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35. 'Venturr in Candyland!

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#1 Weyoun

Posted 03 November 2002 - 09:54 AM

Writer's comment : This was the story I had written for Kendis' quiz. By this time I had an new series to fit into my schedule, so I was happy I got the chance to get back to Vierna.

'Venturr in Candyland!

"Good night, Vierna," Viconia said and kissed her little girl on the forehead.

"Nite, momma," the Tiny Drow replied sleepily and travelled to the land of dreams before her mother was even out the door.


"Alright, you little dorks," the orc snarled as he grabbed a frightened little halfling as he stepped out of the door of his gingerbread house in the Village of Gingerbread situated on the river of Lemonade streaming down from the Fudge and Icecream mountains in the south. The Cotton-candy clouds passed over their heads as the group of orcish bandits stood on the chocolate cobblestones of the road.

In the meantime, the lead orc grabbed the halfling and hoisted him up in the air. "Give us all your candy or we'll huff and puff and blow your house down!!"

"Let him go, you big meanie!" sounded from behind the bandits. "I'm a mighty 'venturr and I will kick your heinies!"

"YAY!" the dangling halfling shouted. "It's little Vierna!"

The little girl stood defiantly in front of the orcs, having just emerged from the licorice shrubbery.

The lead orc threw his head back and released a gale of laughter. "So," he said. "This little nothing here will beat us! HAH! We'll crush you!"

"That is a load of bull-ploppy!" Vierna retorted as she stood there, and drew a gigantic sword from her pack.

"Get her, boys!"

The first orc ran towards the girl, but a sharp pain spread through his leg as he was kicked in the shin. Not only was his leg hurting, but the force of the kick sent him reeling backwards, eventually falling down the cola-well with an echoing shout.

Soon enough, the second orc stormed the mighty little adventurer, but Vierna was stalwart. The little girl sidestepped him and grabbed the hapless orc by the ankle. Giggling, the tiny Drow swung the frightened orc over her head and used the crying orc to hammer the other orcs to their chins into the chocolate road.

Scared, the orcish leader dropped the halfling and ran for dear life. Vierna, however, was one step ahead of him. She threw the orc she was still holding by the ankle after him. The momentum of the collision sent them hurtling through the air with great speed. After breaking the sound barrier, the screaming orcs skidded through the sugar-fields and ended up slamming into a lake of marmalade.

"Yay, Vierna!" the halfling shouted, and all his friends ran from their delicious houses. "Hail, Vierna!" they all shouted. "Mighty 'Venturr and saviour of Candyland!"

Immediately, they lifted the giggling girl on their shoulders and carried her away across orchards carrying fruits of marzipan a sea of sweet orange juice, to a great palace made of nougat bricks.

"Vierna! Vierna! Vierna!" the happy crowd shouted while the giggling girl was carried into a gigantic throneroom filled and set upon a cookie-throne.

"We declare you Queen of Candyland!" the halfling smiled. "May she reign forever!"

The crowd cheered as they brought in the first tribute... a huge amount of candy. Vierna smiled and sat on her throne. Not only was she a great 'venturr, but she would soon be known as Vierna DeVir : Devourer of a Thousand Candycanes.


In the morning, Viconia found her daughter still sleeping. Taking a look at the broad grin on her little face, the Drow considered her daughter must had been having a very pleasant dream, and decided to let her sleep for now. Creeping out of the room, she closed the door and left Vierna to her dream.

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