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Misery & Happiness 31- Hurt

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#1 Guest_IriaZenn_*

Posted 28 May 2007 - 07:50 PM

Chapter 31: Hurt

The blades weren’t long, only as big as her forearms. Maybe that was because they had been her forearms. Her radii to be specific. She held on to them. She could now that her mother had lost hers during healing the wounds inflicted by brother. That’s right, she could now use her healing power on herself and give the wounds to someone else. It had taken a lot of pain for her to understand how to use it. The thought of all that pain just made her angrier and made her fight harder. She wanted to kill him. She really did. She didn’t care it had all been a ploy to kill mother. He hurt her. End of story. No one hurt her. She had with Irenicus and Bodhi, she had swore no one would hurt her anymore. She would kill them. In this case it was dear big brother Sarevok. Any love she had for him had been turned to hate when he drew that first line of blood. Nothing mattered except the rage and his death, here in the Abyss.

The blades were part of her, but she still didn’t know anything about sword fighting.

“So tell me, have I my answer, Edwina?” The scarred lady asked of her.

“I need time to think.”

“My time is limited.”

Her shoulder hurt, brother had finally started to fight back. He must have realized she was going to kill him for what he did. He was using his sword to bash and push her back. Her blade were of Chaos, death and blood, no iron could stand up to them.

“Please Anna, we must return you to your plane!” His hand came between her blades and pushed her back, hard, and she fell to the floor of bones. He placed his sword into the center of her neck. “I do not want you dead little sister. You must stop this.”

“Kill me.” She gritted out between clenched teeth.

“I will not. I did what I had to do to save you.”

“Yeah some saving you did. You tortured me! Bastard!”

“Well, if we’re going to be technical about it, you’re a bastard too. Our father never married Alianna. In fact, all our siblings are bastards. I did what I had to do to awaken your power. To save both our lives.”

“I don’t care about that! You hurt me!”

“Just like before. I know, little Annalesca. And I will again if it comes down to something like this again. Or you start to follow the path of Bhaal too finely. I could not control myself and I had to let you kill me.”

“Liar!” She screamed. “You forced me to kill you. You turned me into a murderess! You made me kill you!”

“No, I made you kill him.” A calm and soothing voice came to the siblings. Brother’s sword was up and ready to attack the newcomer and she was already on her feet, holding the swords awkwardly. The newcomer had long black hair with light grey at his temples, his clothes were all black, down to the hilts of his daggers hiding in plain sight, even the blades were black. Then there was his skin, the bloodless pale of a corpse. Not even a vampire was that pale. He had a unremarkable face, one you could easily forget, if it wasn’t for his eyes. One was amber and the other was grey. The siblings knew who he was and looked at each other. They would settle their differences until that man was dead and ash. They ran at him and were instantly repelled by some force. He hadn’t even moved. “Stop it both of you. The two of you are giving me gray hair.”

“Then shave your head like I did.” Brother said.

“And ruin his gorgeous hair like you did?” She said snidely as she stood.

“Are you going to argue about everything, Annalesca? Just because you’re my oldest doesn’t mean you can talk back to me.” He crossed his arms and flicked a finger in her direction, which sent her flying into her brother who just stood, he had dropped his sword and was able to catch his sister.

“I thought I was the oldest?” Brother asked puzzled.

“Technically, you’re the youngest. You and Charon. I just messed with the birthing order. Didn’t stop you and Charon from dying. Oh well.”

“What do you want?!” She screamed at him as brother put her down.

“To return you to life.”


Edwina was trying to think but her thought kept getting interrupted by a loud harpy and a drow arguing.

“You need to tell him, Ly! He needs to know!” The harpy was saying.

“As long as I have this ring on, no one has to know.” The drow hissed back.

“I will tell him if you won’t!”

“Do that and you’ll be sleeping with the cock-a-roaches you love so much!”

“Edwina, what do you think of this?” The harpy yelled.

“I don’t know!” She shouted out to them.

“Now that’s not really an answer.” The old woman said.

“Fine! Yes! T-“

“That’s all I need.” The crone laughed.

“What? I wasn’t talking to you!” Edwina shrieked.

“Damn, I’m too late!” The man said. “Annalesca, Talona plans on taking your memory you must fight her.” He shouted as she started to fade.

“I don’t understand! What does Talona have anything to do with it?”

“She hates me, I never treated her right. I almost died of poisoning.” He said as he ran to them. “Please my children, forgive me for allowing this to happen to you, Annalesca.”

“What about me? Don’t I warrant an apology?”

“No, you’re dead and spoiled. You listened to the taint more than me.” Brother started to say something but she got hers out first.

“Guys, this is about me! What’s going to happen?”

“I’m sorry.” He said and the world was fading around her.

“I wasn’t talking to you! Anni can find her our way back. I know she can.” Edwina protested.

“Too late!” The crone laughed. She spread her hands and a naked, curled up Anni appeared. She waved her hand again and suddenly Anni was screaming. “The deadliest of my infections lie within her now. Not even your druid will be able to cure her.” Speaking of which, Jaheira and Ly came running into the caravan.

“By Silvanus! What have you done Talona?”

“Shit! God! There’s a god in here!” Ly said, pointing and promptly fell out. Talona laughed and disappeared.

“What have I done?” Edwina said as she went to her lover, turning her over onto her back, to find that her eyes were rolled back in her head, only the whites showing. There was a blade clasped in hand. They glowed with unearthly light, they fell to the caravan floor as Anni twitched and moaned in pain. “Anni, please, look at me.” She held the half elf in her arms, when she felt it. Something moved between them, something sickening and diseased. She fell away from her lover and started to scream as the infection filled her mind and down she fell to the floor. Sicken and diseased as Talona had wanted Anni.

#2 Guest_Silver_*

Posted 30 May 2007 - 12:38 AM

Poor Anni. :twisted: I hope they manage to find a way to make her better soon.

A good chapter as always. Hope to read more soon.

#3 Guest_IriaZenn_*

Posted 30 May 2007 - 12:39 AM

Poor Anni. :twisted: I hope they manage to find a way to make her better soon.

Don't worry... Maybe :twisted:

A good chapter as always. Hope to read more soon.

I'm working on it!

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