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Helping Friends . . . Part One: Quiz 170

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Posted 13 December 2005 - 02:52 PM

Helping Friends . . . Part One:

“C-Corris?” Aerie knelt down and put a hand on the halfling's shoulder. “A-are you alright?”

Corris grimaced. “Yeah, I'm fine. One of those bastards was a good shot, though.” She held her hand to her side; a crossbow bolt had pierced her leathers, and there was already blood seeping onto her fingers.

Aerie gave a slight smile. “N-no . . . you always say that, and it's not true almost all the time.”

Corris grinned. “Well, I've gotta keep up appearances, right? I mean --” She cut off with a sharp intake of breath, as Aerie knelt down and touched the halflings side.
“Damn, that hurt!”

“S-sorry . . . “ Aerie stood back up again. “I w-wanted to see how deep it w-was . . I was hoping we could just bind it . . . “

Corris gave a grin that turned into a grimace. “I can tell ya it ain't just a scratch.”

“When y-you say that I know it's bad.” Aerie frowned. “Oooh. . . I wish we knew a healer . . . I know mage spells, but that won't help. . .”

“'specially not in the docks of Athkatla.” Corris mumbled. They'd already had a confrontation with the Cowled Wizards because of Aerie's spells. While they had been able to dump that particular bastard in the sewers, she still didn't feel like dealing with any more of them. Especially not when merely walking hurt.

“C'mon, Corris.” Aerie bent down and scooped her friend into her arms.

“Put me down!” Corris squirmed against Aerie's grip, and yelped. “Ahhh! Dammit!”

“N-no. . this is easier.”

“Yeah, 'cept now ya can't fight,” Corris protested. “You don't've your hands free, how'll ya cast?”

Aerie sighed. “I-I hope I don't have to . . . I don't have many spells left anyway . . . “

Corris laughed. Damn, that hurt too. “Ya don't've many spells ta begin with, y'know . .” She felt Aerie stiffen. “Easy, that was a joke. . . I was bein' silly.”

“I – I know you'll joke about such things, but please, don't.”

“Sorry Aerie.” Stupid thing ta make a joke 'bout . . . y'know how long she studies for, how much she tries . . . Corris wanted to kick herself. Brains before mouth, not after.

“I-it's okay, Corris, I know you don't actually m-mean anything by it.”

Corris mustered a grin and looked up at her friend's face. “Nah, y'know I don't. An' I ain't speakin' or thinkin' straight, so ya can jus' ignore me.”

Aerie giggled briefly. “I try to. But you're just so – so --”


Aerie giggled again. “Y-yes, that's it!”

“Gotcha. Must . . . be . . less . . . obnoxious . . .”

“Oooh, Corris, d-don't make me laugh!”

“Too late.” She laughed with Aerie, even though it hurt. When had it gotten so damn cold, anyway?

“I-I thought so.” Aerie smiled. “J-just hold on, okay?”

Corris nodded. “Okay.”

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