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The Tale of Negrath

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#1 Guest_Negrath_*

Posted 03 February 2003 - 03:38 AM

Yep, it's still about...just took a while for me to get my act together with this new setup....
I'm afraid to say I no longer remember his alignment, but he is in my mind, despite having finished training as a kensai, a rather easily distracted fellow.(especially when it comes to three of his travelling companions...)
I thought I had the ToB-part in here too, but it seems that's still waiting in the ordinary quiz'es. Will probably gather up the parts and send them off to Leo for a possible update soon.(don't expect them for a week or two yet, though... ;P
Will probably need that much time to search them out.)

Anyway, the fumbling fellow that without his friends would have gone forth and pulverized himself against the first fellow bhaalspawn to cross his path, if indirectly, as of late having experienced quite a lot of things which descriptions finds themselves on a harddrive that won't allow them to be extracted(does there exist some sort of shop or such that can get information from broken harddrives? got a pretty lot on there, and to acquire it all anew give me the jitters...
Email replies, please, if any).

I'm babbling again, aren't I?
Oh, well...here it is, anyway, the first part(pre keep-balcony) added somewhat later than the actual beginning(keep-balcony)
And feel free to check back for the ToB-portion one of these months... ;P


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