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Adrian Shadows of Amn 380

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#1 Arcalian

Posted 03 February 2007 - 10:47 PM

The purble-band Dopplegangers led them to a central chamber. Everything was polished brillaint whitness here. Edwin wondered if the Dopplegangers even used furnishings at all. Perhaps those were in private rooms. What did furnishings and posessions mean to a race that changed their identities the way humans changed clothes? No Thayvian scholar had ever made a study of the subject. Perhaps he should investigate it in his spare time....if he ever made it home, that was.

In the center of the room a golden throne had been set up, and a bald, chubby human mage sat. Jan and the mage Adrian knew as Dradeel, from the werewolf island, were tied up to either side of this throne.

Adrian stared at this chubby mage in his ridiculous pink and orange robes. Try as he might, he could find no response to this image.

"So you are the allies of my former servant and former rival! I must say I am unimpressed!" The mage proclaimed.

The entire party just stared.

Finally, Anomen said, "Former servant?"

"And former rival?" Imoen chimed in.

Jan gasped from the side, "He's Golodon the Unmanned!"

"I thought we killed him," Dradeel muttered from the other side.

"You killed that form, yes," Golodon answered. "But I have mastered the magic of--"

He was cut off, by Imoen laughing. Then Edwin joined in. Then Anomen, and Viconia, and Korgan. The others just shook their heads in amazement, save Adrian, who simply stared.

"You mean to tell me--" Imoen wheezed, sagging against Edwin for support, who was too busy laughing himself to protest the physical contact--"that you....you're the big bad bogeyman in Jan and Dradeel's worst nightmares? And you somehow scared all these dopplegangers into serving your pathetic fat pale butt?"

"I am rather curious about that last, myself," said Frennendan.

"His patheic appearance makes people underestimate him," Dradeel offered weakly.

But the troupe continued to laugh.

Golodon sputtered in fury, his face growing red, and then he rose and began to cast a spell, chanting words of power.

Adrian, who had not done anything to stare until this point, responded with a Bhaalscream....
The road to the abyss may be paved with good intentions, but it is those with bad intentions that race down that road as fast as they can.

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