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Bhodi and the Bhaalspawn 56 (bloody)

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#1 Arcalian

Posted 04 November 2006 - 06:22 PM

Korgan and the Reaper chopped and carved and whirled and slashed. But the Skeletal constructs just kept coming.

Bhodi leapt high, grabbed the head of one of the monsters, and ripped it's skull off. It paused for a moment, then kept coming.

"We have to rip them apart, apparently, piece by piece," she sighed, then gasped as a long bonelike scythe ripped through her stomach. Gasping in pain, she held on to the offending digit, and began to slash at it with her claws until it separated from the body that wielded it. Mewling in pain, she pulled it free, then wielded it against the construct.

Seeing the pain of her Mistress, Illasera screamed in fury, tearing into their skeletal foe. Nyalee was not far behind. Viekang ducked and whirled and backstabbed. Imoen unleashed chain lightning and chromatic orbs. Sarevok roared in fury and swung in powerful strokes.

The warriors and undead of the combined parties were buying the Necromancers time, finally, and Giovanni and Xzar were able to complete their incanation. There was a golden flash, and teh skeletons fell apart.

Bhodi sat down and wheezed painfully. Giovanni and Imoen were immediately at her side. The wound was already closing, but even so Bhodi felt winded.

"I haven't felt....such pain....in two hundred years," Bhodi groaned.

"We felt it through the link." Giovanni assured her, and Imoen nodded, pouting in worry.

"Can we....stay here....a few moments?" Bhodi asked.

"Of course," Giovanni assured her.

Anishai and the recovering Anomen found a magical vial and dipped it into the small pool in the room. "Air supply for the rest of us," he said.

"Very good," Giovanni nodded.


Four hours later, the party returned to the main room and explored the next tunnel.

They came up in a room full of Kuo-Toa. Edwin sneered, and unleashed a fallen planetar at them. Imoen brought a huge fireball, as though unleashed from a Dragon's breath. Viconia danced forward, screaming some obscenity or other in Drow.

Bhodi hung back, letting her children and the warriors carry this battle. The Kuo-Toa were not as powerful as their last foes, but they were numerous. She was still sore, and did not wish to endanger herself again.

"I sometimes wish I had brought more of my children with us," she said to Giovanni. "Valen, for example."

"I'm sure she enjoys being the new Mistress of your old holdings," Giovanni smiled in return.

"No doubt," Bhodi agreed.

"We can do this, lover," Giovanni assured her. "We all take risks in battle, but power and destiny are with us."

Bhodi smiled, but she was thinking of the sorcerer Vorious, dead outside these very walls, and said nothing.


At length, the party tore through the last of the Kuo-Toa, only to come up against strange shimmering pillars of water.

"Water elementals!" Imoen said, astonished and pleased.

"I have never seen the like before," Edwin agreed. "They are almost impossible to summon."

Sarevok shoved them aside. "Study later, fight now!"

Indeed the Water Elementals wanted to fight, not talk, as superheated steam was blasted at the party....
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