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Adrian Shadows of Amn 375

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#1 Arcalian

Posted 06 December 2006 - 05:55 AM

The dopplegangers could not duplicate the party's powers, but they were strong fighters in their own right. Frennendan shifted his glamour to that of a red headed girl as he fought his own duplicate.

A doppleganger of a doppleganger, Adrian mused. How strange.

The other retained the blonde warrior form as they fought. Frennendan won eventually, casting the impostor down.

By the time it was over, Korgan had a broken nose and Anomen had a blow go right through his armor, but they had won.....save for the fact that the Imoen doppleganger and the Edwin doppleganger had the real Jan trapped helplessly in their grip, backing slowly away from the party.

"One way or another, you will come to us," the Imoen copy said. The two mirrorkin and Jan vanished in a flash of teleportation.

Adrian stood for a long moment. We could go on without him. Imoen is capable as both thief and rogue. We could do it. My debts to him are long since paid.

"I must go," said Frennendan. "With or without you, I must face them."

Viconia sneered. "Don't tell me you care for the Gnome."

"Of course not. But they will keep coming until I go to them."

Adrian was still paralyzed with indecision. If I delay to save Jan, Irenicus may complete his plan before I can catch him, and my soul will be lost forever.

He couldn't decide.

"Imoen," he turned to her. "I cannot decide this."

Imoen had been through many things, and was a sadder person than she had once been. But through her blue-dyed hair her eyes gleamed as she said, "I vote we go."

"...Then we shall." He glanced around, no one said anything. Anomen nodded; Viconia shrugged.

He turned to Frennendan. "You know where they hide."

"Aye," Frennendan nodded. He was still agitated. "They want us to follow, in any case."

Adrian smiled without humor. "Lead the way."
The road to the abyss may be paved with good intentions, but it is those with bad intentions that race down that road as fast as they can.

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