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Epilogue : Communion

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Posted 27 October 2002 - 05:43 PM

Growing Up Epilogue : Communion

Shivon felt the warmth of the midday sun on his face as he groggily stirred from his sleep. The elven wizard wasn't exactly used to sleeping. Most nights he simply revereed, but at times he couldn't help his mind from wandering and gazed to the ceiling until he simply dozed off.

Shivon moved to stretch his body and shake off the sleep, but he immediately gasped in pain, grabbed his chest and rolled into a ball. It finally sunk in that last night wasn't some horrible nightmare... He and his friends were attacked by dozens of hardened Drow warriors. He was beset by a seemingly hundred foot tall Drow Matron. He was almost killed by that same giant Drow and... Vierna did kiss him... Vierna did say she loved him...

That last realization magically conjured a smile on his face. He tried to sit up again, and avoided upsetting his painful injury. As he ran his hands through his hair and slowly opened his eyes, he was immediately greeted by two beautiful and very inviting, deep blue eyes...

"Good morning," Vierna chuckled. "Or should I say : Good Midday..."

"Midday?" Shivon croaked while he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. "I've been sleeping all morning?"

"No," Vierna replied. "You've been sleeping for two days! I've been in every hour or to see in you were awake..."

"Two days?" Shivon said, utterly amazed. "But... what happened?"

"After Glyill healed you, we all returned to Trademeet where we licked our wounds and rested. Lenny and I put you to bed in your room... We've been waiting for you to wake up ever since...."

"Yalafein?" Shivon asked with a hint to trepidation.

"He left with Arokh and will help the surviving Drow to start a new life on the surface," Vierna said.

Shivon smiled and regarded Vierna for a short time before speaking. "For real?" were Shivon's only word, relaying all his questions and final doubts.

"For real..." Vierna answered gently and stroked Shivon's cheek with her fingertips. Then, she stepped away from the bed and picked up a tray with various foods and drinks. "I've brought you something to eat, if you're hungry."

Shivon smiled, picked up a small loaf of bread and a cup of tea from the trey and feasted. He was hungry, and after two days of sleeping that was hardly a surprise.

"Vierna," Shivon said, gently took the hand of Vierna and softly massaged it. "T-there is something I wish to share with you. Something I wanted to experience with you for a long time."

"Oh?" Vierna grinned.

"Yes," Shivon replied. "Vierna? Have you ever heard of the Elven Communion?"

Vierna thought a moment, placing her finger in her mouth in the proces. "Yes, I think so. Something to do with memory-sharing?"

"It's far more than that, Vierna," Shivon said. "We will share our feelings and experiences we've had in our entire lives, in a single brush of minds..."

"Wow," Vierna said. "Sounds pretty cool!"

"I... I've never done it before, but I know we both have to concentrate hard and we have to be totally serene and relaxed," Shivon said.

"But, I'm not really an elf, Shiv," Vierna said. "Doesn't it only work on elves?"

"Sure it will!" Shivon said. "You have the inner peace so many other Drow are supposed to lack..."

"O-okay," Vierna said. "Will it hurt?"

"No," Shivon chuckled. "Come..."

Shivon motioned Vierna to sit on the bed in a meditative position. Shivon sat down opposite to her and took her hands. "Okay," he said. "Close your eyes... and take a deep breath..."

Vierna complied and waited. "Nothing's happening," she eventually said.

"Relax a little more," Shivon said. "Empty your mind..."

"O-okay," Vierna replied.

"And free your throughts of all doubts, Vierna," Shivon added with a smile.

Vierna tried her best and concentrated as hard as she could. Then, it happened... A slightly tintling feelings crossed from her hand to her arm into her mind. She suddenly found herself surrounded by a shade of relaxing grey. Still, Vierna felt very content. Almost as sudden, she felt herself floating on air. Giggling happily when feeling the sudden sensation of moving through a tunnel with a bright light at the end. In another instant, she was lovingly held and was looking up to two smiling elves. She moved on again until she found herself looking over a deep green forest, in a state of complete awe and contentness. Next moment, she found herself standing in her room being admonished by her mother for not cleaning up.

Then, she was standing beside her father, the ranger, who showed her all the secrets to life in the forest, giggling when a squirrel jumped on her and sit itself down on her shoulder. Afterwards, she found herself on a cart loaded with goods and furniture headed towards their new home on the de'Arnise lands, hearing her mother complain how these lands were run by a 'filthy Drow murderess' and her father sighing profusely.

She remembered making new friends swiftly and finding happiness in her new home. Then, another feeling befell her as she realized she was slowly falling in love with her best friend, while her mother contantly tried to keep her from seeing her best friend. She remembered how her mother had forced her into the study of magic and how she constantly pushed him further and further. The voice of her mother saying that trying hard simply wasn't good enough resounded in the depths of her soul. Then the love-affair began and the happiness was complete, until his mother decided to move away to Suldenesselar... Then came the years of unhappiness, the pining, the slowly withering away in an empty, meaniness life of studies.

She met the love of her life again, during a mission she had taken to get away from her mother for a while. Pain mixed with happiness when she found out her love had taken another... Eventually, she gritted her teeth and decided it was time to fight. Then came the battle, the intense pain and the moment where her lover told her words of love during a moment which seemingly lasted forever. She opened her eyes
: And saw Shivon.

Shivon floated through the air in complete contentment, until he too felt himself moving towards a light. A few moments later he found himself being lovingly held by a smiling Drow female. Onlooking were a half-elf, a pink-haired human, another human wizard, a funny looking gnome and an enormous mountain of a man, all smiling at him. Then, he ran through the keep holding a cookie-jar, being chased by Olma the Cook and giggling all the way! After that, he lay in bed enthralled by the stories his mother and father told her every evening, wishing how much he would want to be an adventurer himself. Then, he stood in the fields, happily playing ballgames with his friends. He first saw his baby brother and held him in his arms as his smiling mother looked on.

He then found himself in a practise-field, sparring with his uncle Minsc. He moved on to the moment where he found out his best friend was in love with him, starting their relationship. Then he felt the pain and the anger of being parted with his first love...

Suddenly, he found himself standing in front of two proud, yet sad parents as he left to find adventure. He felt the anguish of homesickness during her first year, wanting nothing rather then to return home. He felt the pain of prejudice during his first days as well, as even some of his partymembers did not approve of her presence. But those feelings made way for the joy when his first heroic deeds were acknowledged by his friends and the people alike. He felt himself grow into a powerful and famous adventurer and a true hero to many... He gathered new friends and grew very close to them as they travelled all over the face of Faerun...

He found himself unlucky in love on many occasions, until he came across another Drow. He felt the joy and pain as he was reunited with his old, first love. The anguish of having to choose between them was almost too much to bear. Then came the battle, and he found out what he always had known... he opened his eyes...
And saw Vierna.

"Wow," Vierna stammered.

"Wow," Shivon replied.

"That was intense..." Vierna said.

"For a moment," Shivon replied, "we lived each other's lives..."

"A moment?" Vierna said as she noticed the room had gone quite dark and that, in fact, the sun seemed to have set hours ago. "It's evening!"

"Well, I've heard communions can take days in some cases..." Shivon said sheepishly.

"Uh-huh," Vierna chuckled, "could you warn me next time?"

"I promise," Shivon said.

"So," Vierna said slyly, a plan forming in her mind, "now that I've been inside you mind... I know you've been hearing stories about me back in Suldenesselar..."

"I have," Shivon said. "Sometimes from traders at the inn. You've done some pretty impressive things, Vierna."

"Yeah," Vierna added with a grin. "But there are problems of being a well-known female adventurer, you know. Certainly when the female in question... is a Drow, there will be certain... stories circulating..."

"Ermmm," Shivon said. "I'm not sure if I know what you mean..."

"Oh," Vierna said with amusement, "for example, when I was in Cormyr, a story circulated that I had bedded the entire Royal Legionnaire in one night..."

Even in the darkness, Vierna could clearly see Shivon blushing bright red. The trap was set.

"I never believed that story!" Shivon said quickly.

"Good," Vierna said. "Because it isn't true. But what is true, though," Vierna said while starting to unlace her tunic, "is that my mother taught me several Drow techniques before I left home..."

Shivon, having suddenly developed trouble breathing, gasped in surpise. "D-D-Drow techniques... Ermm, Vierna? W-w-what are y-you p-p-planning?"

"Shut up. No more words," Vierna whispered put her finger on Shivon's lips. "Now," she said while her tunic slid off her body. She leaned in and embraced her shivering Shivon to give him a passionate kiss which seemingly lasted forever. "Just lay back," she said and gently layed her hands on his shoulders, "and let me ravish you..."

The night had only begun...


Dear, momma,

Well, you were right! How many times have you heard those words from me already, huh? We had a little trouble after the festival in Trademeet... Drow trouble... Now before you pack your weapons and spells and head out to Trademeet, it isn't necessary. The problem is already solved and we'll probably have moved on before you arrive anyway... Yalafein turned out to be enspelled without his knowledge! His matron wanted him to track down followers of Eilistraee so she could sent soldiers to the surface to kill them. Arokh left with him and the surviving Drow.

Guess what! Shivon and I are together again! He saved my life during the battle with Yalafein's matron, so I owe him big time... He'll be joining our party and adventure with us! Isn't that great?! Can you believe it was his mother who kept us apart all along? She confiscated all our letters!

Oh, and momma? Thanks for teaching me those, ahum, Drow techniques! Let's just say that... they work...

Give daddy, Rauva and aunty Imoen my love... I hope to write you again soon...

Your Loving Daughter,


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