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Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

Vegeta surveyed the battle.

Minsc was locked in a duel with the Duergar leader Ilyich.

Jaheira and three wolves that she has summoned at the start of the fight had a small group of Duergar pinned down.

Imoen was giving magic and archer support to Jaheira from the doorway to the Duergar’s room.

Vegeta was in a magical duel with the Duergar mage.

With a few simple hand gestures Vegeta threw a dispel magic prayer at the Duergar mage to cancel the effects of his mirror image spell that he had just cast.

“Pathetic weakling” Vegeta taunted

“A simple trick like that may be enough to defeat other wizards but you won’t be able to beat me with it”

“You shouldn’t be so confident” the Duergar shouted back, his voice full of anger and resentment

“I can defeat you”

“Really, then show me what you’ve got then little man” Vegeta laughed

The Duergar was in the process off casting his first offensive spell when the four balls of light that had just flew from the hand of Vegeta struck him.

Vegeta smiled, his magic missile spell had had the desired effect, not only did it disrupt his opponent’s spell but the Duergar was becoming increasing angrier.

To win a magic duel you had to keep your emotions in check so that your mind was kept clear allowing you to make quick decisions and responses.

Emotions such as anger could be a powerful motivation in combat but if you couldn’t control it then it would lead to your own destruction.
Vegeta had long ago mastered the concepts of mental warfare. This combined with his clerical and wizard magic made him a powerful and dangerous opponent.

Vegeta smiled, he could tell that his opponent was having trouble thinking of the next spell he should cast.

Vegeta went into action; he made a few more arcane gestures and sent an arrow made of acid speeding towards his opponent.

Before the arrow had even struck Vegeta was casting his next spell.

Just moments after the Melf’s acid arrow spell had hit its mark a bolt of lightning erupted from Vegeta’s outstretched hands.

It struck the Duergar in the chest propelling him into the air a few feet; he flew backwards, smashing into the opposing wall.

Vegeta knowing his opponent was dead before he had even struck the wall turned to see how the rest of the battle was going.

All of Jaheira’s summoned wolves had been killed but she and Imoen had only one opponent left to finish.

Minsc wasn’t fairing as well as the others. It appeared that Ilyich had some kind of magical armour that was preventing him from doing any real damage to Ilyich.

Also Ilyich’s small size made him quick so he was able to quickly dodge the large warrior and attack from behind.

Vegeta began chanting and shortly sent a small golden globe speeding towards Ilyich.

When the globe struck Ilyich froze, Vegeta watched as Minsc swung his two handed sword in a large arch, Ilyich who had been caught by Vegeta’s hold person prayer was unable to move so Minsc’s blow sliced him in half.

“Jaheira, heal Minsc and any injuries you and Imoen may have” Vegeta commanded

“I will retrieve the acorns for the dryads in the mean time”
Jaheira began one of her healing prayers as Vegeta bent down to examine the corpse of Ilyich.

Imoen watched Vegeta as he found the Dryad’s acorns and wondered what effect everything they had been through so far was having on him.

They had found the key to Jaheira’s cell in the room that Imoen had mentioned, they had also found several pieces of none magical weapons and armour.

Minsc had taken a suit of splint mail armour as well as a two handed sword, Jaheira had taken the suit of leather armour refusing the suit of chain mail that Vegeta had offered to her, she had also taken the wooden quarterstaff.

Imoen had found a short bow and a few arrows that she decided to take so that she could offer archer support in whatever fights they got themselves into.

After his party was kitted up Vegeta lead them on intent on finding Khalid and escaping before their captor discovered their escape.

They didn’t have to travel to far before they found an obstacle in their path; they encountered a strange machine that produced little winged creatures that shot lighting at them.

While Minsc and Jaheira fought the creatures Vegeta and Imoen had found the switch and deactivated the machine.

They soon chanced upon a genie that had been waiting for Vegeta, he asked him a riddle and was impressed with Vegeta’s answer. The genie then had offered them one piece of advice, “seek out Rielev, he waits for such as you” they didn’t understand this but soon found out what he meant.

In a room not to far from that which the genie had been in they found the man named Rielev, he was floating inside a giant glass jar in some kind of fluid, his master who had once been his friend had left him there until he find a way to fully return him to live but he had apparently forgot about him.

On his request Vegeta removed the power cells for this machine and Rielev shortly died finding the peace he craved for.
“He's... he's dead now? This pathetic creature...” Imoen has suddenly and unexpected said upon Rielev’s death.

This wasn’t the only statement Imoen had made that surprised Vegeta she had also commented on how a library they had discovered had reminded her of Candlekeep.

Vegeta made a mental note to ask Imoen what their captor who had been identified as a Jon Irenicus had done to her during there imprisonment.

They had discovered his name after encountering three Dryads in a cave connected to Irenicus’ own bedchambers.

They had asked Vegeta and his party to recover a set of Acorns and take them to their queen so that they would be freed from there imprisonment.

Vegeta wasn’t willing to agree at first saying that “they didn’t have to time to run errands”

However one stern look from Jaheira had soon changed his mind and he agreed to retrieve them.

“Is that them?” Imoen asked as Vegeta held the acorns in his outstretched hands.

“Must be” Vegeta answered looking at Jaheira for confirmation.

“They are indeed the acorns of the Dryads Vegeta” Jaheira supplied upon seeing his questioning look

“I can feel natures power radiating from them”

“We must return them at one so the pretty tree spirits can be free from the mad wizards clutches” Minsc said happily accompanied by an approving “squeak” from boo.

“Not yet, I want to continue exploring this area first” Vegeta responded.

“I noticed something about this door over here” he said walk over to a large stone door

“I think that small statue we found in Irenicus’ bed room may be some sort of key,” he said
“Imoen you still have it right?” he asked looking at Imoen

“Yeah, its right here” she said as she pulled it out of her backpack and handed it over to Vegeta.

Vegeta fitted he statue into a small hole in the door.

Immediately the stone door melted away revealing a long wooden bridge suspended in mid air.

A strong wind current fed through the door.

As Vegeta made to move through the door Jaheira stepped forward “you can’t be thinking about actually going in there Vegeta?” she asked with her obvious disapproving clearly shown in here voice.

“I don’t see any harm Jaheira” Vegeta responded walking through the door and disappearing.

“Wait for Minsc and boo, there may be evil in need for a butt kicking” Minsc shouted as he also ran through the portal after Vegeta.

Jaheira and Imoen shared a look and both uttered the same word “Children” before they also stepped through the portal into the unknow.


Vegeta took the sword from the hands of the Genie.

“This is Serevoks chaos sword,” he said as he handed it over to Minsc

“You take it Minsc you could make better use of it”

“You should leave this place, the master will torture you for escaping and kill you for releasing his Genie slave” the genie said before disappearing.

The portal had lead to a small part of the elemental place of air which Irenicus used to house his imprisoned genie, Vegeta and his party had retrieved the genie’s flask from the Dryads and set him free.

As they reappeared in Irenicus’ dungeon Vegeta thought of the large portal he found near Irenicus’ room.

He turned to his companions “Were going to leave through that portal, didn’t Rielev say that his masters uses that portal to travel between the different floors of his dungeon? He asked them.

Jaheira stepped forward “Yes he did but he also said we need a key to do so, I believe this is it” she said as she pulled a large golden key from her pocket.

“Right lets go then”

Shortly afterwards they arrived at the portal in question, as they steped through it they felt their bodies be forcefully pulled in an upward direction before they landed hard on a cold hard floor.

Vegeta looked up and saw the face of a dark skinned man staring back at home.

“So there is sanity in all of this madness. If you are not in league with the evil that dwells in this unholy place, Yoshimo begs your assistance.”

Oh great Vegeta thought to himself whilst rolling his eyes.

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