.

“I never said we was going to, we just need to plan before we go charging in there” Vegeta replied.

With that Nalia looked at Vegeta “you aren’t going to leave like the others” she asked.

“No” Vegeta replied.

“Oh thank you” Nalia said as she lunged forward and threw her arms around Vegeta’s neck.

She stood like that for a short time, hugging him tightly silently crying on his shoulder, Vegeta just stood there totally oblivious as to what he should do or say. He had lain with women before but he had never had to comfort a weeping girl.

After a short while Jaheira removed Nalia from Vegeta saying “we don’t have time for this, is there anyway that we can get information from the keep with out putting ourselves at risk?” she asked.

Nalia nodded “there is a palisade near the secret entrance just over there”.

“Then that’s where we are heading first,” Vegeta said, with that Vegeta and his party set out in the direction of the palisade.


They stood in front of the captain of the de’Arnise guard, he had just informed them that they had to pull out, and he said that Nalia’s father had been taken down to the cellars by the largest troll and that they didn’t have enough man to attempt a rescue.

Before they left captain Arat had given them some fire arrows to use on the trolls and had offered some advice, “drop the draw bride and I shall lead what men I have left in to aid you” he had said.

“Vegeta first we have to find my aunt and father and then we need to kill the troll leader, the others should then run away” Nalia said as they left the palisade.

“Where is the secret entrance?” Vegeta asked.

“Over here” Nalia said as she moved to stand in front of a large boulder, she stuck her hand inside a bush and after a few moments of fiddling around the boulder moved revealing a passageway.

Vegeta beckoned his party forward and lead the way into the unknown.


They entered a room that appeared to be an armoury, “look around, and see if you can find anything that will help us.”

After a quick search they found a few acid and fire arrows. Vegeta looked around at Nalia, “where to now?” he asked.

Nalia thought for a moment, “well there is a corridor through there that connects to the main hall as well as the servants quarters and the kitchen.”

“The front door is also through there and we will have to go through it to reach the courtyard in order to drop the drawbridge.”

“What about the stairs to the cellars where your father was taken” Vegeta asked.

“Well first we will have to go through the kitchen to reach the stairs to the second level, there we will find my aunts bedroom, the stairs to the cellars are located in a secret room there.”

Vegeta nodded to show that he understood, “but first we have to get to the front door, we cant just walk out of here as we don’t know if and how many trolls are between us and there” Vegeta said worryingly.

“I can help with that” Nalia said brightly “I have a spell memorised called wizards eye that I can use to scout the surrounding area with.”

“OK” Vegeta said “I’ll open the door so you can send it out into the corridor, you get ready to cast”

Vegeta silently opened the door and a few seconds later a small orb flew past him, as quietly as possible he closed the door behind it before turning to ask Nalia what she saw.

Nalia gasped, “There are five trolls in the main hall, there isn’t any in the corridors or near the front door but the doors to the kitchen and servants quarters are closed so I cant check them.”

“Ok here is what we are going to do, I’ll cast a fireball spell into the centre of the main hall which should take care of most of those trolls, Minsc and Nalia you will stand ready with your bows in case any of them survive.”

“Jaheira I need you to avoid this fight for now” however upon seeing the disappointed look on Jaheira’s face he quickly added “if it doesn’t go to plan then I will need your fighting skills and healing prayers”

“Ok, I’ll wait until you need me Vegeta” she replied in a rather enticing tone of voice that caused Vegeta to stare at her for a few moments.

“Minsc and Nalia you follow me” Vegeta said looking at them before sneaking out into the corridor.

Vegeta approached the doorway and noticed that the main hall was lower then the corridor itself so there was a stairway from the doorway down into the hall.

Vegeta looked through the doorway and saw that four of the trolls were stood together in the centre of the room however there was one stood apart from the rest of them.

He made a few gestures and uttered an arcane incantation under his breath and from his outstretched hands a ball of flames erupted, it soared towards the tightly packed trolls.

When it struck it erupted expanding outwards sourcing floor, furniture and troll alike.

Shortly after it was cast the fireball dissolved away revealing four dead trolls and another troll that had suffered a few major burns.

Vegeta heard the tang of bowstring from behind him and watched as two flaming arrows soared towards the last remaining troll, they both struck it in the chest killing it.

“Good job” Vegeta said looking behind him at Minsc and Nalia, “right now we are going to head out into the courtyard.”

Just before they reached the door Vegeta turned towards his companions, “Nalia I want you to open the draw bridge, this is your home so you know where the controls for it are right”

“Yes” she replied.

“Jaheira, Minsc and myself will keep any trolls in the courtyard busy, ok ready then lets go.”

Vegeta opened the doors revealing a courtyard filled with about ten trolls, “go now Nalia” Vegeta shouted as he cast his flame blade prayer.

Nalia turned and ran up the stairs heading in the direction of the drawbridge controls, as she ran she looked down at where Vegeta and the rest of the party were fighting the trolls.

Vegeta and Minsc were dodging enemy blows whilst delivering blows them selves, stood behind them Jaheira was attacking with her sling and magical bullets casting healing prayers whenever Vegeta and Minsc were injured.

Nalia continued to run until she saw the controls, her heart dropped as she saw that a troll was stood in front of it, when the troll saw her he started to slowly move towards her swing its long arms as it did so.

Nalia cast a haste spell on herself allowing her to move a lot faster, she began firing flame arrows at it with inhuman speed, after a few minutes of being hit by a never-ending barrage of flaming arrows the troll fell to the floor.

Nalia ran towards the controls and lowered the drawbridge as quickly as she could.

Nalia looked down and saw the remaining de’Arnise guards rushing forward to finish off the remaining trolls.


Vegeta turned as he heard someone approaching, he saw Nalia coming back down the steps towards them, “good job.”

“Thanks” Nalia said blushing slightly.

Jaheira watched this exchange with a disapproving look.

“Ok so now we have to go and save Nalia’s aunt and father,” Vegeta said looking at his companions.

They all nodded in agreement and followed Vegeta as he turned to re-enter the keep.

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