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Shadows and Twllight -- 3

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Posted 11 February 2005 - 05:05 PM

Shadow and Twilight – 3

It took a few minutes for her to get the small hatch open, during which time a few more stragglers showed up. Most of them were various engineers and crewmen. She saw none of the jedi, or the bridge crew.

“Where to?” She spoke into the comm.

“Climb down one deck.” Carth's voice came back distorted through the com. “You'll find yourself at a junction. Turn left.”

Ciryon mumbled something that was meant to be unintelligible through the comms. Running a grimy hand through her curls, she swore, and took the lead as she swung herself onto the ladder and started climbing downwards. Her leg hurt with every step down, but she blocked it out as best she could. There would be time for that later.

Climbing down one deck, she crawled into a low tunnel. “Now where?” She whispered. Behind her, several people began to whisper among themselves.

“Take this tunnel until you see an opening off to your right. That will lead to another ladder. Climb down.”

“Right . . “ Cir muttered. Glancing back at the few who followed her, she held a finger to her lips. A few nods answered her, and the whispers ceased.

Climbing down the second ladder seemed harder then the first. The ship shock around her, and one tremendous jolt nearly shook her from the ladder. “You'll see some of the ductwork on your left. Crawl into that. You'll be above the escape pod bays. I'll meet you there.”

“Right.” She loosed her grip on the rungs and landed on the narrow ledge that provided access to the ductwork. Crawling forward, she found a access hatch set in the ceiling of the duct. Shifting the catch, she opened it; and was very startled when the hatch fell upwards. She peered through the opening, and realized that shaft had opposite gravity from the deck 'above.' There're no sith . . . odd . . A momentary sense of vertigo, and she dropped to the floor of the escape pod, landing with a yelp in an ungrateful heap.

“You alright?” Someone asked, holding up a hand. It was the same voice she had heard over the comms.

“Yeah,” she said, grabbing the hand and moving out of the way as the next person came down. The man – he must be Carth Onasi – flashed her a quick smile.

“You must be Ciryon Andture. We'd better get out of here.”

“Where're the sith?” That was the only thing her still-confused mind blurted out. There are too many things that just don't make sense about this attack. . .

He shook his head. “The boarding parties are pulling back. Bastila must've gotten off.” The deck shuddered beneath them, harder this time.

“There's nothing to stop them from shooting us into scrap metal.” Cir said grimly.

Carth grimaced. “Like I said, then we'd better get out of here.” The few remaining survivors scrambled into the escape pods. She ducked inside one, Carth right on her heels. He pulled the hatch shut. “This is going to be a rough landing . . .”

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