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Misery & Happiness 15 (repost and edited)

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Chapter 15: Best Mates

"Get arrested by the Cowlies, how hard can that be? Bloody miserably hard when you already have a stinking licence!" Yuri screamed with frustration. For the past hour he had been trying to get himself hauled off to Spellhold, a place he didn't want to be in, and was failing horribly at it.

-Funny. Isn’t it?- Nanook asked him.

“No. I thought I told you to say behind Nanook.”

-You go. I go.-


A few hours ago...

"Come on Yu, we need someone to watch Irenicus over at Spellhold, and Aran doesn't feel like paying for two boat rides."

"No, I'm not doing it! Did you even see that guy? He blew up like six Cowlies and our friends!"

"If you recall, I was there several buildings away, trying to shoot the bastard. You have no idea how I felt watching every one of my arrows not hit. I'm the top assassin and I couldn't get one hit off. Oh the humility. Oh stop laughing at me." His friend added as Yuri started to laugh.

"Do you even hear yourself when you talk about how great you are? I swear you're worst than that mage guy, the one that worked for Mae'var. The one that wore the pink robes."

"Oh, him. You know, he's traveling with that group that Aran is having us watch."

"Man, I pity them. You know how he introduced himself to everyone? 'Greetings. I am Edwin Odesseiron. You simians may refer to me merely as "Sir," if you prefer a less... syllable intensive workout.'"He mimicked Edwin's accent badly. "I swear Clara was about ready to kill the arrogant prig, we had to keep her from ripping that bloody chain right off his face. Man that would have been a nice sight though."

-Or me eating him.- Nanook added.

“That too.” Yuri smiled.

"Back to you going to Spellhold, come on that girl with the pink hair is there." His friend nudged him with his elbow. "Come on, I've seen your sketchbook, you only seen the girl for a few seconds and right away she has over twenty pages in it." Yuri rubbed the back of his neck as his face turned bright red.

"You saw her. She was so beautiful, she full of life. I just wanted to run up when the Cowlies showed up and claim she traveled with me just so she wouldn't get taken away."

"Why didn't you?"
"Probably because I needed fresh robes after seeing that mage in action." He shuddered.

-Yes, you smelled of fear. That and you climbed on my back and had me run away.-

"Come Yu, Aran isn't the only one that wants you to do this, so do I."

"Not another command from your crazy god."


"You know, I'm getting sick and tired of gods interfering in the lives of us mortals."

"Hey if they didn't interfere where would the fun be?"

"I'll get you back for this you know." His friend just laughed.


"I don't even know her name and yet I'm going to do this. Gods above I'm such a loser." Yuri muttered as he walked through the government district. He figured it would be the best place to attract the attention of the Cowlies. So far he had set off several different spells, mostly cantrips nothing that would hurt anyone, but he did it in plain view of the world.

The Cowlies ignored him since a few years ago he had paid for a licence, which he had to do, since being a wild mage wasn't easy to say the least. It seemed a day didn't go by without a wild surge happening some way and completely messing things up.

He had finally decided that maybe if he graffitied the house of Isaea Roenall might do the trick, after all it was known that Isaea was a bit of a hot head. He pulled back his sleeves and started the simple spell and could only curse as he felt that all too familiar burst of energy at the end.

"Oops... that wasn't supposed to happen..." He rubbed the back of his neck staring at what had been Roenall's house, which was now little more than rumble. He started to laugh as the Cowlies started to show up.


"The mage is Yuri Imlach, sir."

"What should be done with him, sir?"

"I want this little bastard in jail for the rest of his miserable life!" Isaea screamed. "Not where ever you send those blasted mages! In jail! Where I can see he's being punished!!"

"Sir Roenall, you are only here as a courtesy, if you cannot control yourself, you will be asked to leave."

"How dare you talk to me in such a way. I am nobility!"

"Sir Roenall, the Cowlie..Cowled Wizards are separate from the council for a reason and as such you will not be treated any differently than we would treat a commoner." Roenall bristle and stormed out.
"Could we get back to me? I'm getting kinda bored. And you know that this sphere is making my skin itch, blue just doesn't go with my robes you know."

"Sir, we could turn him over to his uncle, that would be punishment enough." One of the Cowlies suggested. Yuri's eye started to twitch at the thought of spending anytime with his uncle, he turned to tell the wizard so but stopped when he looked at them. The wizard in question was standing in the shadows, only glimpses of dark skin and ivory hair was visible to the observant eye. -Ly, that wasn't even near funny.- Yuri thought as he glared at his disguised friend. Nanook growled at that.

"I wouldn't resign even my mother-in-law to live with that man." The head Cowlie stated. "No he would be far better off at Spellhold."

"Woohoo!" Yuri cheered, throwing his up and doing a little dance, which caused some of the wizards to smother their laughter.

"Quiet you." The head wizard's lips twitched. "Yuri Imlach, you are hereby sentenced to Spellhold until at such time you are deemed fit to reenter society." He shot one last glance at his friend who only mouthed "good luck" to him before the Cowlies teleported him away.

“What should be done with his familiar?”

“I will take it with the others and see that it is freed.”

-Touch me and die.- Nanook growled.


"Proceed to the recreation area. Enjoy your time out; you go back under key when night comes. Oh and there's cookies too." Lonk the Sane told him as the door to his cell was opened.

"Oooh! Cookies!" Yuri walked down the halls taking care to avoid Tiax, if he heard one more comment from that gnome he would end up killing him. -He's as bad as that Red Wizard. Wait no, the wizard is more annoying.- He wondered what happened to Nanook. He couldn’t feel him anymore but he knew his friend would take care of him. He wandered through the halls, trying not to appear as if he was searching for someone in particular, and had anyone not crazy been watching him, they would have told him, he was failing spectacularly. He stopped when he finally saw the pink one, who was playing checkers with Dili, a little girl who could shape shift.

He took a deep breath and walked over to her. "Hiya, I'm new here, the name's Yuri."

"Heya, I'm Imoen, though almost everyone calls me Immy." She smiled at him before returning to her game. He just stood there like an idiot, just watching her and just like an idiot he said the first thing that came to his mind.

"So, come here often?" Immy's reply was to start laughing. Hard. "Gods, I think I'll just walk away and hang my head in shame for that one." She only laughed harder along with several other of the inmates as he practicality ran away.

"Well, I can safely say you're the first one ever to hit on me especially in this place." Yuri blushed to the roots of his hair as he looked at Imoen..

"I didn't mean to do that. I couldn't think of anything else to get your attention. Wait I'm the first guy to hit on you? Ever?" Imoen's cheeks pinkened slightly.

"Yep. Most guys never dared to even try it with my friends around. Well, except for this elf Coran, but he quickly quit it after Anni threaten to make him a half-elf." She then launched into a tale involving a Rashemani berserker, a cowardly half-elf, a harpy-like druid and her best friend. By time she finished, both of them were in tears. "I think that's the first time in months I've laughed." She sighed, turning somber again. "I really hope Anni is going to rescue me, I really don't want to be here forever, especially with him here."

"I know what you mean, the very thought of Irenicus close by makes my skin crawl."

"Yeah... Wait a minute! How'd you know who I was talking about? And how did you know his name!? I'm the only one here who knows about him!" Imoen stalked closer to him as he backed away.

"Aaah....Look it's Drizzt!" He pointed to a place behind her before trying to run away. He didn't get very far as Imoen jumped on his back, causing him to crash into the wall and slumped to the floor unconscious.


"Ow, did you have to hit me so hard?" Yuri asked sometime later.

"I thought you were working for him!"

"It's ok, I probably would have done worse. So you understand everything?"

"Let's see, you Shadow Thief er.. wizard, sent here to watch Leatherface and just have to wait for your best friend to rescue you. Is that it?"

"Pretty much. I still can't believe Ly would even jest about me living with my Uncle Cor. That guy is the ultimate bastard. Though I know that Ly will show up and rescue us, if your Anni doesn't get her first."

"How you know?"

"Oh, let's just say I took steps to ensure it." He smiled wickedly at her.


Meanwhile in Athkatla...

"You know I'm almost feeling bad about asking Yuri to go to Spellhold, especially with this nice ring he gave me for good luck. Nanook is going to bite my head off when he finds me. But by then the greatest assassin, me, will have recovered him." Ly said slipping the ring on. She walked over to the mirror in the room and gaped at the sight that greeted her. "Yuri! I am going to kill you for this!!!"

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