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37. More little wheels!

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#1 Weyoun

Posted 03 November 2002 - 09:56 AM

Writer's comment : A little Vierna which breaks all of Newton's laws! I hope you'll like it

More little wheels!

"Oh, what a day," Lizzie, one of the newer servant girls told herself as she set her cart in the hall of Keep De'Arnise. For the last few hours, Lady DeVir had had her haul artworks around on a little cart while she re-arranged them to gain a better esthetic value. Now, Lizzie wasn't complaining, since Lady DeVir was not as bad as her previous mistress... she certainly never had her whipped for spilling tea, but she just wished Viconia would not rearrange her heavy artworks so often.

At least, now she would be able to get some rest, since Viconia seemed to be done rearranged and was pleased with the results... at least until a new artwork would arrive and the whole process would start from scratch again. Tired, Lizzie stepped downstairs, leaving the cart in the hallway.

Watching her go from the shadows, was a tiny girl. The sound of tiny feet, accompanied by the rustle of long white hair sounded briefly, after which, Vierna observed the small cart.

It was a small hauling cart, a small wooden platform with four little metal and rubber wheels. On top of it was a long metal bar used for pulling it. After some fiddling, Vierna managed to unhook the metal bar, leaving her with a wheeled platform.

Giggling, Vierna set off to play.

Sitting on her knees, she took place on the platform and pushed herself forward... "Wee, faster, faster!" Vierna giggled... before noticing the wheeled platform had already stopped due to the traction of the carpet.

Pouting, the tiny Drow dragged the cart to another hallway of the keep, where the hallways was not carpeted. Pushing herself to speed, Vierna sent the cart across the hallway. The cart's wheels rattled as they went over the hard stones... and it came to a complete stop when it collided with the side of another carpet, sending Vierna flying, only to end up sprawled on the carpet.

"Owie," Vierna pouted, more disappointed than actually hurt.

But, she decided that the third time was the charm. Finding another uncarpeted hallway, she put the cart against the wall. Holding the cart with her hands, she used her legs to push herself away from the wall, only to speed away through the hallway.

Giggling in glee, she had forgotten... that there was a staircase on the end of this hallway.

But as she flew off the stairs, she giggled even louder and pulled the cart to the right, so that it shot across the wall facing the staircase in a 45 degree angle. Slowly, the speed of the cart caused it to fall to the ground again, shooting a giggling Drow into the kitchen.

Olma the cook shouted in fear as the speeding Drow whipped past her, causing her to drop the pans she was holding. The speeding Drow knocked over a bag of flour, spreading white powder all over the kitchen. Shifting her slight weight, Vierna allowed the cart to move across the many ovens, turning alongside the larder, until she came to the fallen bag... Using the bag, the cart launched itself outside the kitchen-window, where it and its Drow occupant landed on the ground with a thud.

Still, the cart's speed was not diminished. Two riders were thrown clear of their horses when Vierna sped between the two frightened animals, and shot out of the keep through the main portcullis.

Because of the slanted road leading into the village below the keep, the cart took up even more speed. And even more giggles came from the tiny Drow sitting on top of the cart.


"I demand better accommodations, peasant!" a visiting nobleman shouted to the friendly innkeeper in town. "My velvet clothes will become dusty in the room you are offering me! In Athkatla, I would have you beaten for such an atrocity."

The innkeeper, about to take the nobleman by the nape of the neck and dragging him through pig-dung, never saw little Vierna coming. Instead, the tiny Drow rode her cart through a mud puddle, completely covering the arrogant nobleman with mud, grime and blubber.

"Well," the innkeeper laughed at the horrified noble, "it seems I won't have to confront those poor pigs with your disgusting perfume then!"

"What was that?!" a priestess of Selune, whom had just became a novice at the local temple asked.

"Oh," the innkeeper smiled, "little Vierna must have gotten her little hands on a cart again..."

"Little Vierna? Who's that?"

"You're new in town, aren't you?"


In the meantime, Vierna had approached the bridge leading over the river... but her cart did not head over the bridge. Instead, her cart was launched over big rock and landed on top of the side of the bridge, speeding towards the middle.

Unfortunately, the cart was a little too broad... and toppled over the side.

Giggling, Vierna noted with glee that the cart floated. Calmly being carried by the stream, Vierna allowed the sun to warm her dark skin for a couple of minutes. Deciding she had had enough, she used her hands to steer to the shore, where the cart hit land on a small grassy shore...

Vierna needn't even get off the cart... the shore was a bit slanted. Immediately, the cart shot down the dike and continued its patch.


"Your money or your life!" the bandit roared, having found his way past the border-patrol.

"Fiend!" the poor peasant woman said as she handed her moneypouch to the disgusting bandit.

"You flatter me," the bandit grinned, " Now..." he started to say, but was interrupted by a cart with a tiny Drow on top which shot past right in front of him. Losing balance, he toppled backwards, releasing his grip on the money-pouch as he flew off the road and rolled down the hill. And while the money-pouch landed right into the hand of the grateful woman, the bandit rolled right into the arms of the border-patrol.


Meanwhile, Vierna pouted as she finally reached a flat meadow. In the tall grass of the meadow, between several fat munching cows, the cart finally came to a definite halt.

But Vierna wouldn't be defeated. With glee, she started to drag the cart back to the Keep, a single thought crossing her mind...

'AGAIN! I wanna go AGAIN!'

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