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12. The Wild Ride of Vierna DeVir

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#1 Weyoun

Posted 03 November 2002 - 09:35 AM

Writer's comment : A little something here I cooked up during class. Literally written in the 15 minute of academic pause that is custom at Dutch universities. This was just something I thought up during a boring lecture, but to the screen in record time. Credit for the title, as well as the new ending goes to Mutant Mike! Thanks, Mike!


The Wild Ride of Vierna DeVir!

'Another day of reading,' Viconia thought as she walked through the keep with another book about the mysticisms of Sahanine Moonbow in her hands. A mind-boggling subject, she had come to know. 'I really must find some more time to spend with Vierna,' She thought to herself. As Viconia passed a servant staring at the wall in the corridor, she felt she had perhaps been neglecting her daughter a little too much lately... 'Learning the tenants of two new faiths can be most time-consuming, but still that is no excuse,' Viconia thought to herself...

Then a pensive look crossed her face as she walked back to the servant standing about in the corridor.

"Is there a problem, jaluk?" She asked the skinny, pale-faced man. Apparently this was a new-comer, who had just been hired. Viconia did not recall his name, but gave the lanky man an angry stare nontheless... It was nothing personal, though. She felt all the servants must know what she expected of them.

"Ah... No, my Lady," The pale man stammered, "I was, ummm, just studying the color of this wall... I would like it on the wall of my chambers..."

"That is bare brick," Viconia smirked, "something you have in your chambers already..." Viconia looked at this stretch of corridor again. It actually was kind of dull. She was toying with the idea of hanging one or two tapestries here. But for now, she got back to the business at hand. "Lying to me, can get you fired," Viconia threatened angrily, "Or worse..." she added with a wicked grin...

"Ah," The man blanched. "I'm... I'm... I'm sorry, my Lady. It's... just that... Well, I... You see..."

"Stop babbling, rivvil, and show some spine." Viconia commanded.

"W-w-well, I am a d-delivery boy, you see... B-but my cart seems to have d-d-disappeared... I can't find it anywhere!"


"WOW! Vierna, where'd you get the cool wagon?" Rowen asked excitedly, as he helped his friends push the cart up a steep hill. Eventually, they reached the top and overlooked the lands below.

"It was just standing in the courtyard!" Vierna answered. "I asked, but it didn't belong to anyone..."

"Really?" Shivon asked. "A wagon this fine must be owned by someone..."

"Nah, I asked that mean old man Preax, but he just told me to, ummm, 'take the bloody thing and get lost, brat!'... So I guess, it's mine now!" Vierna told her friends.

"I dunno..." Clarissa began, "This hill looks kinda high..."

"Don't be silly, Clarissa," Vierna said. "You know about those mountains to the north? One day, when I'm older, I climb the highest one and ride my sled alllll the way down!"

That said, Vierna, Shivon and Clarissa carefully stepped on the cart. There was ample room for the three children, and they held on to the cart's low railing.

"Okay, Rowen!" Vierna said, "First you push and then you jump on and ride on the cart with us!"

Rowen complied and gave the cart a shove, making it go off the slope of the hill. As the cart picked up speed and Rowen ran after it, he suddenly stumbled and fell to his face...

"Wait!" Shivon shouted. "Stop the wagon! We forgot Rowen..."

"Too fast! Too fast! I want off!!" Clarissa yelled...

"Stop?" Vierna asked. "I don't know how..." And who would want a cool ride like this to stop anyway?

The cart started to pick up an enormous amount of speed now, and as the cart was going down, it was launched in the air when driving over an outcropping of rock... Clarissa cried in terror, Shivon closed his eyes and held on tightly to the railing. But, Vierna, was imagining riding a beautiful horse-chariot, speeding through the realms...

"The swamp!" Shivon yelled as the cart sped towards the mucky pool. The cart landed in the pond with a splash and stayed afloat, it's former momentum causing it to move steadily forward...

"I want OFF!" Clarissa yelled again, close to tears...

"Wasn't that COOL?" Vierna whooped with joy, "Let's go again!"

But then the cart smashed into a floating log in the water and came to a sudden halt. Both Clarissa and Shivon managed to steady themselves, but Vierna toppled over and fell into the mucky water...


'Maybe if I'm reeeeaaaalllll quiet, momma won't notice me!' A dripping Vierna thought hopefully... 'Why won't my boots stop being so squishy?'

Vierna was dripping wet, covered from head to toe with grimy muck and tiny disgusting waterplants were sticking in her no-longer white hair...

'Almost at the stairs, almost!' She thought as she was approaching her escape. She could simply change her clothes in her room and none would be the wiser!

"VIERNA! What in the nine hells happened to you?!" Her heard her momma shout behind her...



"But, momma..."

"I don't want to hear it, child!" Viconia said angrily, while taking some shampoo from a glass bottle and rubbing it into her daughter's long hair. She herself knew had hard it is to keep Drow hair white, when faced with constant trips through the dirty dungeons Karis insisted on taking her through... But even this never turned her hair brown with grime before... A few more washes would do...

"It was Preax who told me I could take..." Vierna pouted, while sitting in a very soapy bathtub...

"Preax will be dealt with!" Viconia snapped. "But that doesn't explain how you ended up in a swamp! Your clothes are ruined, the floor is dirty and your beautiful hair is a mess!" She continued scrubbing her little girl. This was something she always did herself, instead of delegating some clumsy human servant-girl to the task...

"I only wanted to play..."

"There will be no dessert for you tonight, child!"

"Awww... But it's Olma's stawberry pudding tonight..." Vierna pouted, while giving Viconia a look so sad, it made her Drow heart melt...

"Alright... But then there will be no dessert, tomorrow!" Viconia replied resolutely

"Thanks, momma... I don't like banana-pie anyway!" Vierna giggled cheerfully.

Viconia sighed : She had fallen for it again... Just as she prepared to wash Vierna's hair for yet another time, Vierna smiled mischieviously and splashed her mother with the soapy water.

"Vierna!" Viconia yelped indignantly, "My robes are all wet!"

"Sorry, momma," Vierna replied sheepishly, but from the smile on her daughter's face, Viconia was certain she was everything but sorry. 'Time for revenge, then, Viconia smiled, and splashed her daughter in return.

Outside the room, the screams and giggles of mother and daughter could barely be heard over the constant splashing of water...

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