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The Secret Journal of Damian of Candlekeep

baldurs gate

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Posted 07 August 2014 - 08:33 PM

Day 41, Hour 6


After walking for what seems like days, we have finally arrived at the entrance to the mines. Why is it always raining in the Cloakwood? We are soaked to the skin and covered with mud. Spiders are everywhere and we have had to move cautiously to avoid upsetting the natural creatures of the wood. Imoen has been complaining the whole time; I think she is beginning to miss having a warm bed and regular meals. Khalid and Jaheira seem happy despite the rain, and Kivan isn't bothered either – but then they are experienced adventurers. It seems strange to think that we only left Candlekeep a month or so ago. So much has happened since then.



Day 41, Hour 7


We had to kill a few guards on our way in, but we have entered the mine. It is horrible down here, hot and dark and oppressive. Kivan says it is not right that we should have to crawl through dark tunnels like dwarves... and I see his point. It feels like the walls are closing in on me with every step. But we need answers, and this is the only way to find out who is trying to kill me and why.



Day 41, Hour 8


A guard has just asked me how to satisfy his wife in the bedroom! Apparently the recent stress and trouble has 'taken a little starch out of his maypole' to quote his exact words. Why do I always run into these people? That was almost as uncomfortable as the time back in Candlekeep when Dreppin had a little roll in the hay with a noblewoman while her husband was studying in the library, and he started experiencing some unpleasant symptoms afterwards, which he insisted on describing to me in detail. Awkward!



Day 41, Hour 9


The Iron Throne have dozens of slaves working down here like animals. It is horrible to see their skeletal bodies and their faces so devoid of hope. Whoever is behind it all, this ends today! There is no other course to take. But sometimes I wish that there was somebody else to take charge, make all the decisions, save the day. It can be so hard, always doing what is right.



Day 41, Hour 10


I think I was just propositioned by a very over-friendly cook. I though Imoen was going to explode trying to keep from giggling – and Jaheira's face was a picture! Is everybody outside of Candlekeep insane?


We just disposed of several undead creatures who were wandering around the corridors. None of the guards even seemed to notice. You would think that the smell of rotting flesh or the terrible moaning would bother them, but it appears not.



Day 41, Hour 11


Note to self – check before going down any stairs! There will always be something bad at the bottom. In this case it was hobgoblins with poison arrows. Luckily Minsc charged them and cut them down before they could do too much damage, but it could have been nasty.


Guards seem to love stating the obvious. “You are not supposed to be in here?” Really – what was your first clue?



Day 41, Hour 12


Just stumbled across an ogre mage who was taking great delight in brutally torturing prisoners. By the Gods... the sight of blood and the flayed flesh will haunt my dreams for weeks to come. Still, he will never be torturing anybody else again.



Day 41, Hour 13


Imoen broke into the armoury and hid all their weapons – and then got chased by an angry mage. I cannot take that little sister of mine anywhere.



Day 41, Hour 15


It is over. The people behind this operation are dead. The mine has been flooded so that it can never again be used to enslave innocents. With the aid of Yeslick – a good-natured old dwarf I released from the prison cells – we got all of the slaves to safety. Unfortunately there are still no answers. It seems as though my nemesis may be one by the name of Sarevok – but what his plans are and why he wishes me dead, I have no idea.


It seems as though our journey will take us to the great city of Baldur's Gate in search of answers. That means yet another trek through the Cloakwood. I wonder how many spiders and wyverns will be waiting for us on the way out?   

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