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The Eyes Have It

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Posted 16 May 2003 - 08:51 PM

Title: The Eyes Have It

"Well, we have all five tears," Sheridan addressed the group. "Let’s start opening some eyes," continuing with a smile on his face.

"Ugh, your jokes get worse every minute," Jaheira retorted.

"Try the blue one first," Aerie chimed in. Sheridan walked up to the eye and held the blue tear up to it. The eye and Sheridan started to glow blue in unison.

"You know, maybe it is just me, but doesn’t Sheridan look much better know. His hair is much fuller and shinier, like a fresh forest breeze is blowing through it," Jaheira said to Aerie.

"Yes, it’s got so much more body. That little devil has been holding back on me. I’ll have to work on him and pry his secrets from him. My hair is always so flat."

"What should we do now, Sheridan?" asked Mazzy.

"I think we should try the… red one."

"Such a wise decision. I think he would have chosen the yellow one before," Mazzy said to Valygar.

"Yes, a much wiser choice," he agreed.

Sheridan went up to the red eye and held the red gem to it. Once again, he glowed together with the eye. Nalia had been standing in the back of the group playing with a simple fire arrow spell, when she accidentally lost control of it. The bolt shot at Sheridan and struck him in the back.

"What the… What was that?" Sheridan asked as the group turned and looked at Nalia, whose face was now a color slightly redder than the eye.


"Its ok. You know, I’ve been hit with a thousand of those things, and this one seemed to sting a little less. You think these eyes are having some kind of effect on me."

"Anything is possible in this strange place. Try the next one," Jaheira responded.

Sheridan repeated the ritual with the purple eye. Once again, he glowed with the eye.

"What do you think that did?"

"I don’t know. I feel a little more resolved in myself, somewhat surer. Someone try to charm me."

Aerie walked up to him, threw her arms around him, and with a dip to bend his back to the breaking point, kissed him like she had never kissed him before.


"Nothing!" She shouted back at him in shock.

"Damn, it must have affected my saving throws."

"Well! It’ll be a long time before you get to save yourself from my charms!" she said in a huff, turning away.

"I didn’t mean it like that. Oh forget it. Maybe the effects are only temporary anyway. My wisdom sure left in a hurry. I need my head examined for trying that." He turned and walked to the next eye, once again holding the gem up to it. His body glowed yellow.

"Well, what great affects did you get this time? Celibacy? You’ll need it after that last one." Aerie spoke.

"Give me a break, Aerie. You know I still love you. Anyway, I feel tougher. Someone take a swing at me." Aerie advanced and Sheridan quickly backed away.

"Anyone but you. I don’t thin… OUCH!" Sheridan yelped as Jaheira clubbed him with BloodClaw.

"Serves you right! Thank you Jaheira, I feel much better now."

"Apparently that wasn’t it."

"Ya think!" Sheridan yelled at Jaheira. "Someone try a regular weapon. Valygar, help me out here, would you?"

Valygar and Mazzy could not contain themselves. They were rolling on the ground laughing at the scene before them. Valygar got up and tried to compose himself.

"Hmph, Yes Sheridan, I’ll... hmph... hmph... try to." He pulled out a regular sword he had picked up from a dead imp a while back, reared back, and swung. The sword bounced off Sheridan with a clang.

"Thought so. We’ll, that should give those damn Biowarians something to think about the next time they try to take my equipment from me."

"Biowho?" Aerie asked.

"Never mind. One last eye, guys. Wonder what this will do."

"Probably open the door." Mazzy responded, still rolling on the ground with laughter.

"Brilliant, Mazzy. Perhaps you’d like to get off your butt. If that door opens, we all know who’s going to be on the other side."

They all sobered up at that. Irenicus would be on the other side, and the effects of this last eye would have to wait to be revealed.

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