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To Cut

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#1 Guest_Arelius_*

Posted 25 November 2002 - 03:22 AM

The blade it seems doth hold in awe
Our gaze and thought in ways unpleasant
When to the flesh once more we merge
The steel of blade, and rend the flesh… to madness.

Look at its edge and comments hold
But feel its cold caress at breast
See how it renders shadows bold
What more could ask, of this we call… a lesson.

Feel as it climbs and wanders so
Its point to cause your skin to crawl
I press it hard, the point shall go
To plunge within, to take from you… your soul

I step aside and pause in contemplation
I look within and see your good, my silent indignation
Your body shall withstand this tests discourse
But mind egress no not the same, its will, changed course

Now look upon this fabled soul
Whose body you knew once well
Our work has yet so far go
You will of course, take homage of… his lifeless… empty… shell

I cut and black the blood does flow
See how it beads upon the blade
Now watch as dagger high I raise
To plunge into this soulless face… through course… of eye

Now deeper still I force the knife
Hear splintering bone and tearing flesh
Hear screams that would forth come in life
To reach the wood behind the head… and split the skull… in two.

Once more I pause and look to your reaction
What of these things, do they stir in you, action?
While your eyes they seem do turn away
I wonder, godchild, are you beginning to see the way?

Yet still more cuts you shall endure
See as the breast shall open up
Take knife in hand, and move so pure
To split entrails, and spill them out… no sorrow… granted

Now watch and see once more I cut
The swollen heart, no longer pulses
Remove the vessel, your eyes not shut
To hold in view, and squeeze with slight… of hand… and callous

Its vessels pop, contents come forth
Blackness dripping, slow lines do show
To drape my arm, and reach the end
And spill out on, into the bowl… to drink… you shall

Now godchild, do you begin to comprehend?
The meaning of your fathers wish, your mothers death,
It is but one and all the same, you see as I
Within you shall it grow anew, to wish for only… murder!

Your mind it screams with rage and fury

To see this madness leaves eyes all widen
Your soul it seems doth not the stomach
Now quiet child, your terror fills… my thought… with gladness

I take your hand and walk with you
To cells of iron and brimstone
The smell of death rots everywhere
In tomes of stench, and putrid ash… the bearing of… our madness

The knife I shall leave so with you
To stare upon while hanging there
Its blade will shine, its hilt will show
The ways once told, and methods of … torture… death… and sadness

I turn and leave you to the darkness most still
The shadows, and death, your only companions
The knife it shall remind you of
The need within I know is there, to cut… and cut… and cut.


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