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Silver and Gold: Quiz 151:

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Posted 09 March 2005 - 06:03 PM

Silver and Gold

Corris peered around the corner of the building. The toughs were still there. Thought I'd lost 'em, she thought, frowning. Her hands gripped the handle of the knife tighter. They're not gettin' me without a fight. She fingered the intricate gold-and-silver bracelet, looped twice around her wrist. This would be enough to pay her way to at least Baldur's Gate, she hoped. At least she had managed to get out last night. Palaat was a sound sleeper.

One of them approached the corner, and she jerked her head back, scampering deeper into the darkness of the alleyway. The movement must've been seen, though, for a figure appeared, silhouetted against the few lit lamps. “I thought I saw someone down here.”

“Hmm? Check it out, Dan. We need to find that halfling brat. She won't cross the guild again.”

Dan nodded and moved closer to her hiding spot. Go 'way. She thought at him frantically. She had almost made it out of the city, before these creeps had spotted her. She couldn't take all three of them, not in a fight. Where was the last one, anyway?

“Gotcha.” A face appeared not even a handspan from her own. A strong grip clamped down on her wrist even as she brought the knife to bear. “Let it go, little 'un.” As the grip tightened, she dropped the knife. It clattered to the ground.

“Nice.” She was pulled to her feet by her hair. “I bet you're thinking that you were pretty stupid to tick off Palaat like that.”

“Actually,” she snarled, “I think it was stupid of him ta send fools like you.”

She saw the blow coming, and rolled with the impact as best she could, though it still left a taste of her own blood in her mouth. Not that it mattered. She had taken far worse at the hands of the guildmaster. These guys were just amateurs.

“Hey! Palaat said not to hurt her, idiot!” The apparent leader said. “He doesn't want her too badly damaged. Just find the bracelet, alright?” They let go of her hair, forming a circle around her. One of them grabbed her from behind.

Corris didn't wince as the bracelet was yanked off her wrist. “Palaat'll be glad to see this, little one.”

“Almost as glad as he'll be ta see me?” Corris spat out. Oh, no, she wasn't going back.

“I don't doubt it.” Dan shrugged “Apparently, he's been desolate without you.”

She chuckled bitterly. “I'm sure he can find someone else ta keep himself busy with.”

“Heh . .” Dan leered. “I --”

She never got to hear the end of whatever comment he was going to make. She jabbed backwards with both elbows, the grip on her shoulders lessened, and she bolted past the other two toughs, running towards an alleyway. If she could loose them in the alleys, she would be home free.

It was never that easy. She ran into the alley, and they were in close pursuit. It was only a moment later before Dan tackled her to the ground. She squirmed, flailed, and tried to sink her teeth into his shoulder, but could do nothing against the human's weight. Dan picked himself up off the ground as the other two forcibly picked her up. “Don't try that again.” Dan warned, pointing a finger at her. She snapped her teeth at it, trying to bite him. “I'm sure that Palaat will be very happy to see you.”

“I'm not gonna be happy ta see him.” Corris snarled, struggling against the grips of the two humans as they carried her away.

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