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Chapter 1: Goodbyes Part 1

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Posted 29 April 2003 - 07:48 AM

Chapter 1: Goodbyes Part 1

The Copper Coronet as always is operating full-time to serve the lowlifes abound in the slums. As usual, there are the kinky prostitutes, thieves, pimps, and other lawbreakers. Its music does not come from the lips of bards; rather, it is from the bloodthirsty cheers of an audience watching two dogs engage in mortal combat in a pit-like arena. The usual shouts for drinks, food and women filled the air, not to forget the snores of the dead-drunk patrons who drown themselves in the cheap luxuries that Coronet has to offer.

It is hard to imagine that this kind of place was my choice for some rounds of ale and little talk with a friend. We chose to sit in the darkest spot. There we drank and talked about the times that had passed. It was also there where we talked about our plans in life.

“Retiring? You’re retiring at that young age of yours. You’re kidding me, right?” Those jet-black eyes showed genuine astonishment.

“I’m not kidding anyone Valygar.” I said. “I am retiring.”

“Is that the reason why you’re asking my permission to use my cabin in Imnesvale?” He asked with probing eyes. “Tell me I’m wrong, Romar.”

“Yeah,” I replied as I downed my mug.

“Well, you can have it.” He said in a flat tone.

I gave a little chuckle. “You’re just giving it to me like that? You sure you’re not sick Valygar? You seem like a little bit hasty in deciding.”

“I’m not sick or anything Romar.” Valygar replied as he took a sip on his mug. “It’s just that I have some plans for myself…”

“And what are those?”

“I’m heading for the Spine of the World.”

I could almost laugh my head off at what the ranger said, however, I could see that seriousness filled his eyes. “Yeah, right, you’ve got an unusual way of making people laugh Valygar. You’re off to The Spine of the World. What the hell are you going to do up there?”

“My name here in Amn is the butt of jokes, my friend.” He replied in a bitter tone. “I’m hoping I can find a better life out there. You might think I’m crazy but I’m not Romar. Somehow, I think that place will offer me a second chance to live my whole life again, despite its cold and wintry climate. Even though I heard rumors that monsters plague the towns there, I’m willing to take the risk just to get away from the people here. The people who smile and give you praise when you’re looking at them, but who spit and curse at your shadow when you’re not.”

“A second chance to live my whole life again…” those words floated in my mind. It was clear that the two of us were just looking for the same thing after all. After all the chaos that I have faced in my adventures, the combats, lies, and truth that constantly plagued me, somehow I felt that I really needed a break.

“Anyway,” Valygar snapped, “you said you ran away from your friends, right? You ran away, because you don’t want to see them anymore, and you don’t want them to see you. Am I correct, Romar?”

“Yeah,” I said lifelessly.

“Well, it seems that were both running away.” Valygar said in a tone that was as lifeless as mine was.

“Well, now that you said it, yeah. I answered. “I’ll be betting that they’re looking for me right now.”

“All right,” Valygar said, “how about we strike a deal that, answers our concerns. If that is, you’re willing to listen.”

“Speak away Valygar, I’m listening.” I eagerly answered.

“I recently heard some rumors that the Cowled Wizards are still interested at that blasted Planar Sphere. Of course, you know what that means right?” the ranger said in a worried manner.

“Of course, that means that they’ll still try to coerce you to open-“

“I want you to find a way to smuggle me out of Amn, without being noticed. I’m sure that those blasted wizards would make it harder for me to leave here by ordinary means.” The ranger immediately cut in.

“Is that all? That trick is so easy to pull off, provided you have contacts, which, of course, I have in the Shadow Thieves.” I said with assurance. “However, what will I be getting out of this deal Valygar?”

“Legal documents that my cabin is yours. With you, having that in possession, you’ll have no problem in ownership, if anyone tries to claim the cabin for themselves. It also mentions there that you own all of its contents and the small piece of land on where the cabin stands. Well what do you say? Do we have a deal or not?” Valygar hurriedly said.

“Of course!” I exclaimed. “I’ll fix the arrangements for your departure, and then you give me the papers. Don’t even worry a bit, by tomorrow morning you’ll be sailing away.”

“Well I guess its settled then.” Valygar was relieved.

“Yeah, and if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be leaving now.” I rose from my seat. “I’ve got people to talk to concerning your trip.”

“You do that,” Valygar replied in a weary tone, “and I guess I’ll just finish my ale here before I go back to my house.”

“Try not to get yourself drunk my friend,” I said, “you might get into trouble with the guards.”

“I can take care of myself, Romar.” The ranger took another sip from his mug.

As I walked out of the Coronet, a Shadow Thief immediately approached me. It seems that they have always been watching my every move since I came. There was no need for much conversation, the rouge only said the place and money required for Valygar’s trip and he quickly disappeared in the shadows. With the matter settled I went back again to the Coronet to tell Valygar the full details concerning his trip.

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