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Aurora's Shoes version 5 released

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#1 Guest_Ipsissimus_*

Posted 13 February 2010 - 01:24 AM

Aurora's Shoes and Boots has been updated to version 5, and now includes a critical animation fix (I learned the hard way that version 4 would cause BG to freeze and crash to the desktop). This mod is for BG Tutu, BG Trilogy, Classic Adventures, and BG2, and adds the friendly merchant Aurora and her shoe shop. Her stock includes a timepiece, rapiers, and stylish boots of speed. What's more, Aurora interacts as a character rather than just a shopkeeper. She banters with all the Bioware characters, Kelsey, Solaufein, and Hubelpot. The mod also includes crossmod with Tales of the Deep Gardens (as in, one line worth :lol:). Last and certainly not least, Aurora will share bits of gossip if asked. She even explains why Lord and Lady Ophal never budge from the Promenade. She also reacts to failed thieving attempts...differently...than most. It's quite amusing, actually.

Aurora's Shoes and Boots adds over three dozen pairs of boots, which can be found, purchased, or upgraded. They range from handy (boots of protection from fear) to silly but useful (boots of stinking cloud) to useful (boots that cast Nature's Beauty) and grossly overpowered (dancing shoes, +2 to dexterity). Other items are also added--Aurora's svirfneblin assistant Karaea Harfurthock collects gooseberries and sells jam, and the randomly added gems can be used to upgrade other items. Several quests are included, many of which make use of new creatures and animations. There are 20 creatures, 109 items, and 438 animations added in total (yikes).

The mod also includes price tweaks. If you want to legally race through chapter 2, you can increase the selling price of all items and earn 20,000 gold in no time--or decrease selling prices, for that matter. Last, the early cutscenes are reduced, if you so wish.

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