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Posted 01 December 2002 - 07:51 PM

He stepped out of the portal-a portal he has not set foot through in over two years. He looked around. The forest of Neverwinter was full of life. But he has no concern for the forest life…or at least most of it.

It was easy to find his target. How hard is it to see a large building, even within a forest, at from three yards away?

He began walking towards the building. It was surrounded by a stone wall and several statues stood atop them. Two more stood by the gateway into the area. A sign next to the gateway, in all the languages he understood and more, read “Stop here and state your purpose, or turn around and run.”

“I am here to see your mistress,” the man pronounced. “I am Ghyrr Calthkhiir, council member of the Alharyt mage clan. I wish to ask her for…a favor.”

One of the two statues began to move. The statue-a gargoyle-moved to the door and used a key to open the gates.

“Proceed,” the gargoyle said, moving back to its former position.

Ghyrr nodded and walked through the gates, which closed behind him. He looked around, then a map of the building.

“Good,” he muttered. “Flame finally marked the hidden doors. It will make it easier to find her.” He studied map and charted where the scroll library is.

He wandered around the halls, making his way to where he wanted to go. Pushing doors and unlocking hidden doorways until he reached the library. The door has beautiful designs on it, but Ghyrr did not feel like taking note of them. He pulled out a dagger and opened the door slowly and silently.

There she was. A pale skinned woman in a blue and green robe with dark brown hair down her back was standing by an alter which magically held a crystal. By the looks of it, it was an observation crystal-a crystal used to spy on people for short periods of time only usable by Alharyt magi. Ghyrr walked forward, behind the woman. She was looking into the crystal that looked far into the south. She was looking at an Amnish legend…legends, rather. A quickly identified Robert the Red and his companion, Kelli Silver, were fighting side by side.

“Ahem,” Ghyrr cleared his throat. The woman turned around alertly. Her hands raised, as if to chant. Then she groaned angrily, turned around and dispel the effects of the crystal.

“Don’t you ever knock?!” the woman roared. “It’s bad manners! How do you know that I’m not dressed?”

“First of all, you’re in your library,” Ghyrr said. “You are never undressed except in your bedroom. Second, why do I care?” Ghyrr grinned.

The woman sighed and shook her head. “I would have expected you to take longer to get here.”


“You could never navigate through my home without some sort of help…wait…is that my dagger?”

“Hmm…?”Ghyrr looked at his hand, then back to the woman. “Oh! Yes, I forgot I had it there. Here.” The dagger was pulled out of his hand quickly. “Thank you. It was useful.”

“What is it you want?” the woman asked as she sat down in front of her desk.

“I just want to talk…”

“You never come here for a social talk without another with you. I hope this is important. I am not in the mood to talk right now.”

“Obviously. I came here to ask for a favor.”

The woman groaned. “I told the council, even Clan Leader Hedi-Sor Habrenl that I would not take part in any more missions!”

“Elisa, this is a matter that will change the world. I want you…”

“You may be a Council Member, and I may be a Gemiknight, but you will not order me within my own home,” the woman said even more agitated.

“Elisa, I am not ordering you to do anything. I am asking you…as a friend.”

Elisa signed and rose. “I will listen, but I am sure I will not be interested enough to go anywhere.”

“Perhaps. I’ll ask you if you will lead a group. This group will be teleported somewhere near Baldur’s Gate. You are too hunt a…person. The name will be given if and when you decide to join the group. You are to bring us this person alive if you can. I will give you more details, if you join the group, that is.”

“I will think about it,” Elisa said. Ghyrr chuckled at the fact he already knew she was lying. But he still had one card up his sleeve.

He turned to leave. “Oh,” he said. I forgot to mention. It may or may not be of any concern to you, but I have heard that a certain Robert the Red was going to be in the area around Baldur’s Gate. Perhaps you would like to meet him?”

Ghyrr could see Elisa’s anger at the comment when she clenched her fist tightly. “So what?”

“Perhaps I should rephrase it. Perhaps you would like to meet him? Again?”

“What does it matter to me? I do not love him anymore.”

Ghyrr could see a change of mind. Now she was actually thinking about joining the group. “Whatever.” Ghyrr began walking out.

“Yes…whatever.” Elisa waited before Ghyrr left her property before she reached to her traveling gear. Then she pulled a ring from her pocket. It was a gold band…a magical gold band. Engraved on it were the words “Robert Chu.” Elisa Aylown held the ring in her hand tightly…


”C'omn! You’re the slowest thing!”

“At least my armor protects me easier then yours.”

“But it is SOOO heavy. It’ll slow you down and tire you out.”

“You can’t hurt me…Ouch! Easily. But if I actually do hit you…”


“It will hurt like heck.”

“Oh, just shut up and fight!” Robert Chu shouted at Eril Fal. Robert’s quick attacks were not piercing Eril’s magical tower shield. Eril, on the other hand, had trouble trying to actually hit Robert. Robert moved quickly with lightning speed and reflexes. His paired swords moved swiftly and gracefully. Robert was a bit, as he would say, phenotypically grander. Like all Kara-Turans, Robert had shining black hair. Robert took a second to wipe the swear from his forehead and his mustache

“Any o’ yers need help?” Boilir Warhammer asked with a grin.

“Not at the moment,” Robert replied.

“If you could just throw an axe at him…”


“…I tell you, Phyles,” Relsi Trenth said, smiling, “there just isn’t a moment’s peace around here.”

“Especially with the necromancer,” Kellrill Silverylight interrupted while she was cleaning her dagger. “Sooner or later, HE will be the one being raised as an undead.”

Relsi grinned at Kelli. “No doubts,” she simply said. Relsi brushed her hand through a fiery wave of hair.

“D-do we have to talk about him?” Phyles said, in her usual bashful voice.

“We don’t have to,” Kelli said. “We just like complementing him.”

Kelli and Relsi laughed hysterically while Phyles looked at Kelli confused. “D-don’t you mean ‘insulting’?”

“No,” Kelli said. “You see, whatever we say about Gathkal, it will always be a complement. Get it?”

“For example,” Relsi began, trying not to laugh, “if I were to say ‘if you were to die today, the average intelligence of a person would raise significantly,’ to Gathkal, it would be complementing him.”

Phyles began to smile. Suddenly, another thing confused Phyles.

Ten,” Kelli began. “Nine. Eight…”

“Why is she counting down?” Phyles asked.

“You know, I’m not exactly sure,” Relsi replied.

“…Three,” Kelli continued. “Two. One. Zero.” She suddenly threw a sharpening stone behind her as hard as she can. Phyles and Relsi watched as the stone hurled through the air. Suddenly, a black robed man began to rise.

Gathkal Jheldahr the Black began to stretch his arms…then the stone smashed into his head and fell with a loud *thump!*

Kelli tried to stop chuckling and turned around. “Oh my! I had absolutely no clue you would be THERE when I ACCIDENTALLY threw my sharpening stone behind me!”

Gathkal rose with a large red spot over his forehead. “You dare…!” Gathkal fell again after shield tripped him from behind.

“An’ shut up, ye bloody damned mage!” an angry dwarf yelled. “Less I be throw’n my axes!”

Kelli and Relsi began laughing.

Gathkal rose once more. “You dare…!” he began again…only to be hit AGAIN. This time, it was the pommel of a dagger.

“He said shut up, dammit!” This time, it was an angry Kara-Turan. “Damned foolish wild necromancers,” he muttered silently.

Gathkal was out cold. It would be a while until he would wake up.

Phyles began a new subject with Relsi. “I…I’ve heard you have psionic powers. I…is that true?”

Relsi sighed. “Well, yes but I don’t use it too often. I don’t like reading people’s minds, if that’s what you mean.”

“Well…w-what sort of powers do you have?”

“My psionic powers are limited, and they give me such a headache if I’m not careful,” Relsi explained. “Powers, you asked for?” Phyles nodded in acknowledgement. “Well, there is the generic mind reading. Then, for about three seconds, I could levitate myself. There is a whip-like power I can use. But I use the powers in my blood or scrolls. Much more reliable.”

“How does these powers work, exactly?” Phyles asked.

Relsi smiled. “I’ll explain more later. Come on. I need to wash up.” Relsi began walking to the closest stream and Phyles followed behind. “Kelli, are you coming?” Relsi gave a call, but continued to walk.

“Nah,” Kelli said. “You know what they say: the early bird gets the worm. I’ve already gone.”

See you later, then,” Relsi said to the group.

Kelli turned to find a black figure moving through the forest in their direction.

“Who’s there?” Kelli asked.

The dark figure did not answer and approached Kelli. Then, the dark figure was in front of Kelli.

“There is trouble in Baldur’s Gate,” Geric Elar said, lifting his head.

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