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Valen, part four (the first transformation)

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#1 Arcalian

Posted 14 January 2007 - 03:41 AM


Valen was not a complete, true Vampire. Not yet. But there was no going back.


That was the name Bhodi told her. Half-Vampire, or living vampire. Drinking not the blood of mortals, but the blood of the vampiress herself. This initiated the transformation.


"You need not feed on the blood of mortals," Bhodi told her, smiling. "But once you do, then you shall fall forever into night."


"Drink, Valen." She extended her cut wrist, black blood dripping slowly.

The vampire queen did not use her mental powers on Valen; they were not needed. Valen understood; if she refused, she would die.

Had there ever really been any choice? Any choice at all?


Silent tears dripped from her eyes as she knelt and drank.


The transformation:



"Sleep, child," Bhodi said.

She stumbled to her bed, the black blood heavy in her stomach. She had not drunk much, but one drop, she was sure, was enough.

One drop to change you forever.

She closed her eyes, and dreamed the last dream she would ever have, the dream of transformation.

For like their kindred the true vampires, half-vampires do not dream.

The transformation is the last dream they ever have.

Down, down, down through the darkness.

Alone, so cold, so alone.

But no fear. And no pain.

Just strangeness, and weariness. And cold.

An itch in her mouth.

It is impossible to see darkness within darkness, yet Dhamphiris and Wamphiris can. So in the darkness of her dream Valen saw deeper pools of darkness, darkest midnight jet. Pools, in truth; pools of liquid that shimmered and rippled.

My mistress' undead blood, she realized.

Down past and through this, into deepest night.

So strange, so dizzy....but not so cold anymore.

Walking through halls of stone, blood--red, warm human blood--in dishes and in the form of fountains, and trickling down the walls. Walking ever forward in a straight line.

Weariness yes, dizzines...but also a kind of peace. A kind of serenity.


Yes...if she was truly careful, if she was quick and cautious and clever, she could truly go on forever.

That was the one true promise of darkness; it was no lie.

Evade the hunters stake, and truly exist forever.


Valen woke.

She stumbled from bed.

She thought she would be ravenous for blood already, but no; it was only a slight nagging, a slight dryness of the tounge.

"No my child," Bhodi said, answering her thoughts. "It builds gradually, over time. Now, I have a gift for you."

Bhodi stepped from the deeper shadows of the hallway (though those shadows were not so dark to Valen now; no, now they were only dim twilight and she could see far down the corridor) and spread her hands. In those hands was....not quite leather armor, nor simple mages robes either, though in some ways it resembled both. "This is one of the things Irenicus brought to me; made for me, at my request. As a Dhamphir, you need not fear the sun, but neither is it your friend. You will find it bright outside, uncomfortably so. Wear the fabric with the hood up, and it will protect your eyes. And if, as in all likelihood, you drink mortal blood and truly become one of us, it will enable you to survive sunlight, though you will be much weakened thereby."

"Thank you, Mistress," Valen answered. She slipped it on, and her new senses told her of the powerful magics woven and written into the fabric. The hood slipped naturally over her head.

"And this," said Bhodi, handing her a thin silver necklace which, instead of an amulet or jewel, held a simple glass phial, which seemed to contain a bit of soil.

Valen slipped it on, but asked, "Soil, mistress?"

"Yes, child. Soil from this place, the place you were made. You will need it, if you ever rest elsewhere. Coffins, while elegant, are not neccesary. Native soil is."

"Ah...is it true about reflections, too?"

"For true vampires it is. For a half-vampire such as yourself you will show dimly in mirrors, as though you were a ghost. Specially made magical mirrors can show our reflection, however. I have several in my own sanctum. Useful." Bhodi smiled.

"What about needing permission to enter a home?"

Now Bhodi laughed. "What a wise child you are! No, that is a fiction of bad theatre. But it serves as a useful deception at times, to let mortals think it is so. Now, let me anticipation your next question. It is not the holy symbol that drives us away, but rather the faith of the person carrying one. A person who tries to repel us in the name of a deity in which they do not truly believe....is in for a very unpleasant surprise." Bhodi smiled wider, showing fangs and gums besides, looking more monstrous than at any other time since Valen had met her. "Any other questions?"

"What is my new task, mistress?"

"Tonight will be your last night as a member of the Shadow Thieves. Enter.....and strike."

Now Valen smiled too, feeling her own fangs in her mouth.
The road to the abyss may be paved with good intentions, but it is those with bad intentions that race down that road as fast as they can.

#2 Guest_Ananke_*

Posted 14 January 2007 - 09:29 AM

"Tonight will be your last night as a member of the Shadow Thieves. Enter.....and strike."

So, Valen is still alive, but halfway there - and Bhodi is sending her out there on her own? 8) The vampire is a harsh mistress, but even so... isn't it a bit too much to send one child against all the thieves? Bad Bhodi! (And I'm wondering how long Valen will manage before succumbing to the bloodthirst. :) )

I enjoyed reading the dream, but for some reason enjoyed much more Bhodi's explanation of the rules of the game... Especially, for some reason, this:

"Yes, child. Soil from this place, the place you were made. You will need it, if you ever rest elsewhere. Coffins, while elegant, are not neccesary. Native soil is."

Straight, to the point, and with elegance of its own. :x

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