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Chapter Seven

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Chapter Seven

Vegeta stopped when he saw the assembled crowd standing around a drow female that had been tied to a large pole in front of the prison.

Vegeta turned his head as he heard a priest of Beshaba call out “Look ye all upon this foul drow that we have bound before ye! A creature of evil and darkness, my brethren! A creature of foulness and deceit, bent only on our destruction!”

“This creature has foolishly come amongst us, my brethren, thinking that we would be lax in our senses! Tell me what should be done with it!”

Several of the citizens gathered around shouted phrases such as “burn her” and “burn the drow.”

Another man who appeared to be working with the priest stepped forward “Aye, burn the elf! Her dark and fiendish kin rose up from their underground homes and killed my father and my brother! They are all evil, I tell you! All of them!”

“Then the drow shall burn! Gather 'round, my brethren, and witness the will of Beshaba triumph over foul evil!” the priest cried in triumph.

“You rivvin are mad! I have done nothing to any of you! I seek only to make my way without molestation! Why have you done this? Why?” the drow female called out.

“Done nothing? You are a drow elf, are you not? That is as good a reason as any!”

“I beg to differ” Vegeta called out stunning the entire crowd.

“Vegeta it is you!” the drow called out.

“Yes Viconia it is I and it appears I will have to save you once again”

Now the crowd were shouting, “burn the drow” more and more.

The priest looked at Vegeta before turning his attention back to Viconia and saying “Ye shall be silent, evil one! The power of the Maid of Misrule will be demonstrated here today!”

By this time Jaheira and Minsc had caught up with Vegeta and had the basic idea of what was going on.

Minsc bellowed “They... they will not burn the pretty elf? There must be no burning if she has committed no crime! This is not justice! Vegeta we stop this travesty!” and Jaheira added “I have no love for Drow, nor for this Drow in particular... but it seems that she has done nothing to deserve this fate other than simply be a Drow. This is not justice.”

“I demand that you release this woman at once!” Vegeta shouted at the priest who he had guessed was the leader.

“Never! The foul creature is receiving only the just punishment that all her kind deserves!! The darkness in her soul will be burned clean” he replied.

“Very well” Vegeta laughed, “Then I shall give you the punishment that all your kind deserves”

“What kind is that?” The priest asked looking fearful.

“Self righteous weaklings” he spat before he began to chant, before anyone had realised what was happening two skeletons had appeared either side of the priest.

“Jaheira summon some help for us as I can’t use my magic out in the open, Minsc you cut Viconia down from that pole!” Vegeta shouted at his companions.

Both Vegeta and Jaheira began to chant whilst Minsc moved towards Viconia.

Vegeta summoned two wolves and Jaheira summoned a dryad.

Vegeta ordered his wolves to attack the archer who was stood by the entrance to the prison, then he ran at the at the head priest.

He ducked as the priest swung at him with a mace; Vegeta then launched his own offensive using his quarterstaff to knock the priest to the ground.

Vegeta chanted and then launched a green blob at the priest who was now laid on the ground. His poison prayer had taken effect turning the skin of the priest a light green colour.
Vegeta stood and watched as the priest got back to his feet, the priest looked at Vegeta with anger and loathing written all over his face. He began to chant and shortly afterwards sent a small golden globe flying towards Vegeta.

The globe hit but due to Vegeta’s half elf nature and strong will the hold person prayer had no effect.

Vegeta smiled before he ran towards to priest swinging his staff around, with lighting quick movements Vegeta struck the priest several times with his staff before he fell to the floor, a bloody mess.

Vegeta turned to see that both of hid wounds was dead and that Jaheira and her dryad were fighting the archer now, Minsc and Viconia were fighting the other priest.

Vegeta took out his sling and with a well placed shot struck the archer between the eyes killing him.

Moments afterwards the remaining priest had been implied upon the chaos sword of Minsc and the flaming blade of Viconia.


“Why didn’t you let the pretty elf join our group?” Minsc asked Vegeta as they sat down in the Copper Coronet.

“Because I don’t trust her” he replied.

“I admit she can be a bit of a handful but she might have been a valuable asset to our party” Jaheira said.

“You and she were lovers for a brief spell weren’t you?” she asked Vegeta.

“Yes we were” he replied but before anymore could be said the voice of a distressed sounding women met their ears.

“Is anyone willing to hear my plea? Anyone? You all know me; I've helped some of you! Is this the thanks I get? I've helped lots of your kind!”

They all turned around to see a young human female, likely to be a mage going by her clothing stood in the centre of the inn pleading for help.

Vegeta looked at his companions “should we help her?” he asked.

Jaheira nodded her head and Minsc left the table to fetch her so that they could speak more privately.

When the young woman had reached the table she continued with her pleas “You! Are you for hire? As a mercenary, I mean? You look capable and hearty, like you've had formal training.”

“I might be able to help you. Calm down and tell me what's wrong.” Vegeta replied.

“I need a strong hand to help me. My land is under siege, and none of this rabble will aid me! And after all I've done for their kind, too! Please, can you assist me?”

“Who are we to be fighting and why are they attacking your land?”

“There is no time! I only hope that the attackers have not made it inside. If they have...if they have breached the inner courtyard they will be hard to rout.”

Vegeta and Jaheira shared a suspicious glance between each other before listening to the rest of what the girl had to say.

“I will tell you what secrets I can. Perhaps you will be able to sneak in and attack from a more vulnerable spot. I hope Father is all right. He...would not leave.”

“Should I travel with you? I've spent a few weeks slumming, and I am quite capable of opening the odd lock. I had to pick three just to get out of the main keep.”

“Yes you can travel with us, we will need more information about our enemy plus we will need you to act as our guide” Vegeta replied.

“Wonderful! Do you help people often? I have often wanted to get away from the keep and Aunty's rules. She doesn't understand that I just want to help people.

“Yeah ok then princess I have that problem all the time, were leaving right now I assume” Vegeta asked sarcastically as he stood up.


The journey to the keep of this girl who had revealed herself to be Nalia de’Arnise had proved uneventful.

Nalia had told them much of herself and her family but hadn’t mentioned once who they were being attacked by.

Just before they had reached their destination Jaheira had approached Vegeta while Minsc and Nalia were out of earshot and said “It has been some time since I have been this far south. I recall seeing Gorion here some years ago. He was a bit out of place away from his books but... Hmm...seems I cannot help but speak of the dead lately. I did not wish to cause you any distress if I have.”

Vegeta looked at her for a moment before saying “It is alright Jaheira, memories serve us well”

“They do at that. Do you... recall his tales? They could last for days, a snippet at a time here and there. He built a history, so you felt like you were there.”

“Yes, and when it was over you felt like it was yours.”

“Yes. His story became yours, and you took it with you. You are not of his blood, but there is much of him in you”

“And much of Khalid's manner in you, despite your differences.”

“True...true enough. You are wise to see as such. Well...enough of this for now. Talk such as this can get maudlin if indulged too often. I have a...a good feeling from this though.”

With that Jaheira walked a little further a head of Vegeta, moments later they arrived at the de’Arnise keep.

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